Bellerin set to gain valuable experience on loan at Watford

Arsenal right-back Hector Bellerin has joined Championship side Watford on loan, initially until January 2nd.

Having joined the Gunners from Barcelona two years ago, Bellerin was named on the bench for the first-team in two Capital One Cup ties last season and made his senior debut in that competition earlier this campaign as a substitute away to West Bromwich Albion.

Source: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe

Source: Jamie McDonald/Getty Images Europe

However, with Bacary Sagna and Carl Jenkinson ahead of him in the first-team reckoning, Bellerin has headed out on loan to gain regular game time, having already amassed over 20 appearances for the club at U21 level.

Superb going forward, the Spanish U19 international has demonstrated a marked improvement in the defensive side of his game over the past twelve months and will look to develop further at Watford under the tutelage of Gianfranco Zola.

Bellerin has been allocated the number 3 shirt at Vicarage Road and his temporary departure is set to allow fellow right-back Tafari Moore to receive regular game time at U21 level.




    1. Although written like a 6 year old, this one ^ does speak some truth. There’s no getting away from the fact that, despite all the passion the admiral (jenko) displays, bellerin has superior technical ability.

  1. I like Jenkinson, he’s Arsenal through and through but Bellerin is a bigger talent and has massive potential. I could end up seeing Jenkinson staying at us all throughout his career as a squad player like Wes Brown, O’shea etc done at Utd.

  2. A loan with Watford/Zola looks a very wise move. Good luck to the lad. I think he has a lot to offer and it may not necessarily be from full- back?!

    Jenkinson reminds me of Ray Parlour, in that he may not be the most polished of performers, but he gives absolutely everything. And he actually is a better footballer than many give him credit for…

    1. “..Jenkinson reminds me of Ray Parlour, in that he may not be the most polished of performers, but he gives absolutely everything..”

      In my opinion this is way off base. Ray Parlour wasnt just a big pair of lungs. Okay, he was not a dribbler, but his tactical awareness was superior to most footballers. He understood how the game flowed and where he needed to move to create chances for himself, open up space for others – or snuff it out defensively. That was why Parlour stayed at Arsenal under wenger so long and why he was able to adapt from being a flying wingers to become a defensive central midfielder.

      In contrast Jenkinson is a great athlete in terms of speed and agility and endurance but the smarts are not matching so far and while he has developed tactically, he has not learned enough there. Note also that while Parlour had a decent touch on the ball, Jenkinson has much better technique and touch in bringing the ball under control.

      Jenkinson is actually more gifted athlete and has had better youth training. But has not Parlour’s intelligence level. At least not so far.

      If you want to compare a young player to Ray Parlour it isnt Jenkinson.

      1. Carl Jenkinson is what, 21?
        When Ray Parlour was the same age, I’ll think you’ll find he wasn’t the ‘complete’ player you seem to describe…
        I watched Ray Parlour in both the youths and reserves, and at no time was he a flying winger.

  3. Jenkinson is a great player. He has done fine so far. A few error here and there sure but everyone does it. The mistakes vs Chelsea was not only his fault but Wilshere told him to get it back to the goal when you could see he wanted to get it to the middle but he trusted wilshere and the execution of that pass was bad. But he is a great full back for Arsenal. He knows how to play pass and move and his decision making is improving all the time. No doubt he will be a feared fullback for top teams one day.

  4. Remember when everyone said that Aaron Ramsey didn’t belong at Arsenal, or was destined to be the new Ray Parlour??? I certainly do, and this same conversation and situation is cropping up again with Carl Jenkinson. I think he might surprise a few people in the next year or so, if he gets a chance.

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