Arsenal secure deal for Swedish striker Raage according to reports

Arsenal have completed the signing of Swedish striker Jamaal Raage from IF Brommapojkarna, according to the player’s agency.

Raage, who turned 16 in January and has scored two goals in four appearances for the Sweden U15 side, was one of several players who trialled with the club midway through last season and, after making a strong initial impression, was invited back to London Colney for further assessment.

He has now secured his move to North London and will form part of the club’s scholarship intake for the forthcoming campaign, acting as a direct replacement for Jordan Brown, whose move to West Ham United was officially confirmed today.

Raage is already familiar to many of Arsenal’s youngsters following his trial and is close friends with his compatriot Kristoffer Olsson, who made the move from Sweden to England two years ago and is now one of the club’s key players at U21 level.

Raage is Arsenal’s second signing at youth level following the high-profile acquisition of Dan Crowley from Aston Villa earlier this month, and is likely to be joined at the club next season by Barcelona defender Julio Pleguezuelo Selva, who is close to finalising his move.

With Chuba Akpom already firmly installed as part of the U21 set-up, Raage will provide competition for Austin Lipman in the U18s next season, whilst schoolboy strikers Kaylen Hinds, Olufela Olomola and Stephy Mavididi may also receive run-outs on occasion.

*News via @GoonRambler

Raage can be seen scoring a goal from around 1:02 in the video below:



  1. Is this the way Arsene and Board planning to spend the $70 million on youth or laurels winning players?

    1. True hurts as they say… so how many youths got released this year… 10 or was it 15 you in denial beer belly gooners.

    2. That’s how it works , I’d be angered if no players got released .

      It’s a pyramid scheme , we only take the best ones ,the cesc fabregas,Song , gnabry ,wilsheres,gibbs even Bendtner had potential

  2. Good work arsenal! Clearing out excessive deadwood with smaller amounts of quality. The clear out is on!!!

    1. Shut up hater. Wilshere, Chezzer, Gibbs- 3 established former youth players. Had we not bought/recruited them in their early years then someone else would’ve and we’d be the mugs.
      Every team buys youth.

      1. Nothing wrong with buying youth son.
        Its the letting them go to soon that pisses me off…

  3. Every other club do the same they try and pick up the brightest talents in teh hope they can make it into the first team the reality is most clubs only get 1/2 players every 3 years if they are lucky such is the competition in the side.

    In our squad Sczcnesy, Gibbs, Wilshere, Miquel and Gnarby all came from the youth squads very fewer at Utd and Chelsea I’ll bet.

    We need more strikers at tis level so best of luck to him.

    1. United have Cleverley, Welbeck, Giggs, Evans, Amos (3rd GK) so they’re not too bad. Chelsea only have Terry, Bertrand and Ake. I do agree with your point though. A player to add to the first team squad every season would be an excellent product of the academy and I imagine that’s what they aim for here at Arsenal. Also, Arsene would be in dreamland “It’s like a new signing!”

  4. We are in need of a few strikers at that level. He’s probably too young to be anywhere near the reserves but hey, look at Chuba! If anyone has any extra info on this guy it would be great (Any Swedish gooners??)

  5. Errr…we realeased 15 youth players…and counting! If people think no replacements will come that’s a bit unrealistic. Brown was also highly rated at the academy it follows we would want a player of similar calibre. I get the whole ‘spend on superstar’ mantra but doesn’t mean our youth team should cease to exist. At any rate irrespective of how much cash we have people are deluded if they think we can outbid a Chelsea or man city.

    1. Thats my point dick. Great… then they get released to soon… and most of them end up being good players like Bartley (Swansea)

      1. Bartley good? Please. He can’t hold a place down at Swansea yet, so he’s hardly the grade of Mert, Kos or Verm. Hope he does break into the starting 11.

      2. That will be the great Bartley being released by Swansea and in talks with Birmingham. Yea just the sort we should have kept on. Dick

  6. As someone greater than me recently pointed out we could sign 1 Andy Carroll for £35M, or 100 youth players and have the chance of the next Rodders, Anelka, Maldini, Ronaldo, Messi etc. It’s all about risk and reward, and anyway these signings have NO effect on the first team budget as it’s a totally separate budget.

  7. what do you think Arsenal can play whit no under 17 or 18 players . or would you rather them go to Tottenham .Chelsea man united or city. if we got to have them I would sooner have them at Arsenal.

  8. also, @ the first 3 posters, just exactly what are you doing on Jeorge Bird’s Arsenal Youth page if you’re not a fan of us investing in youth? has your playstation broken down?

  9. Arsene wenger is a joke. what are these signings gonna help us with. sanogo, crowley, ptrezegui….who gives a crap. e.t.c.

    citeh have bought fernandinho and navas yet they finished no.2 while having a far better season than us. that’s ambition, they want to srt the record straight and regain top spot. Arsenal on the other hand?, still early but I have been fooled too many times….

    1. After releasing nearly all of your youth players(which you applauded) do u expect giroud,wishere,vermalen to replace them?

    2. they bought expensive second class player ,jesus navas is decent but not worth the price they paid for and the brazilan cant even get a place in the most average brazilian team i see for a long time

  10. Really frrrree, were you fooled between 1998 & 2005, or between 2006 and now when we spent the best part of 1/2 Billion on the Emirates to secure our future? Some times you have to pretend all is well for the sponsors and the players you are trying to sign, whilst deep down accepting that it’s jam tomorrow.

    Also, we may well have already signed pre-contracts with players but those clubs will be wanting to keep it quiet as they look to buy from elsewhere without the prices going up due to the large pile of cash that will be lining their pockets. Carroll only went for £35M as Ashley knew Liverpool had £50M from Torres burning a huge hole in their pockets.

    1. well you can be sure we haven’t tied up any pre contract deal except for maybe sanogo. typical!.

      we have £70 million yet wenger still can’t bid the right amount for higuain/fellaini/jovetic. he’s still in wonder-econic where everything has a second lower price that he can work with. not with this market tho! pay up or walk away. simple. sick of all our targets getting stolen simply coz we could/t add afew extra quid. Mata/hazard/ e.t.c

      1. @ frrrree, how exactly do you know that we haven’t got any pre-contracts signed? How do you know we haven’t bid the right amount for the players you mentioned? How do you know we even want them?

        The press are just busy knocking one out at the number of hit’s they are generating with the crap they are feeding us as usual this time of year.

  11. I can’t agree that we lack strikers for u18. mavididi, Kaylen Hinds and Olufela Olomola looks alright. but its always good to bring in a good talent. Not every single one make the first team but they might make it somewhere else and thats a good thing. we try to set the bar as high as we can and develop the youth players and our academy. imagine if we one day stop recruiting.. thats a sad day. we need top talents to come to develop the players we already have.

  12. yea,keep taking d risk to acquire young talent and train them to be champions for other clubs.Anelka(premier league,chelsea) Nasri(premier league,man city),Rvp(1 premierleague,man u),clichy(1 premier &FA cup,man city),Fabregas(1 la liga,…)Ashley cole(2 premier leagues,1 F.A cup,1 champions league,1 uefa cup …),wilshere(1 premier league,1 champions league,1 FA cup,England captain,Man u?)

  13. Ambitious clubs are busy buying real quality in the transfer market, arsenal are busy buying little kids when they already have excess in their reserves…

  14. if home grown talent was afforded the same opportunities as imports we may actually get to see more talent pushing for first team places, Unfortunately they are treated as second class citizens. Curse of the Academy – Coming through the academy is a hinderance,
    Your better off being a big fish in a small pond and let the club come and buy you – Gibbs from Wimbledon, Wilshere from Luton, Walcott and Ox from Southampton , Jenkinson from Charlton. Tells you something about our academy if we have to poach from elsewhere.
    Maybe the problem is with the coaching?

  15. Kyle Bartley ….. Miles better than Djourou and Squillaci but was never given the opportunity.
    Carl Jenkinson – are we seriously sayiing we did not have anything better from within, Please. Foreign imports – Ozyukup, Angha, Monteiro, Hardjovic, Embecilio all moved back overseas with big fat contracts. they came in , block home grown opportunities and leave.

    1. Bartley better than Djourou? Don’t make me laugh. I am sure bartley has just been released by swansea? Whereas djourou has played umpteen internationals and arsenal are set to.sell him for £5m

  16. You cant eat your cake and still have it.
    By championing the building of the emirate stadium we forfeited the power to compete with the superclubs for the short term
    in the last 3 years dortmund have won 2 league titles,league cup and reached the final of the ucl but they still manage to sell thier stars every season

  17. What’s the point of buying a 16 year old now?Wingers policy of signing young players only to loan them ou, makes no sense in terms of developing the teams chances to win trophies. This policy is a clear money making strategy, by buying un known cheap players and selling them for PROFIT

    1. You realise that Wenger doesn’t get to take the money home with him, nor does anyone at the club actually. Knowing more about business would help you but still, it doesn’t directly help the first team every time but if we sell them for profit, that extra money can be put into the first team.

  18. Ok first of all when will people realise that transfers for the youth team and transfers for the first team are two separate dealings. But i have to agree with some when they show they’re grievances with the amount of players we seem to be releasing nowadays and what is more worrying is that its not just homegrown players either. We are the only club who can have a young player appear in the champions league in one season and be released shortly after i.e Tom Cruise and to a certain extent Jernade Meade, even though he chose to leave himself. We are looking like a football graveyard for young footballers. Anthony Jeffrey you silly silly boy

  19. if only 1 out of 20 youth signings make it for the first team, which seems to be the case we have saved money from. Fabregas came young and so did coq and denilson. Even though Denilson never won us a title he won us the fifth place which potentially could generate 30 millions alone! And we actually made it every year to CL with Denilson in the team! That alone was totally worth all the youth failures we are seeing every year.

    He also played a lot of games in the FA cup and CC which generates a lot of money too. Overall income for every made player make this worth it. I am not even talking about the shirt he sold. Now Fabregas alone probably helped us made over 1000 billion, shirt sold, advancing to cl,facup, league 4th and league tickets…. yeah every game he played counts. Of course the other players did helped too but these are the thing you have to think about.

  20. By all accounts, Raage is a fine player, so I’m pleased with his signing. But I do have some sympathy with players like Jordan Brown as he probably knew that his route through Schoolboy – Academy – Scholarship levels to first team football would be more than difficult at Arsenal, for all the many reasons discussed on this link. For Brown, it’s probably the case of the path of less resistance regarding opportunities for him – plus I guess he was made to feel ‘wanted’ by WHU more than he was at Arsenal. It’s a shame he won’t be a Gooner, but good luck to him all the same.

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