Myles Lewis-Skelly and Ethan Nwaneri making excellent progress at Hale End

It takes a considerable amount of effort and talent just to get a scholarship deal at Arsenal but two of the club’s young prospects are making significant strides forward in their development.

Although Myles Lewis-Skelly and Ethan Nwaneri will not be eligible to sign scholarship terms until the summer of 2023, it is anticipated that they will both make plenty of appearances for the U18s before then.

The two midfielders have been with Arsenal since U9 level and are now technically coming to the end of their time with the U14s.

However, such is the quality that they possess, Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri have both often played above their age group.

This season, for example, the two prospects have featured heavily for the U15s and they have also been involved with the U16s, often being the standout players for the older age group, with the current U16 squad not being particularly strong.

Both players are excellent technically and good dribblers while also possessing an impressive tactical understanding of the game.

Manchester United and Chelsea have both frequently expressed interest in Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri, with Arsenal facing a fight to keep both players in the long term.

Arsenal have lots of youngsters in their position but it is possible that Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri could break into the U18 squad next season in some capacity.

With the current U16s poised to step up to London Colney this summer, Lewis-Skelly and Nwaneri will be amongst the standout players at Hale End.

There have been examples in the past of prospects who have been outstanding at schoolboy level but haven’t quite managed to make the same impact as a full-time player, but there is hope that matters could be different for this pair.



      1. Yeah think Micciche coached the team given he’s more familiar with the players who were involved.

        On Tue, 4 May 2021 at 20:34, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


      2. Do you think the u18s are mainly going to play the west ham match? And gillard manage them? Could be the end of the road for bould this summer? whilst to be frank, gillard hasn’t exactly set the world alight

      3. I think it will be the normal U23s v West Ham with maybe a few U18s involved. Not sure what will happen with the coaches but I hope there will be some changes.

        On Tue, 4 May 2021 at 20:43, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


      4. I think it would be a good idea to promote the coaches with the players. However I would go a little further
        Give Ryan Garry a chance to run the u23s, with Greg Lincoln as assistant.
        Let Michiche (spelling 🤔) the under 18s.
        I think Bould and Hillard have had their chances.

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