Pivotal Summer approaching for Wellington

Wellington Silva will have been an Arsenal player for three years in January, but, with a new season rapidly approaching, the sprightly winger’s long-term future at the club is still no closer to being resolved.

Perennially loaned out since officially completing his move from Fluminense in 2011, the erstwhile Brazil U17 international is now 20 years old- an age at which his future career path should ordinarily have been decided but work permit issues and perceived attitude problems have dictated that the youngster has yet to play competitively for the club.

As he was last season, Wellington is likely to be amongst the players that will report to London Colney for the first day of pre-season training a week on Thursday, where he will hope to learn news of his fate for the upcoming campaign. There is the possibility that he could feature in some of the U21’s pre-season fixtures, but he is at the age now where senior football is really a priority for his development.

Wellington’s trio of loan spells in the second tier of Spanish football have yielded mixed results, from a disappointing spell at Levante in which he hardly featured, to a more fruitful stint with Alcoyano, before last season’s stay with Ponferradina, where, despite demonstrating glimpses of his undoubted potential, he was unable to command a regular place in the side, which does not bode well for his future prospects.

There is certainly room in Arsenal’s first-team squad for a fast and direct winger, but, with Ryo and Joel Campbell both far closer to the senior set-up, Wellington will certainly have his work cut out to convince Arsene Wenger and his coaching staff to apply for a work permit for the Brazilian.

Whatever transpires, it is hoped that the winger, who is under contract until 2015, will be much clearer about his career path by the end of the summer. Another loan spell in Spain is unlikely to aid his development too much, and, as he approaches the age of 21, and with it senior status in the club’s Premier League squad, a concrete decision will need to be made sooner rather than later regarding whether it is worth prevailing with a player who demonstrated so much potential ahead of his move to the club.


  1. Seems like his time is up already to be honest. Haven’t heard much of him since his time at Levante – and even then the news was about too much pizza rather than anything on the pitch.

    Really impressed with your blog by the way, gives genuine and unique insight into Arsenal that you rarely find elsewhere. Keep up the good work.

  2. I am hoping that Campbell gets his work permit,(then hopefully gets a loan with palace or stays with the 1st team) with wellington taking his place at real betis. perhaps galindo can go to betis too and one or two others, that are in the same boat, like afobe, aneke, frimpong, boateng, miquel, etc.

    1. Betis finished 7th in La Liga. I know we have a working relationship with them but no way would they want most of those players on loan and would be a waste of time for us to loan those players to them since the ship has sailed for most of them. Especially the main 2 you say Wellington and Galindo. Be better to loan them some like Bellerin, still has a chance of making it here and the loan would benefit him well and could provide useful to Betis. Can’t say the same about loaning them god damn Galindo!

  3. I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that he is still only 20, there’s a little bit of hope for him yet perhaps. I’d love to see him given a season under Wenger’s guidance even if it means a peripheral role, just to see if the talent can be realised in different surroundings and where perhaps he might feel a little more wanted. Besides, what 18 year old doesn’t like Pizza? Too much expectation on teenagers to behave like model professionals too early.

  4. Wellington’s dream is to play for Arsenal, he says on Twitter he thinks of it everyday. The boy has amazing talent and given the chance will prove doubters wrong. In interviews with Ponferradina manager, he speaks of Welli’s drive and determination to excell at the next level. All these rumours of attitude are now false, he learned from his time at Levante and has grown as a person. Wenger has a special plan for him and Ryo and I can’t wait for it to come into fruition

    1. That’s great to hear. I’m all for retaining him especially considering our recent cull and I feel all of our South American imports have a harder time adapting than most and yet can’t be under the direct care of the clubs purchasing them. You can always shuffle them about Spanish clubs but such clubs won’t prioritise their development due to the fact that they don’t own them. At any rate here’s a recent goal wellington scored in one of their final matches. Got lucky though as it went through the legs of the goalie. Seems fitter though. Seem to recall he became a bit hefty in between.


    2. Here’s a link to the match report. Translated so a bit vague but the quote “wellington silva who revolutionised the game” sounds interesting. Having Said he’s always performed as a sub. Begs the question as to why he doesn’t start.


  5. joel Campbell and Samuel Galindo are considered seniors for PL registration for 2014/15 (Boateng, Frimpong, Jenkinson, Martinez, Miquel, Miyaichi & Super Jacky Wilshere).

    Wellington Silva is in the group for considered in 2015/16. (Afobe, Aneke, Eisfeld, Ox & Yennaris too)

      1. Sanogo’s goal against USA’s u20 was a lucky penalty, the GK lacked strong fists to keep it out. He even missed a one-on-one with the goalie, but I won’t judge him with just one match, everyone’s got an off day

      2. Why not a strong penalty too hot to handle?? I for one didn’t think he had that bad a game, his movement was very good and all he needed was to finish his chances (4 goals in one match he must be capable) and we would all be singing his praises. Don’t start looking for the pitch forks after one match it’sanogo……..I couldn’t resist!

  6. I have just checked and both wellington and galindo can now apply for Spanish citizenship and have probably done so. this is because Bolivia and brazil are both countries that qualify under the latin America rule of only 2 years residency in spain. this rule used to be longer but was reduced last year.

  7. just seen this on the club Jorge wilstermann website

    “In the case of Samuel Galindo wheel will no longer be in Cochabamba because the English club Arsenal, owner of the rights of action, asked to return to define its future in recent weeks.”

  8. Sanogo’s goal against USA’s u20 was a lucky penalty, the GK lacked strong fists to keep it out. He even missed a one-on-one with the goalie, but I won’t judge him with just one match, everyone’s got an off day

  9. If Joel Campbell gets loaned to Palace, I’m not sure it would be ideal to send Silva to Betis. He hardly nailed a starting shirt in Ponferradina and I don’t see him getting that opportunity at Betis. He would be a liability there.

  10. If Wellington has another 2 years still left on his contract then we might as well hold on to him for the time being. He’s not going to fetch much if we were to sell him and it doesn’t cost us much, if anything, to keep him. (In fact, we might actually be making money on loan fees)

    He is very talented and if he makes good progress we could have a useful player on our hands, or at least a talent who we can cash in on for a decent wedge.

  11. We need to stop wasting time on the South American development program – it isnt yielding results. And it isnt cheap either. Arsenal needs to pay up for players who actually qualify for work permits and ready to go into the first team – or forget it.

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