Decision time dawning on Wellington’s Arsenal future


In this era of 25-man Premier League squads it’s rather rare that a player gets to the age of 23 at a major club without a concrete decision having been made on his future.

Wellington Silva doesn’t exactly do ordinary, however, with the winger having often managed to stand out from the crowd with his excellent dribbling and superb skills.

The Brazilian’s association with Arsenal stretches all the way back to late 2008, when he made a stellar impact while on trial at the club. From there he agreed terms before being sent out on no fewer than six loan spells, the most recent of which saw him spend the campaign with Bolton Wanderers in the Championship.

Wellington provided some tantalising glimpses of his potential whilst with Bolton, but, unfortunately, he was unable to perform consistently and, when fit, wasn’t always able to command a regular place in the starting line-up.

He will return to Arsenal for pre-season training yet again, but this time Wellington will surely be seeking assurances about his long-term future at the club.

There could yet still be an opening for him- Arsenal are in need of an additional wide player- whilst it isn’t out of the question that Wellington could leapfrog Alex Iwobi and Serge Gnabry in the quest for first-team minutes.

However, alternatively, Arsene Wenger may assess the situation and come to the conclusion that Wellington isn’t a player worth persisting with, particularly given the strides that Iwobi made this season.

Deciding Wellington’s fate won’t be easy, but for the sake of both the club and the player, some clarity on the situation is required. It would be intriguing to see how the prospect (if indeed he can still be referred to as such) fares in the Premier League, but we are now edging closer to a decision, at long last, being made on Wellington’s Arsenal future.




  1. Really hope he’s given a chance. Can’t do worse than Ox. Provides everything Ox does and then some.

    Hopefully he can fight out if Wenger’s infamous hierarchy; where not even excellent performances by Joel Campel allowed him to climb up the pecking order over Ox or even Theo.

  2. We need to give him a chance and play for atleast half a season and see how responds then the’ll surely know , if he’s good enough !? No being funny but wiltshires always getting injured , neither or Ramsey don’t wanna play wide midfield anyhow and Walcott needs to go cos he’s far to inconsistent. We don’t really have any wingers in truth , so give the boy a chance ! I say,

  3. I think it’s totally unfair on welly and the fans to deny him his chance. Almost 8 years we have been stringing this kid along. I am not sure how many first team appearances he has racked up, but I bet it is up there with chamberlain. I also bet his assists and goals scored record is better too. With alexis and campbell busy again this summer and chamberlain possibly, Welbeck definitely missing pre season and heaven knows what’s happening with theo. Why not throw the kid in. Him gnabry and iwobi could save the club a lot of money on transfers along with toral.

  4. The guy is 23 years old and cant even hold down a place in the Bolton side… It was fun Wellington, but goodbye,

  5. you gotta wonder how his career would’ve panned out had he received that work permit as that arsenal were initially told he would get.

    he seemed so distraughtwith not getting it that i think it destroyed his first few years away from us.

  6. Amazing the comments on here. The status of a player rises by not playing!

    Let’s be clear he has struggled at Bolton and struggled in Spain. He might have lots of skills, but there needs to be more than that to make it in the first team of a Premiership side.
    I would be amazed if he is given a squad number, after 8 years, if he hasn’t made it, probably time to move on and find another club.

    1. Exactly! Arsenal definitely has tried to get rid of Wellington for several years, but nobody wants him. It’s time to pay off his contract and kick him out! It’s clear Wellington was a bad investment and it’s time to take a hit and move on.

      It’s funny how brainless teenagers are screaming Wenger to “spend, spend, spend”, but then at the same time want Wellington, Akpom, Hayden etc to be “given a chance” over far better international footballers.

      Ox, Theo etc are excellent international team players and these younger players have a long way to go. It amazes me that teenager muppets really don’t understand how difficult it is to play regularly in a world’s top 10 club.

    2. Bet you said the same thing about Coquelin and Joel Campbell too.

      Those 2 have proven that the age old argument of “I’ve never seen him perform, but if he could’ve made it, he would’ve done so by now” is stupid, ignorant and redundant.

      Oh and his last 2 spain loans weren’t a flop. In fact in his last one, he featured a few times in Marca’s “team of the week”; at the expense of guys like Bale and Barca players.

      And he actually played well at times for Bolton, but struggled with injuries. And the care taker manager made it quite clear he was a creative ball-to-feet player at a team that just weren’t made for that. It was a bad loan.

      Next you’ll claim Gnabry is rubbish, just because he couldn’t breakthrough into a Tony Pulis team.

  7. With fans like some of you lot it’s surprising anyone wants to play for us.

    I hope Wellington gets a fair chance in pre season, same as Total more deservingly, but to cast aside the Ox, who when injury free has at times been magnificent (AC Milan anyone), who is not even at his peak, and had proven he can hack it in the premier league for a player who was in and out of a poor Bolton side even when fit it defies logic.

    Good work as ever Jeorge.

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