Lack of options forces Arsenal to reverse Fagan decision

Centre-back Zach Fagan is poised to be offered a second chance at Arsenal after the club reversed their initial decision to release him.

The 18-year-old, who came through the club’s Hale End system, has impressed in patches since signing his scholarship two years ago, but has also made several costly and avoidable errors during that time and was expected to be released when his deal expired at the end of this month.

However, after fellow centre-back Elton Monteiro turned down Arsenal’s offer of a new deal in favour of a move to Club Brugge, Fagan has now been offered an extension of his scholarship, which would see the youngster become a third-year scholar next season- the first Arsenal player to do so for over a decade.

Fagan is now too old for the U18s after the overage rule for outfield players was eradicated last year, but Arsenal already have Tom Dallison, Arinse Uade, Stefan O’Connor, Elliot Wright and potentially Julio Pleguezuelo Selva to operate at the heart of defence at that level.

Fagan, if he chooses to accept Arsenal’s offer, will provide the club with a much-needed option at U21 level, with only Daniel Boateng, Ignasi Miquel and Isaac Hayden left to choose from at centre-back in the second-string. Boateng is entering his final season at the club and could spend much of the campaign out on loan, Miquel is in desperate need of a loan spell himself and Hayden will be hopeful of playing more regularly as a defensive-midfielder, meaning that Fagan, who made his debut at that level against Blackburn Rovers last season, could receive plenty of game-time.


  1. A cheap option I guess? But just shows people how little talent there is actually out there especially defenders. My son is playing under 12s now but nearly every kid thinks he is a centre forward or an attacker at least. In fact it is easy to get a keeper than it is to find a defender!!

    Anyone know if hajrovic got a deal elsewhere yet? I thought he came on a bundle last season. He was certainly the best option out of fagan monteiro boateng and even angha.

      1. Of course u do. You are never too young to read the game and understand that passing tackling and heading are just as important as shooting. Sure you want kids to enjoy themselves and scoring and celebrating goals is a massive part of that. But as a coach myself it s more satisfying nowadays when you spot a natural defender a leader of the team rather than a kid who just wants to take all the glory. My son has a kid in his team who thinks he is messi. He bullies the rest bcos he is a bigger refuses to pass and refuses to take corners or in direct free kicks as he is unlikely to score. That’s not the likeness to messi by the way its the £150 boots and new kit every week that makes him think he is messi. You have to blame the parents for that.

      2. My friend played CB and he was the best in our team. We had a very talented team who won both school championship and got players who won big tournaments. He played from very young age CB and he was the only one who made it to the highest division. The second one who made it furthest was playing LB and was also played there at young age.

        Its not about position only, its about how much you want it. The rest of us quitted football.

  2. As Gordon Strachan once said, he found it depressing if he found out a youngster had been playing say, left back since he was a little boy.

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