Tony Adams to work alongside Thierry Henry as Arsenal U18s assistant coach

adams henry

Arsenal legend Tony Adams is to return to the club as joint-assistant manager of the U18 side alongside Thierry Henry. Kwame Ampadu, another former Arsenal player, will coach the team.

The Gunners required a shake-up in the coaching department at youth level after the departure of Frans De Kat. Ampadu has impressed in his position as assistant and was seen as the natural choice to make the step up.

Henry is keen to continue working with Arsenal, and has been praised by several of the club’s youngsters for the advice he has given them.

It is the return of Adams which is most intriguing, however, with the former centre-back having previously been reluctant to rekindle his involvement with the club.

Arsenal have had defensive problems at U18 level for a very long time, and it is hoped that Adams will address those issues. A product of Arsenal’s youth system himself, Adams is an excellent leader.

Credit to AFC Glen  for breaking the news of Adams’ return to Arsenal.



  1. What a great move someone who cares about the club and give our youngsters the way to play the game with a passion for the shirt

  2. Three people for under 18s, sounds pretty excessive?

    Also with Robinson set to leave and oconnor also missing training today, can we make assumptions about his future too?

    Will leave us pretty short in the u21s

  3. jeorge, AFC have put up pictures of this years scholars, can you tell us who is who, there are 11 lads. Its clear from the photos that Ampadu is now the u18 manager

  4. I think from left to right is Robbie Burton, Josh Benson, Reiss Nelson, Emile Smith Rowe, Trae Coyle, Joao Virginia, Tobi Omole, Joseph Olowu, Dominic Thompson, Jay Beckford and finally Nathan Tormey

    1. Trae Coyle, he is not even 15 until 31/07 is it possible for him to start a scholarship?

      Just asking

      Whilst Beckford is already 17 and was here last year and is older than 2 or 3 of the 2nd years, So is surely now a 2nd year scholar?

      I’m a bit confused with these ages, unless there has been a rule change?

      1. Beckford is 16. I think Coyle is 15 but is training full-time even though he is still a schoolboy, like Nelson did last season.

        On Wed, Jun 29, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


      2. Beckford was 17 on 13th May. His birth year was 1999

        Trae Coyle is only 14 and not 15 until 31st July. His birth year was 2001.

        Toby Omole is another born 01.06.1999

  5. This has answered my previous question. Good luck to the new coaching team. All the best to the lads, starting with retaining that trophy in South Africa!

  6. stop relying on talent hunter , not all their ages are correct, from Instagram omole celebrated his birthday around October, November so I guess it’s October 99 olowu November 99 and I think Beckford too is a late 99

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