Glen Kamara set to return to Arsenal following frustrating Colchester loan


Colchester United

Glen Kamara is set to return to Arsenal when his loan spell with Colchester United expires early next month.

The defensive-midfielder’s temporary deal with the League Two side is due to run out on January 3rd and it is expected that Kamara will head back to Arsenal given that he hasn’t been involved in Colchester’s matchday squad in recent weeks.

Kamara, who had a spell on loan at Southend United last season, has been restricted to just six appearances for Colchester across all competitions and could immediately be sent out on loan again by Arsenal for the remainder of the campaign.

It is widely expected that the Finnish youth international, who has made one competitive appearance for the Arsenal first-team, will be released when his deal with the Gunners expires at the end of the season.




  1. Sometimes, I wonder who advise those players.
    Why join a team in free fall whose manager admit beforehand not knowing your best position? That smack of desperation on both sides. From the club, they need body so they hire anybody without really looking if the player matches their need. From the player who is gambling on the fact that he will get game time to show his value when clearly he is unsuited to that team.
    I am sorry to hear that the deal did not work out, but that’s hardly surprising. Colchester needed a strong, vocal, no non-sense centre half who could organise their defence. That was never Glen Kamara. Guess what since they have George Elokobi, an old journeyman defender they have risen through the league. In the mean time, Glen Kamara is not even anymore on the bench.
    He needs to go on loan at a team who really needs a defensive midfielder. The manager needs to be an organiser (it pains me to say a Pulis/Allardyce type) who can tell him to concentrate on doing the simple things good.
    Stop panicking, stop having those brain farts, keep it simple.
    He is never going to be Patrivk Viera or even Francis Coquelin, but he could still do a decent job at league 2 level if well coached. Honestly, he should have left two year ago and get more experience at that level. Now He would be a better player and his prospect would be better.

  2. Unfortunately some players are not going to make it in pro football, nothing against this lad, but his time in league 1 and 2 as well as his appearances for arsenal u21s have shown where his level is at.

    Having said that a number of players have taken that step down found a new level and progressed again. I hope he can do it, bcos he once looked a decent player, but now seems to have lost his way.

  3. He’s generally got a good football brain but really hasn’t stepped up in the last 3 years. IMO he’s more likely to ‘peak’ as a championship team (or overseas ‘lesser’ team) player unless he really puts some effort in to show his abilities during the remaining part of the season (wherever he plays).

    1. He may not be Arsenal first team quality, but I agree that he has the basic to be a decent footballer. The problem is that in the last couple of years he has not shown it consistently. For that I blame three reasons:
      1) the club coaching staff. It should be clear by now that not everybody learn by playing. Some players need active directive instructions. When TH14 was youth team coach for the strikers, you could suddenly improvement in the players especially in their movements. A lot of them commented on social media how Thierry Henry was helping them. The same thing

  4. Sorry comment was cut.
    The same thing happen when Steve Bould was youth team coach, he help the defense. Bellerin mentioned how Steve Bould really help him adapt to his new position. In fact it was the last time an Arsenal youth team had defensive cohesion.

    2) I would also blame the player himself for not progressing. A couple of years ago, Henry Lansbury was hoping to get into Arsenal first team. He decided to have extra training session. I might be wrong, but why none of those youngsters go to their coach and ask about their weakness and whether they can set up an individual program to improve them. If David Beckham could add 20 minutes of free kick session every day, Glen Kamara should be able to work on his distribution. A midfielder should be able to use both feet. He should also be able to make quick precise 30 yards pass. Practice 30 minutes daily session to hit on the run and on the turn target 30 yards away.

    3) and lastly I blame the agents/advisers to the players. Some players will clearly not make it at Arsenal. Arsenal still need to fulfil its schedule, so some players are kept just as body for the U23, U19, U17 teams when clearly long term they would better off somewhere else. Good agents should be honest and tell their clients that they need to move on now. Championship and lower league managers rarely take risk with their own job security. If they have to choose between a 23 years old with 2~3 years experience of first team play at league 1 level and a 23 years old with no first team experience except some bad loan experience but from a top premiership team, the lower league team will nearly always be chosen. So many of Arsenal trainees are now playing non league football because they did not make the right choice at the right time. Dropping a division and in some case taking a pay cut to put your career on track is better than realise later than you have to drop out of the football league. Look at Gavin Hoyte’s career. It would be a shame if Glen Kamara were to drop out of the football league when he has the potential to be a decent championship player.

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