Arsenal sign Greek left-back Hatzitheodoridis

Arsenal have added to their scholarship intake for next season by recruiting Greek left-back Elias Hatzitheodoridis.

The 17 year old, who came through Arsenal’s Elite Academy in Greece, joins his compatriot Mourgos Savvas in signing a two-year contract with the club.

Considered one of his country’s best full-backs for his age group, Hatzitheodoridis has developed well in recent years and will provide some much-needed competition for Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill, who is expected to be promoted to the U21 team on a permanent basis this Summer.

Arsenal, meanwhile, have delayed Deyan Iliev’s move to Belgian club Mechelen whilst they search for a possible replacement. They still require a new goalkeeper at U18 level, too, although Kelland Abasalom, who featured at the Ferroli Cup, has signed for Wigan Athletic instead. Marcus Beauchamp, who featured for the U18s against Fulham towards the end of last season, has stated that he will join a new club at the end of this month but didn’t specify which team he is signing for.


via RYO_cleverfish



    1. hello dont u know d different between d 1st team n d youth/academy, dey both av diferent budget n dey both av needs 2 meet n players 2 make up their settin, dis aint a first team settin or do u want arsenal 2 sign an ozil like player in2 the u18, which is not posible, so if u dont know wot 2 say pls read but dont comment n if u ar so bothered by d 1st team issue pls go 2 n voice ur complaint, dis platform is mostly ment 4 d youth/academy activities(arsenal youth). dis is a jonker/wenger signin for d future n not for d immediate effect. remember gibs/szcesney, dey also came as a future prospect but now in d 1st team as important members

  1. JB – what about Christian Walton? Can he play u18 for another season if needed?

    Also.josh vickers? Especially if the club extend his scholarship.

  2. to me this is a pleasin news bcos i av always wondered wot d arsenal soccer schools are about it we cant get players to join our academy through them, am sure this once already know how to play in the arsenal way, the soccer schools should not just be a place 2 wile away time but should a place where future talents should be spotted and signed up into the academy proper. hope dey ar both good enough to make it into the first team somday(i wish they ar), we also need 2 clear the average/bad players in our acedemy/youth teans and bring in quality kidz to boost our youth rank

  3. Is this a Jonker signing?

    Is Jonker even at work yet and what exactly is his brief? Given the mess our youth system has been in for some time, I’m pinning my hopes on this guy to make some radical changes and turn it around.

    Am I being unrealistic? Do you reckon the set-up will remain pretty much unchanged with the present scouts and coaches keeping their jobs? Would much appreciate some more information if and when it’s available.

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