Arsenal U18s continue miserable form with Tottenham defeat

U18 Premier League- Game 13

Tottenham Hotspur 4 Arsenal 2 (Jebb, Raage)

Arsenal U18s saw their winless run stretch to twelve games after they were comprehensively beaten by their North London rivals Tottenham Hotspur today.

Several players were rested with Monday’s UEFA Youth League encounter against Marseille in mind, with Chuba Akpom, Tafari Moore and Ainsley Maitland-Niles all left out. Chiori Johnson, Renny Smith and Stephy Mavididi all came into the side, whilst Matt Macey replaced Ryan Huddart in goal.






subs: Raage, Hinds, Willock, Bola, Addai.

Tottenham started the brightest and created the game’s first chance of note when Daniel Akindayini shot over, before Emanuel Sonupe also came close for the home side.

Arsenal responded with Daniel Crowley shooting over, but Tottenham were dominant and took the lead through Akindayini, who finished well after the referee played on following a foul on Sonupe.

William Miller then made it 2-0 to Tottenham after he was found by Nathan Oduwa, but Arsenal reduced the deficit before half-time, with Johnson setting up Jack Jebb, who headed in his first goal of the season.

Tottenham’s dominance continued after the interval, and it was soon 3-1 when Cameron Carter-Vickers beat Macey with ease. Akindayini then nearly added to both his and Tottenham’s tallies, but it was Miller who would score again with a firm shot after good work from Oduwa.

Arsenal pulled a goal back when Crowley found substitute Jamaal Raage, who finished well, but the goal couldn’t disguise what had been another disappointing performance by Arsenal against a flourishing Tottenham side.

* Credit to Windy COYS for updates.



  1. I don’t care about the old saying that ‘results at youth level don’t matter, it’s the lads personal development which is important’. Surely losing every week can’t be anything but bad for a player’s confidence and self-belief? Also not certain that – apart from one or two exceptions – playing so many players above their natural age group is helping either.

    1. playing players above their natural age group is one of the best ways that a player learns. Its expediting their personal development perhaps at the expense of results but its their development hat matters more. IMO this is a combination of a lack of talent and poor coaching, but mostly a lack of talent.

  2. I do worry for the youth cup game against Torquay, never seen an Arsenal U18 side so poor, I think they should go and get a new coach in before that game , its obvious the current coach is not up to the job.

  3. We are seriously looking like we are going to finish bottom of the U18 league, I would love to know have we ever finished bottom in our history?

  4. U18 results are certainly disappointing but also odd. I remember when gnabry, toral and bellerin in addition to bunjaku were in the u18s we weren’t as poor as we are now but we were pretty much bottom mid table. Quality is there and I really don’t mind losing but the mental impact may he worrying. Personnel wise the disappointing thing is that the midfield three was dominated whereas looking at them individually you wouldn’t expect that.

  5. Has to be put in context of us doing well in other competitions, but 12 games is an embarrassment.

    I’d say it’d be a good idea to play strongest team possible (don’t know all the 18 yo’s eligibility- Chuba is, are any of Gnabry, Hayden, Olsson, Lipman, Ormonde- Ottewil, Toral?), particularly in defence, for at least one game to break the run.

    It mustn’t be forgotten when analysing what these results mean how firmly the club prioritise individual progression over results at this level- Steffan 0’Connor’s involvement with U21’s being a good example. However, any year in which an outstanding youngster, like Gnabry, pushes through to first team involvement qualifies as a major success for overall youth policy.

    The u18 league has been a write-off now in terms of league position for a long time, but, especially if CL youth qualification is ensured this week, they urgently need to get the monkey off their back of that disastrous run as development of players is probably being harmed somewhat at the moment- Crowley, for instance, could be forgiven for thinking ‘I didn’t come here to lose all the time.’

    Finally, you have to think that punishing as these results have been they must’ve given the club a much better idea about the likelihood of some players making it at the club than they would’ve had in stronger line-ups which would’ve disguised weaknesses. Harsh as that is/ sounds, it means the defeats have had value for the club.

    Oh no, this is the real finally : did anyone watch the Victory Shield? Even though I’d hate for West Brom to lose another youngster, my Arsenal head says ‘sign Tyler Roberts’. Have watched that tournament since I was below that age myself and never seen such an outstanding prospect.

  6. J.B – I know the u18’s is just a developmental stage, but isn’t this poor run of results destabilising these players mentally?

    1. It must be having some impact, but many of them have played for the u19s and u21s where the results have been much better, so it’s difficult to assess how much impact it’s having.

    1. You can be the best coach in the world. If you don’t have the talent in the team then you will never be the best coach in the world. Period

      I don’t think we have the talent people seems to think. Its a much better idea to let the players go than to let another coach come. When in fact Laraman is a good coach. This is not the first team, the talent is simply not there. We have plenty of players in U18 who can barely take a spot in any other low table U18 team.

      1. In fact Larraman is much to blame in why the U18s are in the state they are in, hes had a lot to do with the intake and release of players in that particular group over the previous years at the club. In fact he was sacked at Charlton for been so poor (Fact).

      2. Does that include some of them in the U21 too? What players should be in the club and not go then? You make it sounds like its an easy task to do. We have to release and take in a few new players for the U18 every year. New foreign players needs game time to adopt. New youngsters need time to adopt too. And on top of that everyone needs to play as a team. good luck with that. There are still 4-5 really good players in the U18 who can be a damn good player in the future. How many years has he been at Arsenal when did he coached at Charlton? If you tell me that was 10 years ago i will laugh at you because things change.

      3. Most of the club are laughing at him because hes poor at what he does, hes not in the job because hes good at it, hes there for other reasons.

  7. The stats don’t lie – Laraman IS a poor coach. We have real ability and natural talent in the U18’s, but he is wrecking the chances of any real development with our youth (yes, he is more suited to managing a ‘pub’ team). When Brady finally departs, I hope the new guy finally replaces Laraman for the sake of next years crop of emerging youngsters coming through. What did Charlton know that we didn’t?

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