Burton in line to replace Brady as head of Arsenal’s youth development

Terry Burton is set to replace Liam Brady as the head of Arsenal’s youth development after the Irishman’s decision to leave the post by the end of next season was revealed last week.

Burton, who joined the club as U21 coach at the start of the season, is in line to be appointed to the position, the tasks for which involve making decisions about the club’s intake of scholars each season, with Steve Gatting, in turn, poised to become the club’s coach at U21 level. Carl Laraman, who has coached at Hale End for several years, will step up to coach the U18s.

Burton has impressed since being appointed the club’s U21 coach last summer, guiding Arsenal’s second-string into the Elite Round in the inaugural U21 Premier League season, whilst also helping to steer the NextGen side through a difficult group to set up a glamour tie with holders Inter Milan in the quarter-finals of that competition next month.

It is not currently clear whether the changes will take place with immediate effect, or if they will occur in the summer, but the shake-up comes just months after Gatting replaced Pat Holland as U18 coach. Holland himself had only been in the post for a matter of months following the decision to promote Neil Banfield and Steve Bould to the first-team coaching staff.

Following Brady’s decision to leave the position which he has held since 1996, it was speculated that the club may seek to approach a former player, such as Dennis Bergkamp or Tony Adams, to replace him. However, it appears the club have opted for an internal appointment in Burton, who himself came through the club’s youth system before going on to coach Wimbledon, and assuming various technical roles at Watford, Cardiff City, West Bromwich Albion and, most recently, Sheffield Wednesday.




  1. I think Burton is quality and has the eye for a talent but its still very strange. Brady is 58 while Burton is 60 years old. How long can he be in that position? Neil Banfield, 51 should be consider too. He has worked with youth development for a long time and knows everything about it. But we might need to replace as an assistant coach of course. Bergkamp again pops up. But then again… I don’t think Wenger will still be the manager for very long. And the new manager will bring assistant with him.

      1. Yeah but they are exception. They have the experience to back it up. I would rather see a much younger one who has worked with youth development like Banfield. Ferguson have the economy to always buy top class players. There are not many teams with such many world class players out there. Yes he has done a great job but has always bought top class players while Wenger on the other hand is doing the exceptional job.

        Age should be looked at I think.

      2. What’s Man Utd’s wealth got to do with this? Burton can do the job for many, many years if he stays healthy. The best man should get the job irrespective of age.

  2. I think it’s a good appointment, Burton is highly experienced and will have a wealth of contacts all over the country. He seems an intelligent man, a good communicator, well suited to this upstairs role of managing the whole youth operation of scouting, recruiting, coaching, etc.

    I also hope we add some talented young coaches, or see such coaches (if we have any) promoted from within. It’s a shame the likes of Adams, Keown, Dixon, etc., either don’t appear to have an interest in coaching, or aren’t willing to start at the bottom (Adams) with youth and work their way up. Bould did it the right way, worked up the ladder learning from great coaches, and now he’s Arsenal’s no.2 and in a position where, if he impresses, would likely be considered for the manager’s job whenever that becomes available.

  3. Steve Gatting to become the club’s u21 and Carl Laraman u18’s coach.
    And they call this progression, wow, Shocking appointments and smells of desperation.
    Signs that we cannot attract any decent coaches to the club anymore but then if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.
    Neither would be good enough to lace the boots of Dermot Drummy and that should be the benchmark for the type of coach we should be getting.

    1. Those two have brought us great players through the years. What are you talking about? Our academy is still highly regarded. Chelsea happens to spend huge amount on youth players too. Do you think Drummy made magic all by himself? We lost Bould and Drummy on youth level but I am sure Laraman and Gatting will be good. We will come back now when we have to step up. Its been too easy for us for a few years now.

      This is when things gets interesting and our players needs to step up too.

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