Willock hits brace as Arsenal U18s thrash Southampton


Joe Willock hit a brace, his first two goals at this level, as Arsenal U18s swatted aside their Southampton counterparts yesterday with a comprehensive 4-0 victory at London Colney.

The young Gunners, who also found the net through Josh DaSilva and Donyell Malen, bounced back from the defeat that they suffered to Aston Villa in their previous fixture.

Arsenal will conclude this phase of the season with away games against London rivals against Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur as they look to finish fourth and earn a place in the top tier, with the league subsequently splitting into different sections.

via Andy’s Arsenal U18s.




  1. You know, JB, how old pros say they like a player with a bit of “bite” or a bit of “devil” about them? Well none of the brothers seems to have that quality. They have a certain “passivity” about them.

    1. Pires had spirit in abundance, as do the young Willocks.

      The magestic Frenchman wasn’t known for his bite or being a devil.

      But he still did okay, didn’t he.

      Give the young lads a chance.

      Time is on their side. They’re making headlines at youth level. Not a bad start.

      Now Joey Barton, he has bite. And I’m sure a few have said there’s a devil in him which raises it’s head at times on the pitch.

      Not an essential quality, but has inspired certain footballers.

      Grace, skill and speed has inspired others.

      1. If you claim to know so much about the three Willock Brothers why on earth did you ask “What sort of a player does Joe Willock look?”

        You are talking through your arse aren’t you!

      2. Calm down! Calm down!

        We’re all here to support the team lad.

        They are written about like they’av spiwit. Bwavado. A little, je ne se croix.

        And Chris has looked a gem if a player from the highlights I’ve seen.

        You’re right, I’ve never seen Joe kick a ball (even on the telly 😥 )

        I just thought it was a bit premature writing off two of our most promising youngsters at 16 and 17.

        Didn’t mean to upset anyone like.

        In Arsene we trust.

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