Moore set to benefit from Yennaris’ Bournemouth excursion

Source: Ben Hoskins/Getty Images Europe

Source: Ben Hoskins/Getty Images Europe

The loan transfer deadline passed this evening with just one Arsenal outgoing, but it was a significant one as Nico Yennaris joined Championship side Bournemouth on a temporary deal that will initially run until January 2nd.

Yennaris saw his previous loan spell with Notts County in 2012 curtailed after just two games due to illness and, having worked his way back to full fitness this season following another stint on the sidelines, the 20 year old will be desperate to receive as much competitive action as possible.

Capable of playing at right-back or in central-midfield, the England U19 international has four first-team appearances for Arsenal to his name, the most notable of which came as a substitute against Manchester United in the Premier League in January 2012, but Yennaris has not featured for the senior side for over a year and is desperate to work his way back into Arsene Wenger’s plans.

Yennaris’ temporary departure swells the current number of Arsenal loanees to eleven and, with Hector Bellerin having joined Watford until January, first-year scholar Tafari Moore seems set to receive regular game time at U21 level having impressed in recent weeks.

With four U21 fixtures to play before Christmas, Moore, who will receive a professional contract when he turns 17 in July, is poised to add to his experience of second-string football and will seek to make the most out of the opportunity that has presented itself following the temporary departures of Yennaris and Bellerin.



    1. The more important question is not whether he will do such a job that it will convince AW that he has a future at AFC?
      Personally I am more hopeful than expecting.
      The new financial muscle that AFC has has raised the bar so high that now youngsters have to be world class to make it at Arsenal. Walcott, the Ox, Wilshere, Tech9 became full international when technically still U21. What chance have players have players who are not even called by their country U21 team?
      With Bellerin looking a real prospect at right back and Hayden, Toral, Olson, Zelalem all vying for a place in the centre of midfield, it does not look good for Yennaris. I can see him having a career a la Steve Sidwell.
      That new premiership U21 rule is really killing the prospect of 20-23 years old fringe players at top clubs. Before if they were not ready for full time first team action they could hang around and benefit from somebody else injury. Now if they are not considered as first team material by their 21 birthday, they will be cast away.
      Maybe that will force them to experience championship or low to mid-table premiership club and that will benefit them in the long run. Personally I am not convinced.

      1. If he will be good enough for Arsenal will probably depends on how he does on loan. Those players you mentioned are still very young and no way able to play in the highest level or in PL which is now extremely tough to make it for any youngsters in any PL team. Yennaris is mainly DM and only Frimpong is the other youngster who is able to compete so far. Hayden which I think is another one who is very very good could be useful since he can play as CB too. U21 rules kills those very very good prospects but at the same time is making opportunities for them in other clubs when they can’t make it here. But those who have a chance to make it will be world class for sure. Gnabry is the first one so far. Our U21 looks very promising. Toral and Zelalem has so far been very injury prone. I have no doubt even our U21 will be quite amazing in the coming years.

    1. When he was with the U16 he got injured and couldn’t play for a long time for U18. now he got injured again with u21. Lets see how long he will stay fit next time. at least 2 times with long term injuries.

      1. i think you’re mistaken here Jom. if i remember correctly Zelalem joined us August of last year but had to wait till he turned 16 in order to play in any matches, which he did in January of this year, and once he was eligible he was training with the first team and skipped both the U16 and U18. His injury this season is the only injury he’s picked up so far, and i would hardly count one month and a half as a long term injury.

      2. So you are telling me he skipped the entire U18 to train with the first team? That does not make sense at all. He was injured at least one more time and it was quite a while. 1,5 month is not long term? Lets see whats happen and if he can stay fit. Does it make sense for you that a player to skipped both U18 and U16 for you? And suddenly he play for the U18 sometimes this season? If a player join us and is able to play from January… the first team train 2 times a day 4-5 times a week? Skipping the entire U18 and most of U21 does not make sense here. Of course he must have been injured or something to not being able to play. I remember Joearge saying he was injured. Lets see how fit he will stay from here on.

      3. it does make sense because he did. its called having an exceptional talent. He played his first game for the U18 this season and that was because he needed match fitness after his injury. Zelalem has been promoted to the first team at 16, he played against Liverpool U21s last season before he ever played an U18 match. And a month and a half is not a long term injury. Toral missing 10 months is a long term injury. Ox’s injury is a long term injury. A month is a medium term if not short term injury.

      4. No matter how good you are. Arsenal is not that stupid to let you only train with the first team because you are good. You need to prove it on the pitch. You never saw him play for Arsenal youth games and then promote him to the first team training….. and the suddenly he needs match fitness so he is aloud to play for the U18 again. I don’t know what games you have been watching but with U21 and U19 he is good but its not like he is that good so he don’t need matches just training with first team. I need confirmation about him skipping the entire U16 and U18 just because he is too good for them and just need training with the first team. So basically saying he has been training with the first team and not the U21 or U18 team since he came to Arsenal. Does that make sense to you? Have you EVER watch him play LIVE? Does he look head and shoulders above everyone on the pitch? Because if he is not HOW is he suppose to look good in Arsenal first team training? Training is one thing. Its when you play matches that Does the whole different. He is not able to play for any first team just because he is so slim and weak at the moment. Getting a highly rated player he and only let him train with the first team sounds really stupid. After a while they realize he needs match fitness so he is playing some game for the U18 and occasionally for the U21 and U19 because he needs match fitness. Not because he need to show if he can play and actually develop?

        I told you… let see how fit he will stay. I mean only 1,5 months out and being that good so you don’t need to play matches but only train with the first team… I mean he must be the new Messi then. 30 goals and assist a season for him? For sure! Wilshere, fabregas, and many many more had to play U18 games and also U21. If he can totally skip those games and train to be world class then I am with you. I told you. let see how fit he will stay. Let say he only got 1 injury so far since he came to Arsenal. 1,5 month is nothing. I will remember you.

  1. I understand the U18’s drew 0-0. If that scoreline is correct, then we stay bottom of our division and have drawn with the team who are second bottom. The crumbs of positive news would be a point gained & a clean sheet.

  2. Jeorge, what’s your view on the U18’s this season?
    Is it poor coaching/preparation, as I have seen suggested?
    Is it an ordinary crop of players in this age-group?
    Is it bad luck?
    Or is it just ‘one of those’ seasons?

  3. Thank you Jeorge…
    I guess if it’s a case of the players underperforming, then it’s probable for us to expect some changes to the coaching in the summer?!


    @Jom–Read that ^ He needed international clearence to play for our u18/21. So he trained with the 1st team from Jan till the liverpool game and maybe with the u21s too. I dont think anyone is sure. Abd a lot of ppl have seen him play live. I saw him during preseason when we could watch the match on and he played some majestic balls to walcott and eisfeld(ozil like balls). Thats why people are hyping up so much.

    1. Yeah he looked really good in preseason but that is nowhere near the intensity of some of the U21 games. Imagine league 1 or championship for him. Everyone can look world class in preseason. When games really matter and when every little mistakes can lead to goals and frustration to team mates… lets see how majestic he can be. I hope he become world class for Arsenal but I am yet to see what he can do when things really really matter.

      Of course he train with the u21 too. Its quite obvious he do. If he would be with the first team only or even 70-90%.. don’t you think we would have seen him in pictures many many many times with them? We never did. We only saw a few pictures here and there and mostly from preseason.

      When you are suppose to play U21 and sometimes U18 games then it makes sense to train with them too. Its not like he is a first team footballer that will be sub to play for our first team to rest some of our starting 11. I see him losing balls in U18-U21 games. What do you think will happen in EPL? Not only will he lose the ball.. He will also get injuries a lot more easy. He will no doubt play and train mainly with the U21 squad and sometimes play for the u18 teams. Sometimes train with the first team. If he bulk up then maybe he will start playing for the first team or on loan. Since he can speak german, the german league would be perfect. But he never skipped u16-U18 football because he was too good for it. I don’t know a single one that only trained with the first team several months in a new club as a 16 year old and then expect him to be world class. He need match fitness was the argument. U18 team would be a great opportunity to develop him. U21 team only play 2 times a month. I am not gonna believe he will be world class unless he show that on loan in EPL or any other top 3 league.

      1. Yes i agree the hype on him is a little much. And his u21 performances havnt been eye popping but i dont think poor. Some ppl say he doesnt have the players around him that are on his level so they make him look bad. Maybe. If Gnabry played with niles on the left then i think we would see Zelalem at his best, playing them through. I hope we see him in the FA Cup games coming up and maybe then he will silence some critics.

      2. I think he is very very good but not that good. Arsenal isn’t stupid to let him play for the first team yet when its obvious he will struggle vs a physical side or actually vs any team in any cups. He is good with the ball and can pass but every player on the pitch will need to defend and take the ball back too. Sometimes shield the ball and such. Those physical conditions will make him lose the ball a lot more. It wont be as easy as in preseason.

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