Colchester confirm Glen Kamara has returned to Arsenal following loan spell 

Colchester United have confirmed that midfielder Glen Kamara has returned to Arsenal following the expiry of his loan spell. 

The midfielder made six appearances during his loan spell and was unable to command a regular place in the starting line-up. 

It is anticipated that Kamara, who had a loan spell with Southend United last season, could head out on temporary transfer again before the end of the month. 



  1. Like many others his time at arsenal is over, szczesney, Debuchy, jenkinson, campbell, sanogo, zelalem, Moore, Oconnor, toral, Robinson. to name a few, let these people go. There is no value in them and their careers are simply being halted.

    I think szczesney, Debuchy, jenkinson are the only ones in a long enough contract and worthy of getting a fee. Even zelalem and campbell, can we really get anything? So much promise, but such a disappointment

  2. I’d say that Campbell never got a real chance in the team, so him I’d like to see in one full season of matches. On loan – he’s as good as any. In the WC ‘2016 he showed great, great promise and skill. I still don’t understand why he was loaned out instead of letting him play and not waste money on, say, Perez (not that he’s a bad player, but don’t see a need for him if Joel was still in the team).

    And Szczesny was very, VERY chimeric, but he’s been in Roma for the past year and is getting great reviews and starts every single game (if he’s fit). I’d never use the words “his career halted” nor “there’s no value in him” unless I had no idea about Serie A… 0_o

    1. Yeah that wasn’t very clear by me, when I said career halted, I meant arsenal career and when I said no value I mean in future playing terms for Arsenal.

      As I went on to say only szczesney, Debuchy and jenkinson probably have any financial value, may be campbell and zelalem, but I am of the understanding they are in the last 6 months of their contracts.

      As for szczesney I personally think he is on par with martinez, certainly not as good as Cech and ospina. Just my opinion. Obviously with Cech not getting any younger, there could be a need for szczesney but I think there are much better keepers around that we could probably go for. If however. Ospina leaves this summer and wojech is happy to come and fight martinez for the deputy keeper position fair enough, but he didn’t fancy the fight with ospina for that role, so my guess he won’t fancy it then.

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