Chambers signing could force Bellerin into right-wing position

Source: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe

Source: David Ramos/Getty Images Europe

Calum Chambers became Arsenal’s fourth Summer signing today after the club completed a deal for the talented Southampton right-back.

Chambers’ signing is likely to have significant repercussions for Carl Jenkinson, who is set to depart either permanently or on loan in the near future. The arrival of the England U19 captain will also have an impact on Hector Bellerin, who, until now, it had been assumed was being nurtured to be the club’s future first-choice right-back.

The landscape in that regard has now changed dramatically and, with Mathieu Debuchy having also been signed recently, Bellerin is unlikely to see much first-team action this season. The Spaniard has been relatively assured in his two pre-season outings to date, but it is likely that he will spend the majority of the 2014/15 campaign away from the club on loan, having previously gained valuable experience at Watford last season.

Impressive going forwards and also steadily improving in a defensive sense, it would be an immense shame if Arsenal were to barricade the progress of a player who has immense potential. Barcelona were heavily reluctant to lose Bellerin to North London three years ago, and he has developed very well since joining, so it seems unlikely that he will simply be cast by the wayside.

One possible solution could be for Bellerin to be deployed more regularly as a right-winger, a position in which he thrived during his formative years at La Masia. The 19 year old is a good crosser of the ball and also possesses a ferocious shot, which could aid his cause if he was re-converted to that role.

There have been suggestions that Chambers could alternatively play as a centre-back or in central-midfield, but he will initially go into the first-team squad as the second-choice right-back behind Debuchy.

One thing is for certain, the signing of Chambers has ensured that Bellerin’s previously obstacle-free route to the first-team has now become rather more challenging. Such is the determination of the latter, however, he will certainly not give up his chance of making the grade without putting up a considerable fight.




  1. This summarises everything wrong with our system. What’s the point in developing a player who could slot straight into the first team due to his ability and experience and just as he reaches point where he could break through, they sign arguably an identical player to him and make the new guy the priority.

    We’re going to lose a talent now because he’s too good not to have the chances. I wouldn’t be suprised if other young players see the way he has been treated and leave. What’s the point of working for a break through to be blocked at the last minute?

    1. If they are good enough, they will earn their place. Can you name any Arsenal youngsters that had their path block, only to move away and become stars?

    2. So what would you rather do overlook good players because we have players of our own that are good but may be not quite as good?

      We are Arsenal Football Club and we should be going for as much of the best talent as we can..

      I have just looked at the pic of chambers standing next to and dwarfing walcott, there is absolutely no reason why he cannot be a centre back. He is as tall as vermaelen just an inch shorter than koscielny. From what I have seen of him and that is playing in 4 different positions, there is no reason that jenkinson, bellerin and even Moore couldn’t all remain with arsenal. Who knows we might see an all english back 4 again one day jenkinson, hayden, chambers, Moore (who can play RB and lb)

    3. Bellerin was on loan last season and they saw what he could do. But he needs another loan. He is NOT ready for the first team. Chambers isn’t in the same bracket. He has proven himself in EPL which is a big difference here. Bellerin isn’t even close to the first team yet. You just think he is because he did well for the U21 which is not even league 1 football. Bellerin also got Jenkinson ahead of him. Jenkinson will most probably go on loan and that will be in EPL. Lets see where Bellerin goes too before you think he is that good.

      History always repeat itself. Some young players are doing fine in U21 and U18 and suddenly people think he should have a chance for the first team. Yeah you are good in U21… lets make you ahead of a guy who played in EPL.

  2. Pure conjecture on yours and the author’s part. Wenger usually doesn’t get these things wrong. I think it would be prudent to take a wait and see attitude before making such premature comments. Calum is a superior player and prospect to Bellerin in spite of them being the same age. Besides, I think we should trust Wenger’s judgment on this one.

    1. I think Chambers will be an excellent player for Arsenal and I think that it’s money well spent. I am just indicating how this might have an impact on Bellerin.

      On Mon, Jul 28, 2014 at 4:38 PM, Jeorge Bird's Arsenal Youth wrote:


  3. Really impressed with this signing…CC is the type of player we have been missing for the past few years…The tenacity, physical attributes, strength on the ball and obvious versatility and technical ability stand out for me. CC is probably a central defensive midfielder or a central defender in the medium term.

  4. one of the southampton coaches said today that Chambers is 6ft 2in,
    he could very well be seen as a central defender by Wenger

  5. Bellerin was a winger at Bara and Chambers might end up playing in some other position these lads are young. I like to see Bellerin go out on loan and like every other fan somewhere he will get gets games assess his progress from there… personally I not going crazy over the chambers deal lets it seems expensive so I’m hoping he works out and then the fee is relevant, just have a bad feeling on it… hope I’m wrong.

    PS What a credit to Southampton academy processing these players who others are paying big money for us for Chambers Ox and Walcott … Pool Lallana Utd Shaw guts of 100m generated for the club shame they cant keep them

  6. I don’t think this is a logjam at right back. Judging by the price Wenger paid, he is aiming to use this kid as long term defensive midfield solution after Arteta leaves on Bosman. That’s my guess.

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