Yunus Musah leaves Arsenal

Midfielder Yunus Musah has turned down the offer of a scholarship deal at Arsenal.

Musah, who featured heavily for the U18s whilst still a schoolboy last season, was widely seen as being one of Arsenal’s best prospects.

The 16-year-old, an England youth international, has been heavily linked with Valencia.


  1. Sadly poaching is now so common place, no club even complains. Musah will join the list of players who leave because they were tapped up and cannot see the pitfalls.

  2. A shame, but it happens, we have so much talent at the club atm that I think we’ll soon get over the disappointment of his decision…

  3. Indeed.
    It happens time-to-time, with Gilmour recently, and Dragomir, Malen, Virginia, Mavidid and Chris Wilock in past years. It didn’t work out for most of them (except for Gnabry and maybe Malen), but Musah is different because he jumped ship at a relatively young age (along with Virginia, who could have been our No. 2 in a few years, but doesn’t seem a serious contender behind Pickford).

  4. This little pr!ck used us to finish his gcse’s and now he’s gonna join le coq in Spain. We need midfielders to come through badly coz we always have forwards coming through. He had an easy route into Arsenal’s team when you see have poor the midfield is but he’s looking for the money route where he can be brought by English clubs in a couple of years for big fee plus wages. Arsenal need to stop loosing youngsters coz Chelsea keep there’s even if they loan them for 10 years lol

  5. If the arsenal isn’t good enough for him then he’s not good enough for us, we don’t want players like you !

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