Confirmed: Arsenal youngsters to be involved in Football League trophy 

It has been confirmed that Arsenal’s academy will be involved in the Football League Trophy this season.  

The re-formatted competition will enable the club’s youngsters to test themselves against senior players from League One and League Two, with teams initially taking part in group fixtures before the knockout rounds begin. 

The group stages of the competition will be regionalised, and invited clubs, such as Arsenal, must field at least six U21 players in each game. 

The competition commences next month, culminating in the final at Wembley in April. 

This is a fantastic opportunity for Arsenal’s starlets to experience the demands of first-team football , which is sure to benefit them in the future. 

Several other major academies will be participating, including Manchester United and Chelsea. 



  1. great news, hopefully they can go a long way in it to gain as much experience as possible,

    there were rumors that there would be 3 group games, with the BPL teams only getting one home game out of the 3, has that been confirmed.

  2. Seems a few clubs are not going to enter, Man Utd and Liverpool for starters. Neither of them, of course, have the UEFA Youth League either – so we could well follow suit?

    1. Just can’t see how it could hurt? Even if u stick ur u18s in and lose, it’s still a yardstick and possibly experience.

      That said I don’t think this cup goes far enough, I honestly believe it is a stepping stone to b teams entering the pyramid. And really one we should just go with if we want, English clubs to do better I’m Europe and the national side to do better too

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