Pleguezuelo in London to finalise Arsenal move

Promising young defender Julio Pleguezuelo Selva has spent the weekend in London ahead of the completion of his move to Arsenal for the forthcoming campaign in a deal that will see him become the third new signing already this summer for Carl Laraman’s U18 side.

The deal involving Pleguezuelo, who has been called up by Spain at U16 level and has worked his way through the ranks at Barcelona’s La Masia Academy, has been mooted for several months, and it now appears that the player, who turned 16 in January, will put pen to paper on a scholarship deal which will automatically turn into a professional contract when he turns 17.

The youngster, who can operate at right-back or centre-back, will provide Laraman with a much-needed defensive option ahead of the new campaign, but, following in the footsteps of fellow Barcelona graduates Hector Bellerin and Jon Toral, will be hopeful of progressing into the U21 set-up before his first season in North London reaches its denouement.

Pleguezuelo joins midfielder Dan Crowley, who was plucked from Aston Villa, and striker Jamaal Raage, who signed from IF Brommapojkarna at London Colney, and will report for training early next month.



  1. Really excited to see how this u18 side performs this season and whether or not players get chances in the u21 ie zelalem

  2. So what can we deduce from that video of Sanogo? He works hard, gets involved, France play like Wimbledon, his chest control is pretty poor, his passing isn’t great, his finishing with one exception a bit weak, hoof? One video. When he finally finally signs we’ll see.

    1. Go troll somewhere else… he was signed for free and is pretty young with room to grow. I watched the game vs USA and he was pretty good, strong, hard working, decent speed and aerial ability oh and least I forget he constantly drifted in from the wings to get the ball in the center, which in arsenals system allows the wingers to fill the vacated spots and cause problems. Chest control??? really? come off it mate. Keep in mind that france u-20 really do not have a single playmaker as kondogbia and pogba are more DM’s than anything. I like the lad.

      1. Apologies sir. I am more that willing to give him a chance and as a free transfer I believe he could be a good addition to the side in a few years. I even say what you said ie he works hard and gets involved. My comment was more that when someone puts together a video like that what are we supposed to do? Go,”ooooh, he looks great!”? It is not a way to judge the player – that will come through his performances at the club. Based on the video there are some good points to his game but also a lot to be developed.

        My point about the chest control is that on so many occasions the ball is booted up to Sanogo. In his position you would want him to bring it under control, hold it up, and bring others into the game much as Alan Smith used to. In most cases the ball bounces off him back to the opposition. It was also more a comment on the way that France play.

        And “go troll somewhere else” I don’t feel is fair. As an Arsenal supporter of many years from a family of Arsenal supporters. As a season ticket holder and a regular attendee of youth games. As someone who has travelled all around Europe watching the Arsenal I feel I am not a “troll” here but someone who has something to contribute to the debate. I apologise if my comments upset you but also please note that I find your suggestion that I troll a little offensive.

      2. My apologies Mr. Dunmore…. I have read so many articles with people being really down on the lad as they are with lads such as Campbell, Miyaichi and Silva so I guess I had my guard up. You are not a troll by any stretch of the imagination and I agree with you that he has a lot of room to grow.
        Keep on you Gunner!

  3. What can we expect from any player, for them to work hard and hope they reach their potential. The acquisitions of Crowley and Raage have been a welcome sight following the culling at the youth level. I expect Pleguezuelo will be a hit with the fans and coaches alike, time will time.

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