1st Years

First year scholars are players aged between 16 and 17 who are training full time at London Colney.

They are usually part of the U18 squad, although in some cases players represent the U23s and even the first-team during this stage of their development.












  1. Why is it that the U18s had such a blistering start to the season, and then sort of lost steam? They were thrashing people and now they have had a horrid run and are just starting to find form again? Is there something Im missing?

  2. yes, wilshere has been out for a while but he’s back now, lansbury has been injured. the starting XI seems to be changing every week which makes it harder for them to play as a team.

  3. I know this isn’t that relevant to the above article but, I was wondering if you (Jeorge) had any access to the fitness and speed test results from the Arsenal players, senior and junior, as I saw that you knew Gavin Hoyte to be the fastest of all the players at Arsenal. I think that would make for an interesting little article. thanks

  4. there is a young talent in arsenal and he is called Abdul Najib. He is 13 yrs old and he is really good.I knowhim.

  5. Jack Wilshere is still one of the first years even though he is part of the first team squad. He was included in the academy photo.

  6. basically… im just not sure anymore, abdul is goood but i think he’s tooo good at the moment and if he keeps getting good then he might die, i duno?

  7. j what do you think of ozy ozykup? what can u tell me about him or compare his
    playing style 2. do you think bischoff will be there next season?
    do you think jay emmanuel thomas is abit like vieira , i know people compare
    diaby and vieira wich is nonsense.

  8. My name is eliab sissaye and from London 12 years of age my fathers has teaching
    me football for many years i want to have a great life stile i got the talent
    im tall strong and fast i played for barnes eagles for 2 years then moved to kensinton dragons
    now i play fc kensington in my opinion the taeams arnt good and i know i can do much better
    thankyoy for readinf

  9. Very old comments here 😉

    Anyway you have updated the list of Young Pros, Scholars and Schoolboys now to the new season, which is great, but there are a few youngsters I think is missing (players earlier associated with the club and have not read that they have left yet):

    Jordan Brown, Keith Orenuga, Tyler Reid, ? Richardson, Corey Addei, Guim Laporta, Harlem Willard, Aaron Jordan, Kwasi Gyamfi and Nathan Tella

    Any status on them ?

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