Inexperienced Arsenal U18s lose 6-0 to Newcastle

An experimental Arsenal U18s side that contained seven schoolboys in the starting line-up suffered a 6-0 defeat away to Newcastle United today.

Ryan Huddart, Aaron Eyoma, Kristopher Da Graca and Ilias Chatzitheodoridis were the only full-time players who started, with Toby Omole making his first start at centre-back and Marcus Tabi and Josh Da Silva forming an unfamiliar defensive-midfield partnership.

There were more schoolboys on the bench, with right-back Rob Howard and attacker Emile Smith-Rowe earning their maiden call-ups at this level. The latter became the first player to be called up to the U18 squad who was born in the 21st century.


Eyoma-Da Graca-Omole-Chatzitheodoridis 

Tabi-Da Silva 

Nelson-Gilmour- J. Willock


Subs: Keto, Benson, Howard, Smith-Rowe. 

Newcastle started brightly and took the lead through Jamie Holmes with 20 minutes gone.

It was 2-0 18 minutes later, with Luke Charman finding the net from close range, with Holmes completing his hat-trick to give  the hosts a seemingly unassailable lead before the break.

The damage was far from over, however, with goals from Jamie Cobain and Kyle Cameron inflicting further damage on the young Gunners.

Quite why Arsenal chose to leave out the likes of Chris Willock, Savvas Mourgos, Harry Donovan and Ben Sheaf is unclear, but the decision to play a team with so little experience of U18s football certainly backfired.

Frans De Kat’s next game is at home to Southampton.



  1. Considering we played an winger and a striker/attacking midfielder as a defensive midfield partnership and a winger (eyoma) as right back the 6 isn’t really a shock though I would think the 0 would be though I guess we wouldn’t have anyone to win possession in the first place. You think it was a development thing jeorge, though it would be pushing it even if that were the case?

    1. They’ve done this type of thing before when they’ve played a very young side and lost heavily, but it’s hardly beneficial for the confidence of the players involved.

      On Saturday, 18 April 2015, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


    1. Just have the feel of playing against older and maybe more physical teams. I really don´t understand how such a good team as Arsenal manage to have a much worse academy than city and chelsea at the moment.

      1. A few posts ago, I made the comment that the Arsenal Dutch coaches did not seem to get the English games and the English mentalities of the British raised inner city kids that populate the academy. You answered that the academy was great and one of the best. Now after another tonking defeat you suddenly realise that the academy is now even worse than under Liam Brady.
        A big part of coaching is being able to transmit your knowledge and that requires to relate to your students. I am afraid that some of the Arsenal coaches just fail on that part. Very good analysts of the game, just poor youth team coaches.
        Another big part is also be able to change methods when they obviously keep failing. Playing under age, inexperienced, small players in the English development leagues will most often result in the same outcome. When their smallest players is bigger than our tallest, and referees in UK being lenient (some may says recklessly so), the academy is unlikely to rejoin the elite soon. Being able to mix it and sometimes go long is not an anathema, it is essential to survive on these shores.

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