Afobe set to see out his Arsenal contract at MK Dons

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images Europe

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images Europe

Arsenal striker Benik Afobe has headed out on loan once again, this time to League One side MK Dons in a move that will take him to the end of his contract at Emirates Stadium.

The 21 year old was considered a player of immense promise when he was a schoolboy, as he scored over 40 goals in one season at U16 level, but a succession of injury problems and difficult loans have dictated that his Arsenal career hasn’t worked out as expected.

The England U21 international has previously spent time with Huddersfield Town, Reading, Bolton Wanderers, Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday but has scored a combined total of just nine league goals during those spells.

The Hale End product made a brief return to Arsenal last season, scoring some important goals at U21 level, but it has long been clear that his future lies away from the club after he was overtaken by both Yaya Sanogo and Chuba Akpom.

Afobe will be hopeful of featuring regularly for MK Dons before assessing his options next Summer. It is now looking increasingly likely that he will leave Arsenal without having made a competitive appearance for the first-team, which is certainly something that many would have predicted five years ago.

He becomes Arsenal third loanee for 2014/15, with Carl Jenkinson at West Ham United, whilst Wellington is spending the season with Almeria.



  1. Does any one have it definitive that he there is no extension in the works? Why would they not just release him, like they did to Aneke. Seems odd.

    If true this will be really depressing for the younger kids coming up. I thought those two were as close to a sure thing as there could be.

  2. Remember when Barcelona tried to steel him from Arsenal, he was never going to make it as a target striker at his height,the versatility of the modern game is what killed him, today attacking players need to be more adept in the mid-field/forward/striker position to make it.

    1. To be fair, the likes of Suarez, Goetze and Sanchez are not giants either. Nor is Afobe purely a central striker, he can do a job on the flank – has good speed and strength. Just a shame it hasnt happened for him.

  3. He is good but playing football in the wrong country. Go to germany, holland, spain or italy to learn some football without injuries. Too much injuries has kept him out of the teams and his record has been shit. regular playing time on the pitch and the scoring will come. I have no doubt he has the ability but his fitness is like a 12 year old.

    1. So you think footballers in those 3 countries don’t get injuries?

      Is that based on guesswork or is their some factual evidence?

      I have coached across the globe and have not seen anything to suggest that any other country represents a lesser chance of getting injured.

      Perhaps you believe the premier league is more competitive or the football league is full of cloggers?

      Well I can tell you that you step outside of the top flight league in any other country and certainly going down to the levels that afobe has played at, they are all just as competitive abroad as they are here.

      Injuries are very much a part of football everywhere and its what sometimes prevents a player from reaching his potential. But also the player himself is the main reason a player doesn’t reach his potential. Some lack the discipline and maturity to grab the fact that they are or could be a professional footballer, others lack passion and some lack composure. The attitude to deal with injuries, is a massive trait too, in particular for players that have yet to experience the highest level.

      1. Injuries happens everywhere but I am sure you are more likely to be injured as a young player in england than in spain, holland or germany. England is very well known for being more physical than spain and holland. I would rather see Afobe go to a dutch team than league 1 hoofball and rugby players. If you wants to talk about statistics then our loans in england has been really really poor. Compared to the loans outside england and the difference is HUGE!

      2. Epl and championship may be more physical bit it’s Not at youth and under 21 level and I doubt at div1 and div 2 level. You cannot be sure without evidence.

        As for stats just because one or two youngsters have been successful, again you cannot compare, cos until this is an Equal amount of players going to each country you cannot compare and even then what are we talking about performance or injuries? You cannot compare injuries because loaning someone like JET for example cannot be compared to.loaning say ryo, it is a baseless argument.

        Anyway enough, rolling Sunday COYG!!!

      3. Thing is however, here is nothing to suggest any problem in Afobe’s attitude or application, which is what you insinuate with these sort of suggestions. Injuries are not his fault, they are luck of the draw and yes it means lost time. As for the rest, well some talents are better than others, even when the player is hungry and works hard. Look at Muamba for example, simply was not good enough to be an Arsenal player, although he was a model pro. Same for Sidwell – sold pro, just not able to make it at this level. Is no crime.

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