Arsenal confirm appointment of Freddie Ljungberg as new U23 coach


Arsenal have confirmed that Freddie Ljungberg will be the club’s new U23 coach.

Ljungberg, who enjoyed an illustrious playing career with Arsenal, helped to coach the U15s and the UEFA Youth League side two seasons ago.

The Swede also gained experience as an assistant coach at Wolfsburg in the Bundesliga, where he worked with former Arsenal academy manager Andries Jonker.

The appointment of Ljungberg means that it is likely that Steve Gatting and Carl Laraman will be leaving, with the pair having been suspended following accusations of bullying.




    1. Love to know more about this bullying story. I’m not sure any 50+ old man would have bullied me as a 20 year old.

      Perhaps they were forcing the players to hand over their sweets at break time?

      If Gatting is a bully, it’s probably cos Don Howe made him one. Whenever I met Gatting he come across as a perfect gent, quiet and dedicated to his profession. But then again so did Barry Benall and Graham Rix.

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