Prolific Eisfeld approaching pivotal stage in his development

London 24

London 24

If he was to be judged on his goalscoring exploits alone, then Thomas Eisfeld cannot be seen to be doing much wrong in his quest to make the first-team. Since joining from Borussia Dortmund in January 2012, the midfielder has scored a commendable 12 goals in 22 appearances for the club at U21 level, whilst also finding the net during several of his fleeting cameos for the first-team in pre-season fixtures.

It is surprising to some, then, that the 20 year old still only has one competitive outing for the senior side to his name, which came as a substitute in the chaotic 7-5 win over Reading in the Capital One Cup last season. There are, though, some valid reasons as to why he hasn’t been called upon in other competitions yet, not least the amount of talented and relatively young wingers and central-midfielders already at the club.

In addition, it has to be noted, that, for all his goalscoring exploits, Eisfeld’s overall performances during matches haven’t always been the most consistent since his arrival. He was the star of the show during the U21 season opener against Stoke City, when he scored a brace in a 2-2 draw, but, on many other occasions, particularly towards the end of the previous campaign, he has tended to operate on the periphery of matches.

With the player turning 21 in January, he does not have as much time on his side as some of his contemporaries in his quest to make the breakthrough. A loan spell is likely to be in the offing in the near future, but Eisfeld may stay in North London until at least January in order to feature in the club’s Captial One Cup campaign, which will begin with a trip to face West Bromwich Albion next month.

Eisfeld would also benefit from more time deployed as an attacking midfielder having been stationed on the flanks for much of his Arsenal career to date. He possesses an ability to drive at defenders and his powerful shot can cause a multitude of problems for the opposition.

Whether regular attendees at Emirates Stadium will see much of Eisfeld in coming years, however, remains to be seen. The next two seasons will be pivotal for determining his long-term future at the club, and, like he did against Stoke, the young German must take up every slither of an opportunity that he is provided with if he is to make the grade.





    1. When I look at eisfeld I wonder if he is simply in the wrong position. I actually think he could be a very good striker. Sure he is short but then again so are suarez aguero defoe. He has goals in his game that is for sure, the club are not exactly brimming with strikers why not give it a go?

      1. If he want to get a chance for our first team he needs to be top class and banging in those goals in U21 which he has not done. He score goals but its noting like he will start scoring regularly for the first team in any competitions. And your overall game needs to be top class too. Its not like we can throw in any youngsters just because we are missing strikers. As long as Giroud and Sanogo is availible he will be behind unless he score tons and I mean 3-4 goals in every game for U21.

        He is surrounded by one of the best, if not the best manager for development and I doubt he has been that convincing in training. We are talking better than Giroud, Sanogo and Walcott. In every game Eisfield doesn’t score or play really good he fall back one step in my eyes.

      2. @lolcat Well then good luck developing him to a top class striker. He is 20 years old. Lets see what you can accomplished with this “youth” within 1 year time. He will be our Suarez, aguero or messi for sure within 1 year. You clearly understand youth development.

      3. Well he has scored 12 goals in 22 matches playing in the attacking midfield. I am not saying throw him in the first team. I am saying I wonder if he can play up front. He obviously has a knack when it comes to finding the back of the net, but I feel that eisfeld is another henri lansbury. Will get the goals without the performances but then have a good performance every now and again. A good manager or coach will know how to get those performances more or he will decide that he cannot sustain them enough to warrant a place in the squad.

        From what I have seen eisfeld looks more like a striker or 2nd striker than a creative midfielder or winger.

      4. Nah, Jom wants to put him in the first team. He seems to know everything there is to know about youth development, and the English language for that matter, so I think we should listen t him…

      5. @lolcat He is 20 years old. He is in the age where you need first team games. Are you suggesting us to keep him in the U21 to develop him to the top class striker you are talking about? And then he will be damn awesome in the first team in EPL and CL??? Now just think about it and suck it in stupid. It wont happen anytime soon. He will be on loan very soon for a Championship team or something like that and he wont be a striker for them for sure. Unless he is scoring a lot like in the U21 then I have no hope for him as being the striker.

        Sanogo IS better than Eisfield as a striker. Bendtner used to score a lot too for the U21 he turned out shit for our first team. Lupoli was also a very lethal striker for the reserves and he is today NOTHING.

        Its actually you who have no idea how youth development works. I am not even kidding when I say 2-3 goals every game for U21.

  1. I think he should be in the first team period! Right now he is ready. Since Wenger has decided not to spend… and lets be clear he has no plans to spend for subpar quality or overpriced players which I applaud. However I think Eisfeld can play right behind Giroud and excel… @atid, he does not have the body strength needed to play CF for our formation. It requires holding up the ball, but Eisfeld is more adept at supplying the ball and filling the gaps. It always seems like he is always at the right place at the right time.

    1. Playing CF doesn’t neccessarily mean holding up the ball. Suarez and messi don’t play that way but both liverpool and barcelona play the same formation as us.

      Eisfeld has a good turn of pace and can play off the shoulder that is how he has got most of his goals so far.

      How many other players currently on the books have scored 12 or more in their last 22 matches? I bet its only Akpom.

      1. You have NO clue if you think that Suarez doesn’t hold up the ball… actually he is one of the hardest premier league players to dispossess and if he was at arsenal, he would probably have about 15 assists per season given Liverpool’s abysmal finishing last season. Not only does he have a dogged attitude and refuses to be bullied, he is also a good dribbler which makes him even better than anything we have. Secondly Messi never plays as an out and out CF as is the case in our formation. Different formations different needs.

      2. hahaha ive been a coach and a scout for almost 30 years, in 19 different countries, my teams have won many trophies and many of my lads have become professionals, but I have no clue, would love to see your resume?

    1. Not impressed by Sanogo’s performance so far. i watched him in Fifa U20, i don’t see anything spectacular. last two games in came in as sub., ball control was poor. May be he needs to get his game right else, he will end up like Bendtner..

  2. Speaking of Afobe does anyone know when he will be back? Fingers crossed its before the west brom game. Would be good to see him get a chance to play in the league cup. A couple of goals would remind people of the talent he has.

  3. I see semi ajaiyi is playing tonight and has scored, Charlton coaches were raving about him, he is 6’4 and really quick and was impressive for Nigeria at the u20 world cup. however, Charlton only offered him a 6 month deal, he trialled at Norwich as well.

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