Akpom gets Brentford chance as he seeks to continue rapid development

Brentford FC

Brentford FC

Chuba Akpom’s protracted loan move to Brentford has finally been completed, with the striker joining the League One side on what is initially a one-month deal.

It was originally thought that Akpom would be retained by Arsenal for the next couple of weeks at least given the current lack of options up front, but the news that Nicklas Bendtner could make a swift return from injury has accelerated Akpom’s temporary departure.

Akpom has certainly made considerable progression since signing his scholarship at the start of last season, with the striker having featured for the first-team in the Premier League and Capital One Cup as well as impressing during the pre-season tour of Asia last summer.

His major achievements have come at youth level, however, with the England U19 international having scored 13 goals in 20 appearances for Arsenal’s U21 side last season as he was installed as the second-string’s lead striker at the age of 16.

Now 18, he has found goals a little harder to come by this season, but returned to form somewhat with an emphatic hat-trick in the 6-1 victory over Peterborough United in the FA Youth Cup on Monday night.

It is hoped that Akpom’s spell with Brentford, which could be extended if he impresses, will provide him with some much-needed game time at a competitive level as he hopes to break into the Arsenal first-team set-up as quickly as possible.

Benik Afobe, it seems, will remain at the club for the time being, whilst fellow striker Zak Ansah, who hasn’t featured at all this season owing to injury, is closing in on a return.




  1. @ D’Jeezus Mackaroni

    Now what do you have to say about this one? Me having soooooo wrong about Akpom not able to play for the first team and Park, Afobe and Sanogo are the ones that are ahead of Akpom?

    I’m glad I nailed this one. For me, playing in the FA cup vs Coventry is a BIG thing to do even for a striker like Akpom. As I said… we was lacking strikers and Akpom was not even in the training regularly. Afobe can easily gets 20 min or so vs Coventry and he is for sure proven good. The “shocking” is your opinion. I thought he looked very solid and did good decisions when he played.

    Lets see if Akpom will play a lot and how he does on loan. So far you are telling me he is a better options than Park is. Park did play quite a lot in La liga. Akpom is in League 1.

    1. You’re not exactly right yet until any of the players mentioned are given a run in the team.

      As it happened, I don’t remember the other guy being particularly insistent that Chuba was ready or would get in the team now, he was probably more like me: wondering if he might, hoping he would. The delay in the loan going through suggests the club did plenty of thinking about it.

      Anyway, the important thing is to wish him well and hope it’s a productive spell. As we know, it’s damn hard to get good strikers these days, and Akpom is a very good prospect. Best of all, to go with the skills he strikes me as being both a top character and someone who loves the club and ,really, the only thing better than quality players are your own quality players. And the only thing better than that again is your own quality player as a striker (or cb, I’d love one of our own in that position) Come on, Chuba!

      I still don’t fancy poor old Park to get a minute more action than Chuba this year. If he does, it’ll be down to injuries to Giroud, Bendtner again, and possibly even Sanogo and Podolski. In other words, if you see him, we’re up the creek.

      1. Hopping he would only get a taste in the cups he suggested vs a smaller team like coventry is what exactly I am talking about too. I don’t think Akpom is that good yet. Afobe has been fine a few months now and then why not give him the chance? Park can suddenly be really good because he did play in La liga and he played vs la liga teams remember? Those teams a a lot better than Coventry for sure! Its a no brainer for me when Sanogo and Afobe is still here, they will get the chance ahead in all competitions as long as they are injury free. Afobe has been so a couple of months now. Lets give give him the chance is presented. If yo talk about quality then he got that more than Akpom.

  2. Great move. Brentford were great with chesny. Tough acts to follow though. Not only ches but even afobe was great in league 1. Easy to forget that afobe has really only had one bad loan spell at bolton. Other than that injuries did him in. Speaking of which jeorge has afobe been linked with a loan anywhere. Also is it true olympiakos have a €7mil purchase option on campbell? Apologies if you’ve mentioned it before.

  3. Bendtner is fit, Akpom is trusted for first team experience, Park, Afobe and Sanogo still stuck in the reserves. Don’t see how you were proven correct…

    1. No Bendtner is not fit. He was just injured and still have things to do before playing. YOU said Akpom should play ahead of Afobe, park and sanogo. Don’t change your fucking stupid argument now. As I said… if Afobe, Park or Sanogo play this season and certainly vs Coventry you will see me having right. In matter of fact you said Akpom isn’t ready for the league. I think Afobe and Park and sanogo is for sure. If any of them play in the FA cup, cl or EPL what do you think? Did I got it all wrong?

      Now I got the whole second half of the season to have my point right while you have Akpom on loan. The player you suggested to play ahead of those 3. I will remember you. Akpom haven’t played a single match so far for brentford. TRUSTED for first team actions? Lets see how well he does FIRST! Ohh he play in league 1. NOT LA LIGA! NOT championship! He was not trusted in EPL or even championship. Afobe got injured but I can bet my house he would have play quite a few games in the championship. Sanogo was wanted by a couple of world class teams. He won the U20 world cup.

      I am pretty sure some of them will play in some part this season. the fact that they are still here and NOT on loan suggest they have a chance to play. You was sooooooo sure Akpom was the better choice then he go on loan. League 1 ffs! Below the level Sanogo played in league 2. Below championship Afobe played in. Below La liga Park was in.

      1. Someone seems a little wound up.
        The move of Akpom was delayed to assess how long Bendtner would be out. The answer is he will be fit for the game after Villa. Afobe, Park and Sanogo were not part of the decision.
        Afobe flopped in the Championship, Park flopped in La Liga, so I am not sure why you keep mentioning those leagues.
        League 1, btw, is a better standard than the French second division. Afobe played in the Championship but flopped, Bolton were very disappointed in him. Had one good game for Millwall, but are we judging on one game?
        If Park was likely to play how come he has 10 minutes of game time this season? Chubs already has more. They were both on the bench v WBA yet only one got on…
        Chuba has a PL appearance to Parks none. Park hasn’t even made it onto the bench for the PL or CL, something Chubs has done in both.

        The fact is Chuba has gone on loan to help him continue to develop, as he has a chance. Afobe hasn’t because he has yet to prove his fitness. Park has not because quite simply no-one wants him. Sanogo hasn’t because he is injured.

        You seem to have an irrational hatred for Akpom, which seems to cloud your view of the fitness of Afobe and Sanogo and the constant overlooking of Park by Wenger.

      2. Now why we don’t include Park is because we want Park to go away. Not because he is any worse than Akpom on the pitch you fucking moron. I am talking about talent here. park flopped in la liga? You mean actually playing a few games from start and get sub in is a big flopped? Man you are just simply stupid and coming with stupid arguments just to think you actually got this one right. Akpom is NOT in la liga or championship you fucking idiot. Afobe and Park was! Get it? Man stupidity like you makes me wonder how this world works. Get Park and Afobe in the league 1 and you will see who will be the best of them. Now we can’t. Park was not included in the team because we want him out. Is that hard to understand? He can play in the EPL and championship easy! He did not make us buy him because he is a league 1 quality striker stupid.

        Afobe got injured and you think that is a total flopped? Afobe actually played in championship. something Akpom has not done yet. he was actually good in league 1 as a 17-18 year old. Without the injuries he could have been in the EPL by now. You still came with the stupid arguments saying Afobe should not play because he will be injured. As I said what if he scored within 20 min and we win the game by those goals? Just use your brain. I guess you are by you are too stupid.

        If Afobe would have been injury free he would have been the one on the bench ahead of Akpom for sure. You said letting Akpom play vs smaller teams is not a big deal in the FA cup. Now that is simply so damn stupid. Since Akpom is in league 1 now he will be able to play vs smaller teams all day long. Lets see how he does.

        And I have no hard feelings with Akpom. I just think he is not good enough. Something you don’t understand. If he proves me wrong and became really really good in league 1 then I will be happy to got it all wrong about him. until then I am not sure about the talent at all, since I don’t think he is that special people make of him.

  4. Isn’t it time eisfeld got some experience out on loan..its almost two years since he signed..needs experience and regular football.

    P.S. great job on the blog jeorge.

  5. If you make enough predictions, by the law of averages you’re going to get it right some of the time.

    Besides, the classy thing to do is not to rub it in the face of someone else who just expressed their opinion.

    1. Yeah but its quite obvious he wasn’t even highly considered to be the options when he is not training regularly with the first team. Afobe and Sanogo in my eyes are a lot better options. To say Afobe will only be injured and out if he gets the chance is a stupid, really really stupid argument for not playing him. I really do see him make it and think he is playing very mature and good. VS Coventry it is his chance to take it. He has been in full training and playing some games for U21 a while now.

      Akpom might have taken a big step from U18 very fast but the way he play seems kind a awkward. I don’t really see the top class talent to make it all the way. He has done a great job so far but not that special talent. He doesn’t have enough competitions upfront. If Ansah comes back from injury you will see what a difference that will make and how good a special talent really is. Because I think Ansah is even more special and he does a big big difference from Akpom. While Akpom is more energetic, Ansah is all about class, vision, technique, decision making and intelligence on and off the ball is really head and shoulder above Akpom.

      Too bad he in injured. i hope he comes back fast. Really special.

  6. Just wondering does this rule him out youth cup matches or can we call back to play in them like we’ve done with lipmam?

  7. Anybody has any idea of the style of football Brentford plays. I have seen that Peterborough who were also after him tried to sign him made some disparaging comment on their style of play. There may have been some envy and jealousy in that comment.
    That initial loan looks very short. That should avoid having our loanee spending the rest of season not playing and not being coached properly.

  8. Can’t seeing him getting any game time to be honest. Brentford are top of League 1 and flying. They’re not all of a sudden going to throw a 17-18 year old into the first team are they. He will gain first team experience though even just being on the bench and coming on for a few games. It’d be better for him to play 10-15 mins every couple of game than play 90 mins for U-18 and U-21. As we say with Nottingham Forest and West Ham, the U-21 league isn’t a patch on the Championship or League 1. Looking forward to seeing how he progresses though. Good luck to him. Quality site by the way Jeorge.

  9. Akpom will do fine. He has a high work rate, he is a very team-oriented player and that will help him integrate with the new club. If he gets his minutes on the field he will develop from that exposure. I dont think Wenger is going to be able to ignore him for long.

    That said one has to understand that as a striker you wont see all he can do on loan. he has very good movement off the ball, a lot of which will go wasted at League One level – but put him on the first team making those runs and the likes of Rosicky will find him and he will look even better.

    Whatever the case, this lad is really serious about the game and he has a very good chance to be a top top player.

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