Wellington joins Real Murcia on loan with long-term future still unclear



Another year, another Spanish loan for Wellington Silva. The 20 year old winger spent the vast majority of pre-season with Arsenal’s U21 side, but, owing to his continued inability to earn a work permit, will spend the forthcoming campaign in the Spanish second division, this time with Real Murcia.

This latest loan stint follows spells in recent years in the same country with Levante, Alcoyano and Ponferradina, none of which could justifiably be described as completely successful, with Wellington having made just 38 league appearances in total since January 2011, scoring six goals.

It is clear that the former Fluminense player possesses much natural ability and flair, which is what attracted him to Arsenal in the first place, but his inconsistency, not just during a season, but during the course of a single match, is a major cause for concern. Whilst he is contracted to the club for another three years, the fact that he didn’t travel on the first-team’s tour of Asia, for which he was eligible regardless of his work permit situation, provided a telling indication of his current standing at the club.

It can only be hoped that, unlike last season where he struggled to establish himself in the Ponferradina side, Wellington will hit the ground running with Real Murcia, although, at this stage of his development, it is far from ideal that he is still playing in the Spanish second division.

A successful season with Real Murcia may well provide him with one final attempt at making the breakthrough at Arsenal, if his problems concerning a work permit are ever resolved. The player himself, speaking at a news conference yesterday, said: “I hope to do very well this year and we’ll see what happens in the future”.

As ever with Wellington, just what will happen in the future remains unclear.



  1. He was the only other decent player for the U21s vs Boreham Wood. Crowley and Silva really stood out because the rest were very underwhelming!

  2. I think it was a bad decision by the club not to take him on tour. If he had a global audience there would have been an oppourtunity for the lad. Perhaps wenger uas already made his decision.

  3. Wenger clearly has no faith in Silva. Joel Campbell went on loan to La Liga top division Betis and was successful. Miyachi went on loan to Eridivise top division side PSV and was successful. Cocquelin went on loan to Ligue 1 top division side Lorient and was successful. These players have been floating around the first team set up for a while now and look like they could be integrated into the first team. Silva however, went on loan to Levante in the top Spanish league and the manager said he ‘ate too much pizza, was late to training, and spent too much time on social media websites and playing video games,’ not to mention having a massive attitude problem. If Silva was a true professional he would be sharpening his craft, applying himself and working towards the first team, he cant even secure a starting spot in the Spanish Secunda B league. As much as I would like to see a flamboyant Brazilian in the Arsenal attack, this boy is not the one. Deadwood, will go back to Brazil in a season or two just like another Denilson.

    1. Santos played in Brazil national team and Fenerbache before Arsenal. Gibbs failed on loan. Gibbs is world class vs Santos. Henry failed at Juventus and Vieira failed too. Wellington became the MVP in Nike cup with top talents. Fabregas, rooney and some others has become great after being MVP. Wellington is a good talent but he needs to work and show tactical awareness alongside offensive qualities. His link up play needs to be better too. His 1v1 is good but nothing that really impressed me when you compare to some of the best. The average EPL player could mark him and defend against his tricks.

      I would love to see him show more link up play and vision for a pass with and without the ball. Also work harder wherever he play. Less talk on the pitch like that will help him be a world beater. Just play the ball and let the legs talk.

    2. @Jack Mate cut the guy some slack, he had just turned 17 when he was at the last minute thrown to levante (due to the FA totally screwing us and going back on there decision because we’re not Man U), compounded by the fact he was in a foreign country on the other side of the world from his friends, family and anything familiar. You have to remember your talking about a kid here. He’s still a fantastic talent in my eyes and as others eluded to shone in the friendlies. He just doesn’t seem to be getting a fair crack of the whip like others such as Ryo whom I like but is an inferior talent in comparison.

  4. Agreed, if he’s failing to get a starting spot in the second flight of spanish football with Alcoyano and Ponferradina then it doesnt show much promise for a 20 year old, does it?

  5. its a bit sad that he hasn’t been allowed to develop like everyone else. how good would he be if could stay and play here for the last few years!?

  6. Jeorge,

    Keep up the great work mate, stuck here in Miami I get very little information on the developmental side of the Arsenal. I absolutely appreciate your dedication to enlightening the masses, at least those of us in the masses interested in the youth.

    The results to date have been some what shambolic, and just how much of it is due to Gattling remains to be seen. A lot of youthful talent abounds at Arsenal so I am a little worried about why they are failing to gel seemingly as a unit.

  7. Jeorge, has Yennaris left on loan yet, because the way our defenders are dropping injured, we might need him on Saturday?

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