Arsenal make eight youngsters available for loan including Moller, Cottrell and Alebiosu

Arsenal plan to loan out a significant amount of youngsters again next season, with striker Nikolaj Moller amongst the players who is set to head out on temporary transfer.

Midfielder Ben Cottrell, who made his first-team debut last season, is also set to go on loan for the first time, as will right-back Ryan Alebiosu.

Others who have been made available for loan include George Lewis, Jonathan Dinzeyi and Tim Akinola, who all failed to make a major impact in their first season at the club.

Defender Harry Clarke, who impressed at Oldham Athletic this season, is set to go on loan again along with Zak Swanson, whose spell at MVV Maastricht was cut short due to injury.


  1. Thanks Jeorge, does that mean that the Academy will have to sign more quick fix youngsters to fill the gaps left as it seems that our U23 squad is basically going to be our U18’s if they loan out all the lads rumoured to be loaned out?

    1. I think a lot of the U18s will step up but there might be a few signings as well.

      On Tue, 8 Jun 2021 at 21:20, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


  2. It’s encouraging to see Daniel Ballard is so highly sought after by clubs in the Championship and although I’m sure that another year at Bloomfield Road would suit him given the friendships he’s made there it would probably benefit him more if one of the stronger Championship clubs wanted him, maybe one chasing promotion to the Premier League.

    What chance do you give him at Arsenal then Jeorge given the competition we have in that position?

    1. He’s done very well and I think he deserves a chance eventually but I’m just not sure that he will get an opportunity. I think he will certainly have a good career though.

      On Tue, 15 Jun 2021 at 00:25, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


  3. With the Cowley brothers being in charge of things at Fratton Park and given how Arsenal trusted them with John Jules when they were at Lincoln City and again with Smith Rowe when they were at Huddersfield Town I guess it would be no major surprise to see an Arsenal youngster (or two?) on loan at Portsmouth next season.

    Jeorge, is there actually a limit on how many players a Premier League club can loan to a Football League club at any one time? Cheers…

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