Akpom makes senior debut whilst Arsenal loanees endure difficult day

Kieran Clarke

Kieran Clarke

Chuba Akpom, who it is easy to forget has only just entered his second season as a full-time player, made his senior debut for Arsenal as a late substitute in yesterday’s 3-1 victory away to Sunderland in the Premier League.

His appearance off the bench capped off an eventful week for Akpom, who seven days previously was part of the Arsenal U18 side that lost to Manchester United before featuring as the U21s dispatched of West Bromwich Albion on Thursday.


Johan Djourou played the whole game at centre-back as Hamburg were trounced 6-2 by Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, whilst, in the same division, Francis Coquelin started on the left wing and completed the entirety of Freiburg’s defeat to Augsburg.

Joel Campbell wasn’t involved as Olympiacos beat Xanthi 4-0, but the Costa Rican attracted criticism last week for diving during a World Cup qualifier against Mexico.

Ignasi Miquel was an un-used substitute as Leicester City beat Wigan Athletic 2-0 in the Championship, whilst, in League One Chuks Aneke played the whole game and was the victim of several late challenges as Crewe Alexandra suffered a disappointing 3-0 defeat to Walsall.

Josh Vickers started as Canvey Island beat Aveley 5-2 in the First Qualifying Round of the FA Cup.

Wellington came on as a 67th minute substitute for Real Murcia against Alaves on Sunday, with the Brazilian proceeding to set up the winner after Kike Garcia latched onto his free-kick to secure a 2-1 victory for Murica.



    1. well as an American I would have thought that there are lot more incidents that would have distgusted you more than a young kid diving in a football match.

      unfortunately, conning the ref has been part of the game for many years now. I remember legends like Rodney Marsh, George Best and Bobby Moore, winking at the cameras when they had “won” a foul and who can forget the famous “goal” of 1966, don’t tell me that everyone can clearly see that was over the line. How about Thierry Henry handballing (twice) the irish out of the world cup?

      as for not wanting campbell at arsenal, I suppose its ok to want drink drivers (Tony Adams) drug users (Paul Merson) forgers (Peter Storey), players who attack a player on the pitch causing GBH (Paul Davis) and players that assault taxi drivers (Ray Parlour, Jack Wilshire) but hell who wants a player that dives to try a win his country a football match and qualify for the world cup……… I say hang him and burn him and if he is still alive throw him to the crocodiles, just don’t let him wear the shirt as graced by the legends above.

      people are so shallow, I bet you are a right angel mate!

      1. There are two ways to judge someone: based on their personal life or their professional. You seem to be equating the two, i do not. I only know footballers based on their professional performance, not their personal, thus i choose to judge them on the basis of their professional performance. Professionally speaking, flopping, diving, and feigning injury is disgraceful and the consensus amongst most fans and managers is that it shouldn’t be allowed no matter what the aim is. Say what you will about the personal travails of the various players that have donned the Arsenal kit, whether or not you approve of them wearing the kit is up to you, Arsenal especially has a reputation on the field of having very professional players who don’t resort to flopping like Campbell just did. That was simply my point, and if you had taken the time to actually consider it rather than exaggerate and think of a clever response, you would have seen it.

      2. I am saying that we are talking diving here, not violence, not racism, not doping, for me its no worse than handballing on the line and denying it or abusing the ref. as I said unfortunately, the game has become so financially important that people want to win that much more to prosper. even cricket has experienced similar events this summer, now who would have thought that?

        but diving is nowhere near the importance of things such as suarez and in earlier years paul davis did on the pitch!!

    2. Agree with atid. Even if you look down upon it fact of the matter is modern footballers are all very much like that. The invincibles had pires who had a reputation for that and even Henry resorted to it occasionally. Yes what campbell did was extreme but you should realise push comes to shove most players would do the same. You also have to take into account players from South America do it pretty frequently due to a combination of their background and it seems to a norm provided you can get away with it. Campbell is young and he should be duly reprimanded by the respective manager but needs time.

      Fair enough if you value on field over off field incidents (I actually look down upon off field more though!) but it’s a pretty unrealistic basis if to isolate someone from the sport or your club.

      1. its a lazy argument to say that consensus makes right. just because its a norm does not excuse it. if human history allowed for the stupid and disgraceful behavior of people to stand only because a lot of them did it then their would be no need for the word progress. and on the matter of isolating someone from the sport because of this behavior, this weekend we’ve seen that people are willing to do just that with the reactions to Ashley Young with commentators even suggesting that divers and cheaters should get more than just a yellow card to try and stamp it out, and as was mentioned in the earlier link FIFA is investigating him hopefully in the view of giving him a suspension. This is a serious problem in football and no matter how cliched it sounds it takes away from the joy and beauty of the game and i won’t tamper down my criticisms just because its being performed by someone affiliated with the club i follow.

      2. see I beg to differ, when Ashley young got booked for it added to my joy and shows that although rules are there to be broken a decent strong official will uphold those rules. if fifa and the fa impose rules before the even occurs I have no problem with that, but retrospective punishment after the event is simply no better than the person faking the injury or diving in the first place.

        how would you feel if they changed the rules now on under age drinking, lets say increased the limit to 25 years of age, then fined you for the beers you had consumed all those years before? sorry for me if you going to make a big thing out of diving do it, but don’t look backwards look forward.

        what if they changed the rules to under age sex overnight, to say 25, hell half the population would be paedos

      3. there’s a difference between punishment that sets a precedence and punishing someone for committing a violation that was previously not punished. In the case of Ashley Young and Joel Campbell these events happened recently not a year ago, so if the FA and FIFA were to delegate some retroactive punishment it would be to set a precedence for future violations, but that doesn’t mean that we should review tapes from last season and punish all instances of diving and flopping based on this precedence.

  1. Common Guys…
    He is a kid, still learning his trade.
    whatever he did was a mistake, but that acceptable.
    And i agree with atid, just dont make fuss out of this

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