Mehmet Ali to join Arsenal U23s coaching staff from Reading in January


Reading U23s coach Mehmet Ali will join the coaching staff of Arsenal’s U23 team in January.

Ali will provide assistance to coach Kevin Betsy following the recent departures of Greg Lincoln and Ryan Garry, who both took up positions as part of the England youth setup.

Having previously been at Tottenham Hotspur as coach of the U16s, Ali initially joined Reading as their assistant manager at U23 level in 2019, where he worked alongside former Arsenal player Scott Marshall.

Ali then took charge of the team himself at the start of last season. Reading finished 8th out of 13 teams last campaign, while they are currently 13th out of 14 teams.

Today Ali informed the Reading U23 squad that he will be departing on December 17th.


  1. Cheers Jeorge, Scott Marshall, there’s a blast from the past, funny how our Academy doesn’t really develop centre halves, all the way from schoolboy, as we used to do and hasn’t done so I think since Marshall himself. Senderos and Djourou were both developed in Switzerland before we signed them, Justin Hoyte was really a full back and I can’t think of any others.
    Fingers crossed for Ballard eh?

  2. This person should get a job and the only time he should come close to football is when he pays to watch. In 14 years of my football experience accross 5 different countries i have never met anyone worse them Mehmet. He is one of those types that judges a youth player within one session and then he is hard to be convinced otherwise, to make it worse he does everything in his power to ensure his 5 minute judgment of yhe okayer is right. He also tries to make point of how bad his father was, and that Mehmet has learned from it. Sure his father mat have made mistakes (god bless him) but definately deserves a bit more respect. I have seen at least 3 or 4 players that were top talent that he had ruined while some of his favorite golden boys could do no wrong. If anyone from Arsenal reads this please cinsider af least my comment and I am sure you will come to a quick conclusion. I know him fro Spurs, ask gourself why did he leave from there to go to Reading, why did he never get a chance ti move up? Sorry i rarely coment but this guys is mean, dishonest and should not be in any funcition of Mentoship he belongs in middle ages. Sorry Mehmet, i know this sounds i have something against you but i don’t. I just dont want you to continue to harm more talent with your confused little brain that acts otherwise. Get a job away from football its best

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