Miquel joins Norwich permanently after failing to make the step up

(Zimbio.com) Miquel made four Premier League appearances for Arsenal in the 2011/12 season

Miquel made four Premier League appearances for Arsenal in the 2011/12 season

Ignasi Miquel’s Arsenal career has come to an end this evening after the centre-back signed a permanent deal with Championship side Norwich City.

The 21 year old joined Arsenal as a schoolboy from Cornella in 2008 and went on to make 14 competitive appearances for the first-team, featuring in all four major competitions and scoring his only goal against Coventry City in the League Cup.

The Spanish U21 international spent last season on loan at Leicester City but failed to feature regularly for the Foxes and will be hopeful of reviving his career at Carrow Road.

Although he demonstrated much promise as a youngster, making his debut for the Reserves at 16 years of age, Miquel failed to really progress in recent seasons and was particularly disappointing when asked to play out of position at left-back. With the defender having entered the final year of his contract and now being classed as a senior player according to Premier League and Champions League regulations, now seems the correct time to let him leave, especially with Julio Pleguezuelo and Isaac Hayden progressing well.




  1. Am shocked this guy compained about playing at left back – the few times I saw him in that position he looked much better than at his preferred centre back positon.

    Really dont understand players these days – ridiculous to complain about where you play on the field. You should have the mental and physical capability to play a position right next to where you normally play. I mean what do you do if you are a “centre back” and you find yourself needing to cover for a full back who has made a run forward or is injured on the sideline – do you shrivel up and die once you go past x zone on the field? Ridiculous…

  2. any chance of hayden or ajayi or bellerin being promoted to the first team squad this year? god i hope so. wenger has been criminally negligent in making sure there is enough defensive cover at the club. the boy chambers is being double-counted as our covering centre back and back-up right back too. we only have 6 first team defenders! this is incompetence of the greatest magnitude! seriously what the hell is going on. what happens when we lost one or two defenders? season over.

    1. Bellerin is a right back.

      Coquelin can play right back, as can Flamini.

      Hayden is a good young prospect who is in the same class as the kid that Man Utd are using as a reserve at centre back.

      1. unless hayden and bellerin are promoted to the squad and trusted with some gametime, wenger will be leaving us ridiculously exposed at the back. with only 6 defenders we are guaranteed to have our season wrecked by injuries and suspensions. hayden and bellerin will be called on at some point out of necessity. i only hope wenger sees sense and gets them involved early on so they can be of use straight away. that might just help to keep the seniors fit all season. shambles, absolute shambles.

  3. and vermaelen was sold and jenkinson was sent away on loan! incompetence upon negligence upon stupidity upon cluelessness. we just have to stop turning up at games. thousands of empty seats, that’s the only way they’ll learn.

    1. 28 yr old Vermalen was so bad that he could not be trusted to play and not commit mistakes. so bad that a 19 yr old Callum Chambers has done far better. What’s the complaint exactly there?

      As for Jenkinson, I really like his potential but he also made a lot of mistakes and needs to get more experience. West Ham will be good for him. At his level of performance last year I dont think Coquelin or Bellerin would perform any worse at right back.

      I know some people think we should have two full internationals at every defensve position but it’s not that easy. Look at how even Nacho is clearly uncomfortable playing second fiddle to Gibbs. So it makes sense to use players who have come up from the ranks here.

      1. But has already been pointed out, neither Hayden and co are even part of the first team.
        If Wenger had a genuine plan and strategy to use them, he would’ve kept and integrated them in preseason.

        Instead he assessed them and deemed them not ready just a month or two back, yet now they’re expected to be cover out of necessity? Not out of a legitimate plan?
        No one is asking for two full internationals, there is no need to use extreme exaggerations to make a point, all we want is adequate cover. Wenger himself has stated in the past the ideal is two position; one starter and one apprentice. We don’t have that. He himself said if Verm leaves, we will “have to get a centreback” yet we didn’t.

        As for counting Monréal and co as CB? Hasn’t 9 years of regular injuries and over play showed us anything? Not only is he effectively our first choice LB (if not our only regular one considering Gibbs’ injury rate), but if he’s being used to give a CB rest, who the heck covers him?

        As for Coquelin being a regular in the squad? Don’t make me laugh. I used to rate him, but his failed at his loan and isn’t anywhere near our first team. Heck at this rate, I’d take him as a DM cover.

      2. You’re entitled to your opinion but I think Coquelin will surprise you. There are no technical or physical barriers to him being a great player – purely mental and tactical ones. And he is an intelligent guy, so I think he can and will fullfil his promise – this season.

        We shall see…

  4. It’s not a case of surprising me, I’m a big fan of Le Coq; always have been.

    But it’s pointless discussing him as a potential when it’s clear Wenger himself doesn’t even rate him. Even with Arteta out, he hasn’t even featured on the bench, so what good is referencing him when it seems clear currently and so far even from pre season that he’s not part of Wenger’s plans?

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