Arsenal sign Portuguese winger Centeno

Arsenal have signed Portuguese winger Jonatas Centeno.

The 16 year old, who has been capped by his country at U15 and U16 levels, previously spent time with Fulham and will add some much needed depth to Arsenal’s development squads.

Arsenal have often had to deploy central-midfielders such as Jon Toral and Thomas Eisfeld in wide positions in recent seasons, as, prior to Centeno’s arrival, there was not a natural winger amongst the club’s contingent of young professionals. Centeno will most probably begin his Arsenal career in the U18 side. He will initially sign scholarship forms for next season, but will automatically be offered a professional deal when he turns 17 next year.

Arsenal U21s, meanwhile, take on Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane tomorrow, with striker Chuba Akpom a serious doubt due to fitness concerns. Zak Ansah should feature again having made a goalscoring return to action against West Ham United on Monday.



  1. Hi Jorge, thanks for the articles, always good.
    So is this lad any good, baring in mind where Gnabry and Walcott were at his age, or is he filler for the youth teams to get them used to playing with wingers?

    1. Hale End is poor, Jack is the only player to come through & start 20 1st team games in the last 8 years. Compair that to Southampton Academy..

      1. If you compare where Southampton and Arsenal are in the league, there ambitions and Europe. I think you will find that the Academy at Arsenal is doing ok. Could always do better, but so can everyone.
        If you got a player of Jack’s ability every 8 years you would be happy.

      2. compared a one team city to a city who host more professionnal team than anyone in europe is barelly fair. maybe comparing to other major london club would be better. westham is probably better

      3. We buy our best players from Southampton, Walcott & Ox..
        Look what other players they are producing Bale, Nathan Dyer, Lalana, Shaw which are all playing premiership football or La Liga apart from Jack who else have we produced its comical…

  2. Not bad ,then. That makes three Arsenal players who scored when England and Portugal played recently. Hinds, Willock and now this Centeno.

    Have there ever been this many youth Internationals within academy at same time, Jeorge?

    Nothings guaranteed and it’s incredibly hard to get first team chances these days, but I make that eight or nine who’ve represented England at youth levels in last year, two or three from Spain, two or three from Germany, and plenty more besides. Seems healthy in that respect, and I wonder if it’s the norm or a bit better than usual.

    For me the benchmark is surely Wilshere’s lot, who were all conquering, and while I try to use the subsequent career’s of those players to ensure hopes are kept in check about current bunch…I feel there’s much more talent now (what they had was solidity, very consistent team, toughness, and one superstar).

    Wishful thinking?

  3. From what I’ve read, he seems promising, but have any of you seen him play? Oh, and Jeorge, what happened to that Canadian kid, Caniggia Elva?

  4. Gibbs was bought from AFC Wimbledon at 15 where was coached by Stewert Robson as a CM..
    He then went streight to Colney

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