Arsenal end search for Brady replacement with Jonker appointment

Arsenal have ended their lengthy search for their new head of the club’s Academy by appointing Andries Jonker as Liam Brady’s successor.

Terry Burton, the club’s former U21 coach, and Romeo Jozak, who works for Dinamo Zagreb, were amongst the other contenders for the position, but the club have elected for Jonker, with the 51 year old Dutchman set to officially join the club on July 1st.

Currently the assistant manager at Wolfsburg, a position he has also held at leading clubs such as Barcelona and Bayern Munich, Jonker previously spent a considerable amount of time overseeing the development of youngsters for the Dutch FA.

It is unclear exactly how this appointment will impact on Burton’s standing within the club given that he had effectively been covering for Brady for the past year. It has been confirmed, meanwhile, that Brady will assist Jonker in the early stages of his time at the club.



  1. I really would like to see one person offer something concrete that laraman is actually doing a bad job. He gets so much stick but no one backs it up with good reason. True the u18s haven’t won for a long time, but that is not proof of bad development at this level.

  2. Was Jozak our first choice? Also is there a possibility of you writing an article about his experience at developing youth in the near future Jeorge?

  3. Well, if it gives us any advantage in Dutch and German markets that is good. Need to get balance and ensure English contingent aren’t marginalized though.

    Would be great to see an upturn in results. At the moment I can’t tell if I need to revise down my expectations of what sort of talent we possess, or if we’re underperforming badly and poorly utilising what we have. U21s are shipping goals and losing again as I type.

    Would appear we need a much more solid defensive platform in our teams. Though of course if another couple of players come through at or near the quality of Gnabry in the next couple of years then the disappointing results become in retrospect quite meaningless.

    We may need to learn from what happened to our (small) best young talent in the last week, and accept that in English football smaller players might, unfortunately, need to be protected from over-aggressiveness/ foul play and held back longer than talent alone dictates. That or make greater efforts to offer protection on the field by making sure there’s the requisite muscle elsewhere in the team. Neither option’s great but it seems necessary, as the Dutchman will surely discover.

  4. well if any of todays u21s had hopes of playing on Friday, they should think again, we are getting completely overrun 4-1 down chambo is off already

  5. Looking at this guy’s CV, this appt smells to me like Arsenal is quietly integrating Steve Bould’s assistant manager in advance of when Wenger moves to become chief executive in 2 years. Maybe even summer 2015.

  6. Or integrating Wenger’s replacement?? Considering he has been assistant manager at 3 top clubs already. He could be being lined up to replace Arsene. With Bouldy staying as assistant.

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