78. Nathan Tella


A sprightly winger who tends to operate on the right flank, Nathan fended off competition from Brooklyn Beckham for a scholarship deal at Arsenal. 

The youngster has made several appearances for the U18s since making his debut at that level against Brighton & Hove Albion in November 2014 and also impressed during the AlKass International Cup in Qatar.

He is expected to be a key player for Frans De Kat’s side this season.

Name Nathan Tella

Nationality English

Born 5.7.99

U18 apps 8

Signed scholarship Summer 2015


  1. When will you be updating the information on the school boys because its getting close to decision time and the isn’t any information on them. You must have some more information at least a picture as a few have played U18’s .

  2. When are you going to actually make these profiles or give us a bit more information on the boys who got scholarships ? You have been talking about him a lot recently so update please

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