Olsson provides reminder of his quality with international hat-trick

Ambitious midfielder Kristoffer Olsson provided another reminder of his undoubted quality yesterday as he scored a hat-trick to help Sweden U21s secure a play-off place.

Olsson’s three goals, added to by a stoppage time strike from Oscar Hiljemark, ensured Sweden beat Turkey 4-3 in a dramatic final qualification fixture.

Olsson’s first goal was a finish from close range, with the 19 year old then doubling his tally by chipping the ball over the Turkish goalkeeper. Olsson completed his hat-trick with a well-struck effort from just outside the area. Turkey staged a commendable fightback, but Hiljemark’s goal in the second minute of stoppage time gave Sweden victory.

Whether Olsson will still be an Arsenal player when the U21 European Championship Finals take place next year is a matter of some debate. Having expressed his frustration at his lack of first-team football in North London, he has relocated to Denmark, joining FC Midtjylland on loan, initially until January.

Olsson may be afforded some time off after his international commitments, meaning that Friday’s game against OB may come too soon for him to make his debut, but he should feature away to Norsjaellland the following week.




  1. It is so difficult for Arsene and the fans of the youngsters. I really hate it when one of them leaves, I always want them to stay but we also want a World class First team. Squads are ok but if like most youngsters you want to play football sometimes you have to move on.
    Unfortunately, when they return with their new club they give 100% to try and prove the Manager wrong and we invariably suffer!!
    There are not many teams that have not got a previous Arsenal employee on their books?

    1. I actually don’t think he has it in him to succeed, unless he faces the reality of a first team competitive squad which he will at Nordsjaelland. He seems to care too much about twitter, what other people thinks of his hair or admire him. Plus quite arrogant attitude, as for example saying to a newspaper (if quoted correctly in interview, twice and different in two newspapers) that after training with an elite team in Sweden he can easily see himself better than most of the players in the team and the league. Needs reality check

      1. Don’t think he used twitter any more than bellerin, akpom etc tbh. He certainly seems impatient but wanting first team football immediately (as he reportedly does) is just the way he sees his career going. It may be short sighted but it’s just as bad as wasting away in the reserve of a top four club.

        Don’t get me wrong I think he should wait out another season season before clamouring for first team appearances but I imagine the likes of zelalem, who happens to be his junior, apparently being favoured ahead of him won’t leave him with a good view of things. Like I said I believe he needs more patience but (1) he won’t get paid as much and (2) there’s less of a guarantee he’ll be back in a top club, at the very least in the near future. Quite a gamble really but nordtveit made a similar gamble under similar circumstances and he’s currently better off than the likes of watt, frimpomg etc. Then again you have the example of Merida.

        Could go either way but don’t forget campbell had a similar buy out option and remains with us. Hopefully it’ll be a similar case with Olsson. Don’t think he’s as arrogant as some are making it out to be and if there’s any position we have intense competition in the youth ranks it’s attacking midfield and central midfield (only hayden and kamara as pure dm’s though as far as I can tell).

      2. Nordtveit is an excellent example, and hope Olssons career goes on the right track and that I am wrong about him being insecure (coming out as arrogant). Anyways I believe he has been wise in the choice of club. Certainly among the scandinavians Nortveit showed a great example and attitude. Of midfielders going out Aneke has also had an upswing, though I am not aware which Zulte Waregen *(spelling might be far off) plays him in. And also Ozyakup and that one that went back to Holland, forgotten his name now. While others were extremely close to leaving, but broke through (famous example Cashley)

  2. Olsson is 19 and he plays in the under 21s is that really so bad?

    Now if he was 22 like miquel and still playing under 21s I would understand the impatience. You don’t hear too many 15 year olds complaining that they are playing u18 football and you don’t see too many 19 year olds playing football for barca, Madrid, city, chelsea, bayern, etc.
    If arsenal want to be mentioned in the same breath as those club’s in terms of regular success then, players like olsson have to look at those other clubs and see where their 19 year olds are playing regularly. Chelsea now have 30 players out on loan and their 19 year olds are playing under 21 football. The Spanish club’s are fortunate that their b sides play in the second tier.

  3. Unless we have a Arsenal B team we cannot stop players moving away due to lack of first team action. Either these players has to jump to first team before 21 or move on. There is no other alternative.

    We also cannot regret when they leave us. If they are good enough then they will make it like Cesc, RVP , Gibbs etc.. Bellerin, Jack, etc… are part of the first team squad. Apart from Nordtveit still don’t regret for any of those young players that left arsenal.Remember Fran merida, I don’t remember him.


  4. See the official first team photo today, a very small version but sure I can see bellerin, hayden and akpom in it, that seems pretty official confirmation? Can anyone confirm? Or see anyone else instead or missing?

    1. Akpom was in the photo last year and wasn’t promoted so I don’t think you can draw definitive conclusions from it.

      On Thursday, 11 September 2014, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


      1. The 3 are also in the profile pics on the uefa website for champions league squad, but the rest of the b list aren’t, just thought it might be more of an indicator?

        Still don’t think it really matters, but at least promoting the 2 defenders might keep some people from moaning about only having 6 defenders.

  5. JB – another question, how is vickers getting on? Seems to be the odd keeper out at the moment. Whereas I thought earlier in the summer that might be iliev? Is he injured?

    I see keto and huddart in an u18 photo today, but you rarely see an u21 photo and I as I recall apart from the new foreign.lads, he is about the only player I have yet to see feature this season.

      1. I don’t think he’s injured he just hasn’t been selected, which could be quite problematic for him as the season progresses. The players in the U18 photo are the 15 new scholars plus second-years Huddart, Wright and Smith.

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