Nelson scores brace and is sent off as England U17s lose to Germany U17s

England v Belgium: International U16 Fixture

BURTON-UPON-TRENT, ENGLAND – AUGUST 20: Reiss Nelson of England U16’s in action during the International U16 fixture between England and Belgium at St George’s Park on August 20, 2014 in Burton-Upon-Trent, England. (Photo by Paul Thomas/Getty Images)

Arsenal youngster Reiss Nelson endured a bizarre three minutes as England U17s lost 5-3 to their Germany counterparts in a fixture that was played behind closed doors today at St. George’s Park.

In a remarkable game Germany established a five-goal lead before Nelson reduced the deficit slightly with a neat finish shortly after being brought on as a substitute. The schoolboy then scored his second of the game from the penalty spot but was then sent off just a minute later.

England scored a third goal through Jonathan Leko, with Arsenal youngsters Marcus Agyei-Tabi and Tolaji Bola having earlier entered the fray as substitutes.

The main story, however, involved Nelson, who experienced delight and frustration in quick succession.

England face Germany again on Friday.



  1. This kid, watch him become a star in next 3 – 4 years, by the age of 20 I am expecting him to be a regular fixture in first team set up…

    In regards to the game, I think it’s perfect, shows just how good he is already, and also gives him a valuable lesson, he will learn to harness aggression and temper, lots of youngsters get this, the key in this story is not the actual performance it’s what he takes from it with him.

    Could say same applies to Crowley, the kid has got immense potential, now it’s up to him and his coaches to beat the cockiness out of him, I saw him play for u-18 and it’s obvious he’s confident, but often oversteps into arrogance and that might be his downfall, still has a chance but needs to wake up now.
    We all know just how tough it is for teenagers to break into first team and if you are not around first team by 19 or so then your time is gone and you are doomed for mediocrity.

    1. 4 years is a long time. And I can guarantee you that there will be many top class talents around the world who is better than him. He basically needs to show something before the age of 20 on loan or in the club. Right now I think he is good and play very well but needs to keep doing this on loan. I just wants to remind you of Gnabry who was top class in U18 and U21. He was one of the best almost every time and that by far. Made the first team but is now sitting on the bench for westbrom for some reason. I´m sure he would play a lot more in the championship or even bundesliga but things can change very fast. In one year we might have another top talent in the U18 and you will say the same. The reality is harsh and only the extremely best makes it.

      1. Yes and no… Yes gnabry is a talent and I’ve still got hope for him secretly to succeed, his main issue right now is fitness and playing time and one is directly dependent on the other…look at coquelin… No it’s not long and not necessarily 4 years as cesc proved long time ago being good enough makes you old enough, any given youngster will have his chance if wenger will deem him to be good enough, it’s been proven time and again… In regards to other talented young or not so young players … There has always been many of them , look at the likes of draxler, batshuayi, aubameyang, Geotze, griezman and many others in different age group position and technical and physical ability, each unique and brilliant in his own way, unfortunately there are so many financially powerful clubs nowadays that getting all players you want is nearly impossible and I promise you if he could we would have taken any of those that I’ve mentioned at a very young age… Fact is you can not sign all of them and then play all of them, that’s why there is a more or less healthy distribution of talent between many top clubs, another factor is agents, sometimes a club might want to buy a player but agent has got an agenda of his own and players give up huge power to those in charge of transfer dealings as was the case with pogba and martial as wenger enquiered over both but was told none were for sale to Arsenal but not to other clubs. And that brings us back to hoping that we can produce some of our very own talents, as sometimes all it takes is look in front of you and find the answers to your problems without spending silly money.

      2. Gnabry was injured for 18 months and barely played before going on loan to a club managed by someone who is not known for developing or trusting young players.

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