Arsenal offer scholarships to seven players, with Beckham left to wait

Yesterday the majority of Arsenal’s U16 players were informed whether they will be full-time scholars at the club next season.

Striker Joshua Da Silva, who impressed at the recent AlKass International Cup in Qatar, has been offered a deal, along with Chris Willock’s younger brother Joe.

Nathan Tella, a right winger who has impressed for the U18s of late, has also been taken on, with defender Tolaji Bola and midfielder Charlie Gilmour also set to stay at the club. Striker Eddie Nketiah and winger Marcus Tabi, both of whom have already featured for the U18s, complete the list of those who have been offered scholarships.

The club has yet to make a firm decision on the futures of goalkeeper Brad House and defenders Michel Parker and Owen Moore, with all three players to continue training with the club for the time being. However, they will be allowed to take trials at other clubs if they are contacted.

Brooklyn Beckham will discover on Sunday whether his stay at Arsenal will be extended.

However, Rugare Musendo, Tyler Hayles and Kwai Marsh-Brown have all been let go.

It is worth remembering that any of the players who have signed scholarships could still move elsewhere before July 1st, whilst the club may still elect to bring in some players from other clubs before that date.

Goalkeeper George Phillips and winger Reiss Nelson will still be schoolboys next season.

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  1. sry for offtopic but whats up with these 3 players:

    Jack Jebb
    Julio Pleguezuelo
    Kristopher Da Graca

    didnt see them play in the last months for the u21 team… are they all injured?

    1. Jebb was on loan at Stevenage earlier in the season but has returned now and has nearly recovered from injury. Pleguezuelo has been injured for most of the season. Da Graca had permit problems and was also injured for a long time, but has since played a few games for the U18s.

      On Fri, Feb 20, 2015 at 1:07 PM, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


  2. thank you very much!

    who do you think could leave from all these goalies we have in the u21
    most likely vickers or/and iliev?

    and is there any future here for these?:


    what about ormonde ottewill and kamara they turnin 20 plus what about toral who is already 20

    1. Wellington is starting to do very well in La Liga but look at Arsenal’s attacking midfielders(theo,ox,gnabry, ozil,sanchez).There is no way he will make it here. I expect he will have a very good career in La Liga. From the players, I think Toral (if he stays fit) may succeed at Arsenal. The others are not good enough. Ottewill and Ajayi may reach Championship level but it’s going to be hard for them.

  3. ”Brooklyn Beckham will discover on Sunday whether his stay at Arsenal will be extended.”
    Why will he be told on a different day ?

    Romeo Beckham (aged 12) scored a goal for Arsenal u13’s against Liverpool yesterday. I read a comment where the poster claimed he talked to Ted Beckham( david’s father) and Ted told him that Romeo is the biggest talent out of the 3 boys and that the family’s hopes are pinned on him (to make it big as a footballer).Take it with a grain of salt of course.Also, he is the only one out of the 3 who is an Arsenal fan. Jeorge has good inside info so he may already know a thing or two about Romeo. Anyway, re: Brooklyn, he is not a good talent according to bystanders.

  4. Arsenal U18’s lost to West Brom today,

    Arsenal Under-18s team: Keto, Centeno, Da Graca, Wright, Chatzitheodoridis, Sheaf, Donovan, Tella, Mourgos, N’Ketiah, Da Silva.
    subs: Huddart, Bola, Nelson, Gilmour, Moore

  5. so many academy spaces are being taken up by former players kids, even though in most cases the talent isn’t there. I guess it’s football sticking together, and the old boys network.

  6. yes you correct,i am a raw tallent seeking to be discovered and i really want to play for arsenal because i love arsenal

  7. yes you correct,i am a raw tallent seeking to be discovered and i really want to play for arsenal because i love arsenal.pls help me.gunners !!! for life

  8. Last year, quite a lot of the scholars came from abroad. Is that going to be similar this year, do you know who else might come in or what positions they might chose to strengthen

  9. I am somali player
    Age= 13
    Possion= forward
    Club = banadir sports club
    I went to play big team like (arsenal, Manchester United, Barcelona and real Madrid etc *

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