49. Eddie Nketiah


A diminutive but quick striker who was previously on Chelsea’s books, Edward will be a full-time scholar at Arsenal this season.

The youngster, who is also capable of operating out wide if required, made his debut for the U18s against Aston Villa and went on to make starts at that level against West Bromwich Albion and Tottenham Hotspur.

He was also hugely impressive for the U19s during the AlKass International Cup in Qatar.

Edward also caught the eye during pre-season as he scored four goals for the U18s during a friendly in the Netherlands and he is set to be a key player for Frans De Kat’s side this season.

Name Edward Nketiah

Nationality English

Born 30.5.99

U18 apps 8

Signed scholarship Summer 2015


  1. When are you going to actually make these profiles or give us a bit more information on the boys who got scholarships ? Like I read this boy played for Chelsea and scored a lot of goal but was small ? Is he any good

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