Arsenal trialists Perez and El Jadeyaoui seeking to impress

Arsenal take players on trial from various clubs around the world at frequent intervals, but rarely has there been such interest in a player hoping to impress as there has been with midfielder Sebastian Perez.

The Colombian U20 international, who represented his country at the recent World Cup for that age group, arrived in London on Saturday to commence a short trial period during which he will train with the first-team squad in the hope of earning a permanent move to the club.

The 20 year old, who lists illustrious names such as Xavi, Xabi Alonso and Andrea Pirlo as his inspirations, is adept both going forward and defensively, but has usually operated in a deep-lying midfield role for his club Atletico Nacional, for whom he made his senior debut in 2011.

Photo: FIFA

Photo: FIFA

He has already won several trophies with Atletico Nacional in the ensuing period and is widely regarded as one of Colombia’s brightest young talents. Should he impress sufficiently to earn a transfer to Arsenal, it is likely that the youngster would go straight into the first-team squad as cover for the likes of Mikel Arteta and Aaron Ramsey.

According to reports in France, Perez will be joined at London Colney for the next two days of training by 26 year old Moroccan midfielder Alharbi El Jadeyaoui, who plays for French second division side Angers.

Meanwhile, another trialist, centre-back Ramy Bensabiani, is likely to be given an extended chance to prove his worth despite his abysmal showing during the U21s’ 7-0 friendly defeat to Luton Town on Saturday. The Algerian defender was a guest of the club for the Emirates Cup the following day and could have his trial period extended by a further week.



  1. if we sign perez,would we have to apply for work permit? He looks decent from what I ve heard and seen on youtube but at the end Arsenal decides.

    1. I read somewhere that he holds an European passport (portuguese or spanish?), so no problem with the work permit. Looks like a real good prospect, however we need older players who can lift the quality on day 1, our squad is so thin now :S

  2. what are we doing looking at 26 year old triallists from secomd division clubs???

    this is ridiculous. we’re supposed to be arsenal!

    how the mighty have fallen

    so disappointing.

    1. Koscielny was around the same age and from the French second division too. Not complaining about him though, are you?

    2. Yes that seems pretty ridiculous, but to be fair he does look classes above the level he has been playing and far better than Gervinho. Some players are late developers, he might be one, just like Ian Wright and actually that is better than f.ex. Michael Owen, who was burned out at the age of 20 or something. If he is impressing and get the chance he could become this season’s steal like Michu was last? Naturally I am dreaming of J.Cesar, a top CB?, M.Richards, L.Gustavo, R.Lewandowski etc

  3. Squad according to Premier League

    First team squad HG Home grownLI Loan in

    Squad member Position Born Intn’l Played Goals YC Y RC R Status
    1. Wojciech Szczesny Goalkeeper Poland Poland 78 (0) 0 4 0 HG
    2. Vassiriki Diaby Midfielder France France 123 (31) 14 14 2
    3. Bacary Sagna Defender France France 178 (6) 3 16 1
    4. Per Mertesacker Defender Germany Germany 55 (1) 3 5 1
    5. Thomas Vermaelen Defender Belgium Belgium 96 (5) 13 13 1
    6. Laurent Koscielny Defender France France 88 (5) 6 16 3
    7. Tomas Rosicky Midfielder Czech Republic Czech Republic 128 (43) 15 14 0
    8. Mikel Arteta Midfielder Spain 63 (0) 12 10 0
    9. Lukas Podolski Forward Germany Germany 33 (8) 11 1 0
    12. Olivier Giroud Forward France France 34 (10) 11 3 1
    14. Theo Walcott Midfielder England England 181 (62) 40 4 0 HG
    16. Aaron Ramsey Midfielder Wales Wales 104 (43) 7 10 0 HG
    17. Nacho Monreal Defender Spain Spain 10 (1) 1 2 0
    19. Santi Cazorla Midfielder Spain Spain 38 (1) 12 1 0
    21. Lukasz Fabianski Goalkeeper Poland Poland 31 (1) 0 1 0
    23. Gedion Zelalem Forward 0 (0) 0 0 0
    27. Yao Gervinho Forward Cote D’Ivoire Cote D’Ivoire 46 (15) 9 1 1
    28. Kieran Gibbs Defender England England 61 (10) 1 6 0 HG
    29. Marouane Chamakh Forward France Morocco 40 (21) 8 5 0
    35. Kris Olsson Midfielder 0 (0) 0 0 0
    – Yaya Sanogo Forward 0 (0) 0 0 0

    Under 21 players HG Home grownLI Loan in
    Squad member Position Born Intn’l Played Goals YC Y RC R Status
    10. Jack Wilshere Midfielder England England 62 (11) 1 11 2
    15. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Midfielder England England 41 (24) 3 1 0
    20. Ignasi Miquel Defender Spain 5 (4) 0 0 0
    25. Carl Jenkinson Defender England 23 (4) 0 2 2
    26. Emmanuel Frimpong Midfielder England 6 (3) 0 1 1
    30. Serge Gnabry Midfielder Germany 1 (1) 0 0 0
    31. Ryo Miyaichi Forward Japan Japan 0 (0) 0 0 0
    32. Chuba Akpom Forward England 0 (0) 0 0 0
    33. Damian Martinez Goalkeeper Argentina 0 (0) 0 0 0
    34. Thomas Eisfeld Midfielder Germany 0 (0) 0 0 0
    38. Benik Afobe Forward England 0 (0) 0 0 0
    39. Zak Ansah Forward England 0 (0) 0 0 0
    40. Hector Bellerin Defender Spain 0 (0) 0 0 0
    64. Nico Yennaris Midfielder England 1 (1) 0 0 0

  4. The trial given to a 26-year-old is who spent his career in Ligue 2 is a joke.
    We’d better give a chance to Gnabry or other kids in our Under-21 than bring in a perfect unknown for a foreign second tier (and consequently spend money – even if a few – for him). Also is an attacking midfielder. Where AW wanna use him? Instead of Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky? It’s not a position where we lack men

    1. I just don’t understand what is going on. Players that we have spent years on developing now being pushed while we give trials to a 26 year old and are looking at a 27 year old freebie. Then there is this perez and the algerian centre back who played on Saturday. We are also looking at more youngsters a kid from UAE and a winger at real betis.

      Surely there has to be some plans for some first team players?

      1. Trials are always planning as scouting has to be proved at London Colney, not just in some domestic leagues in South America. It’s fair to give trial to a 18-year-old, (even from Nepal if he’s worth), but testing a 26-year-old doesn’t make sense to me. I really trust Arsenal’s scouts as they recently started bringing in such magnificent talents (Zelalem, Gnabry, etc.) but the Academy is living a transiction from Brady’s era to a new one. However It seems the patch is the right one, after few years when we had more players on loan in lower tiers than those in the squad.

  5. Sebastian Perez is a very promising player. He’s been compared by Latin press with Xavi Alonso, Gago. Right-footed, he’s a thinking playmaker who plays deep in front of back-four with a lot of creativity, very good on passing. He could be compared also with our Arteta The only snags might be a bit of complacency and self-satisfaction and he also ought to speed his game.

  6. 1. Fellaini! PROVEN
    2. James Mccarthy PROVEN
    3. Spend some fucking money on a proven player!
    The 26 year old will most likely only be here to trial and nothing more. I would not put much into that. If we get him we will probably loan him out to a club because we have some stupid agreement with some clubs to get players on loan from us.

    1. Really glad you mentioned James McCarthy. Always liked him. Him or kondogbia would be my choice. On the article it is definitely mind boggling offering a trial to a 26yr old..for the first team….in midfield..where we are actually stocked (not a dm I’m assuming as that’s prerez’s position)! What’s with the recent flurry of trialists though? Strikes me as very odd and they’re not from our usual recruiting grounds. No comment on Perez not easy to gauge but think we need a young dm as back up for first team.

    2. So we buy Fellani and he sits on the bench as no one has better stats than Arteta. Or are you going to replace Santi or Jack with him. Come to Arsenal and be a squad player just in case someone gets injured or tired. That’ll work for someone who wants to play week in week out. Come on Jom, you are better than this.

      1. This is my plan. Wilshere arteta and fellaini in the middle. Or cazorla, wilshere and fellaini. Fellaini will replace Ramsey first. Then he could probably replace Aretata too because he is getting old. Arteta is 31yo while Fellaini is 26. We must get a new DM no matter how good Aretata is today. If Arteta is that good then it only means one thing to get a new player and that is he has to be world class. Fellaini.

      2. But right now Arteta is better anchor player for us and less likely to get sent off.
        Carzola plays better in the middle as does Jack.
        So… Arteta, Santi, Jack – where’s Wally?

      3. I would have thought fellaini and arteta in the holding midfield. With walcott jack and santi playing the 3 behind the striker chamberlain rosicky podolski as the back up 3 and ramsey diaby/vermaelen/frimpong as the back up holding mid when fit.

        Suarez fellaini sakho will do for starters

      4. In a top club it has to mean some top players wont be able to play every game. Arteta is 31 years old. If Fellaini can do an even better job then I think He should start and it would be Wilshere, cazorla and fellaini.

        Again Arteta is 31 years old. In the long run Fellaini will be the perfect man. Against tough pressure it would be good to have Arteta and Fellaini in the middle and cazorla or Wilshere has to go out. Against lesser teams Cazorla and wilshere will be the preferred choice.

        Cazorla is very versatile and can be played out wide too. With Fellaini we have a lot more options in the league and that is never a bad thing. Bayern Munchen and Barcelona got plenty of options all the time. Fellaini can even play as a CM for us. But the main thing with Fellaini would be to have a much more stable midfield.

        Wilshere will not be replaced by Fellaini.

        …………………….. x-x-x-x

        cazorla and wilshere don’t have to start every game together in the end of the season when its about to maintain the class on the pitch. Its always good to have fresh legs coming on without losing quality. Every player want to play for 90min in every game but sometimes they get tired or lose focus or is just out classed. Thats why its good to know we can rest wilshere after he got a few knocks and bring on Cazorla or vice verse. Or rest both and let Fellaini play with arteta in the middle. Maybe Arteta will be injured and we got Ramsey who is a good back up.

        We play more than 50 games a season. Something will happen with a few players which will make them unavailable. Its not a coincidence why teams with TWO starting eleven win trophies or is way ahead of everybody else. We got like one and a half starting eleven but during the season our best eleven will be missing for 20 games and we take the 4th place barely.

      5. It’s not that I don’t rate Fellaini but him and Arteta in midfield will be very static. I would say either Fellaini or Arteta. Fellaini may be under rated technically but I’ve always felt he lacks tactical dicipline. In time he may be a good successor at dm but for now I would prefer Arteta. Not much of a fan for the price tbh there are better alternatives available and santi and jack are much better at am (where he played for Everton past season)

    1. we should find out on thursday. i think gnabry will and maybe martinez as well. can’t rule out zelalem, either. Akpom has done very well but may have to wait for his chance.

      1. I hope Akpom goes on loan to good passing side. First team chances are going to be understandably very few and far between in his position. If he goes , makes an impact and gets regular games who knows what can happen in a season, just look at Sterling:)

  7. Here’s a video of him. Seems to be playing on the wing though. Looks decent to be fair but strange to offer him a trial and not sanogo. Only reason I can come up with is he’s just been scouted recently.

  8. The very low quality of comments is amazing. It seems to be more casual pretenders around than REAL football fans who actually watch and study football. Jeorge Bird does a wonderful job and it is always a pleasure to hear about trialists and possible new youth signings. Unfortunately too many people hastily jump into conclusions and start spreading lies and brain farts around. The fact is that only very few people know about the objectives of these trialists and the senseless speculation about ages etc. should be stopped. The club will inform when there is something worth informing about!

    1. Well said! I’m sure we all would want a chance to show what we can do at whatever age the breakthrough came. Credit to these guys, they have already proved themselves once just getting to trial. I reserve my ire for those who are ‘too good’ to do trials anymore 😀

  9. JB – I noticed you have updated your squad numbers, is this guess work or factual?

    also do you have any update on boateng? yennaris? miquel?

  10. i have a feeling this Daniel boateng story is a mix up. a number of crystal palace players were released including some ghanaians, Aaron Arkuruka, & Kadell Daniel but Hiram Boateng has been retained

    I Could be wrong

  11. Jeorge sorry slightly off topic any news on Frimpong? Is he due back in full training soon? If he is returning soon it may explain why we aren’t going in for a DM. I know he’s not an out and out DM but could he be in Arsene’s thoughts?

  12. Why are we wasting out transfer dealing trialling a 26 year old french 2nd division player when we should be worrying about tying up a deal for 26 year old world class luis suarez. This small club mentality is really getting on my nerves.

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