Arsenal youngsters allocated new squad numbers

The squad numbers of Arsenal’s young professionals for the 2014/15 campaign have been confirmed today.

All 22 members of the U21 squad have been awarded squad numbers, including Wellington, who will spend the season on loan at Almeria. Number 40 is currently vacant, but is likely to be given to Dan Crowley, who is set to turn professional next week. These are the numbers that the youngsters will wear if they are called up to the first-team squad this season.

36. Benik Afobe

37. Semi Ajayi

38. Chuba Akpom

39. Hector Bellerin

40. Dan Crowley

41. Samuel Galindo

42. Isaac Hayden

43. Ryan Huddart

44. Deyan Iliev

45. Alex Iwobi

46. Jack Jebb

47. Glen Kamara

48. Austin Lipman

49. Matt Macey

50. Damian Martinez

51. Ignasi Miquel

52. Tafari Moore

53. Kristoffer Olsson

54. Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill

55. Julio Pleguezuelo

56. Jon Toral

57. Josh Vickers

58. Wellington (On loan at Almeria, until June 2015)



  1. i would’ve thought that Hayden and Miquel would be given lower numbers, as they’re probably the closest to the first team in terms of a COCup starter.

  2. Nooooooo…Galindo’s still there.

    Hate it when someone’s still on the books who clearly has zero per cent chance of doing anything with the club or even bringing in a small/tiny transfer fee. Feels like that’s been the case with Galindo for about five years.

    Oh well…at least Park has gone

    1. I imagine they have some of contract, and even if it isn’t legally binding we owe it to them to do our best for them for the number of years that was agreed. Decent, classy clubs don’t invite kids to come here from the other side of the world and then kick them out on their ear as soon as we see they haven’t developed as well as we hoped.

      1. Well at the end of the day if you are paying their wages why not register them. I am sure if they are under contract there is some liability somewhere.

        The 2 suprised for me are miquel and martinez. I thought as 1992 born they might get higher.

  3. the numbers were given alphabetically using their surnames & not by doz closest to the first team, starting from A to V, afobe comes first n vickers comes last in alphabetical order, just like in a class register whereby names ar listed alphabetically & not by the most brilliant . this gives al d kidz a chance 2 fight for the right to play n not feel as if they ar left behind or backward, it puts dem on same level so each 1 of them need 2 work harder to be better than the rest, if they want a chance then they need to earn it

  4. Pleguezuelo was injured. The game finished 2-2 with two equalisers for the Arsenal, first from Crowley, then from Toral. A decent result.

    1. he’s still a scholar, can’t sign professional until he turns 17. Crowley seems more realistic as he’s 17 tomorrow.

      On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 9:28 AM, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


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