Olsson joins Midtjylland on loan with permanent transfer a possibility

Kristoffer Olsson has finally got his wish of securing a loan move away from the club, but the destination of the Swedish midfielder may come as a surprise to some after he joined Danish side FC Midtjylland on a temporary transfer until January.

The deal comes with an option of a permanent transfer at its conclusion, raising the possibility that Olsson’s Arsenal career could come to an end in a few months’ time. Olsson, who joined as a scholar in 2011, has grown increasingly impatient about his lack of first-team opportunities at Arsenal, with the youngster having only made a solitary appearance as a substitute in the Capital One Cup to date.

He has featured for the senior team in pre-season, notably scoring in the victory over Boreham Wood in July, but it is clear that he is in need of regular football to further his development. Olsson, who is extremely skilful, has a penchant for unlocking opposition defences with precise passes, but has not always delivered consistent performances at U21 level.



  1. I really don’t understand olssons impatience? He is a 95 born player, he is 3 years younger than the likes of campbell, who has also yet to prove himself. If his performances were more consistent someone would take a punt on him. But the fact is they are not and now he takes the easy option and joins a scandanavian side. Disappointing really.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Olsson has been with the U21 for 2 years. Going to Denmark and play his trade there is perfect step up and very very sensible. Its like low or mid championship level. He is only 19 years old and going straight to senior football from U21 is pretty damn hard! You need to take small steps up and this is what he is doing. Its nothing about being impatient. Its about getting football education. U21 is like high school while this is like University. After University comes work. Where will he end up? I personally think Holland would be a better step but this move is no means bad at all. It looks really good actually and he would only go there if he believe he would get plenty of time on the pitch.

      1. Of course I have no idea, I have been a qualified coach now since I was 23 that is 25 years of coaching at all sorts of levels in 60 countries, would love to know your credentials son?

        I come to this site to share my opinion but respect others, I never have a pop at people sayingvthey haven’t got a clue or putting them down, still uour probably about 15 years old my boy would make similar comments. Never mind, I can opt out of commenting if you don’t like my opinions, I don’t need more kids having a dig at me, especially when I I know what I’m talking about.

      2. atid you say you are a coach for 25 years. Thats the defence you have every time someone think you are wrong and you think that whats make you right. How about thinking for once? Olsson has been playing regularly for U21 for 2 years. How much longer should he stay according to you? Is 19 years old too young for a move to senior football? Now think about that. You really have NO CLUE AT ALL! If the guy would have been 20 and has stayed in the U21 for 2 years you would have said…. ohhh he did the right move definitely. He is old enough to play senior football. Being a coach means you coach kids probably. That does not mean you know what every kid needs to do. If this move turn out to be good education and he become a better player you will have the same stupid arguments to back it up, You are a coach and I am not. You are a very close minded person. You see this as a move of inpatients. You don’t really see anything else.

        Afobe went on loan when he was 17-18 years old. That has no doubt make him a better player. There are many players who stay in the U21 for too long. I say 3 years is definitely a long time if you play regularly. Thats like saying U15/U16 should play with the U18 and stay for the U18 longer. Its simply stupid. You are probably shit at coaching too.

  2. The fact is that Zelalem is hanging out more with the first team while Olsson played much better throught last season. It was Zelalem who was inconsistent not Olsson. Before Olsson it was Ozy who had same problems here.
    This injustice is also present at senior level to some players so don’t be to surprised when top young talents decide not to join Arsenal anymore.

    1. Well I respect your opinion, but I am talking about what must be happening day in day out. Not just during the matches that almost none of us see anyway, but I’m talking what the u18, u21 and first team.coaches see everyday in training.

      To make a career at Arsenal you have to show theorist attitude and consistency in everything the club asks you to.do. The perforce during match is a tiny area of a young players development. Sure it’s important, but we are talking kids here that haven’t yet made, have 3 years left before decisions on whether they make the grade are due, but are showing a bit of petulance and disrespect to the coaches that make the decisions.

      1. Football match is a presentation of how hard you work in training and talent. Olsson is great on the ball and you can’t say it comes for free, you have to work hard to have his passing game, movement with the ball and technique and combine talent with that, everything else can be drilled and it’s not important at his age. I would say poor decision from Arsenal stuff, we’ve managed to block his developement and lose top talent, this goes in the same hat as Carlos Vela mistake.

    2. May be wrong on this but I do feel while players standing out at a young age do not receive preferential treatment once promoted/given an opportunity early on they’re persisted with for a longer period of time than any other player. It may be intelligence, that natural ability is more obvious at that stage etc who knows.

      I may be wrong but wilshere, fabregas, bendtner, Walcott, you could even add gnabry have all been perpetually on the periphery of the first team after making an early debut before either leaving or making the grade. There seems to be some logic to it though as an outsider I probably don’t see it……maybe because I can’t see it, given the coaches watch them train and interact with them on a daily basis.

      Olsson’s always been my favourite youth player of his age group. Said so several times and even after his departure think crowley (in place of zelalem) is being held back somehow, same with akpom (in place of sanogo) but fact is to date I’ve probably seen less than an hours worth of their ability.

    3. Carlos Vela himself knows he cannot hack it in the premiership, otherwise he wouldnt have re-signed where he is, making less money. So really nothing lost there.

      Olsson has some good qualities but clearly he’s not ready to compete with the likes of Rosicky/Cazorla/Ozil/Ramsey/Wilshere yet.

      We cannot demand that Arsenal spend money on international in the prime of their career AND that all the young players be kept. You put down 43 million on a 25 yr Ozil and well yes, that’s a giant roadblock in the career of a 19 y old playmaker. As fans we cant have our cake and eat it too.

  3. JB – with the champions league squads set to be handed in by midnight tonight, I was looking at the rules. I am not sure if this is a change but if a player plays in 3 senior champions league matches he is no longer eligible for the youth champions league. with that in mind and viewing we did not add a centre back, do you think it would make more sense for wenger to include semi ajayi, who obviously cannot play, YCL rather than zelalem, who is highly unlikely to play a senior CL match, but is eligible for YCL.

    I think the changes to the squad will be, Walcott, welbeck, ospina and ajayi in to

    replace, macey, miquel, giroud and zelalem.

    Giroud can obviously be re-instated instead of ajayi, if we make the knockouts or if we sign a centre back he could come in for sanogo or Campbell. Macey will consider himself unlucky but with Vickers and huddart both eligible there is no need for a 6th keeper. Once Keto gains his registration I wouldn’t be surprised if macey and iliev were allowed to leave on loan.

  4. Hi jeorge. Was wondering if anyone’s allowed to see u18 games and if so how do you get there? Was thinking of going to see some games as I can’t see first team but not sure about entry, commuting time etc. Thanks in advance.

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