Loan report- Denilson assists, Galindo receives rare run-out and Djourou makes eventful Hannover debut

Marouane Chamakh started his first Premier League game since October 2011 yesterday, but the Morocco striker was withdrawn after 62 minutes as West Ham drew with QPR at Upton Park. Chamakh demonstrated good link-up play but spurned two headed opportunities when well placed.

Denilson set up Sao Paulo’s second goal as they beat Mirassol 2-0 as the Brazilian league resumed. Luis Fabiano opened the scoring before Denilson played in Jadson to double the advantage.

Johan Djourou endured a memorable debut for Hannover, but for the wrong reasons, as his new side conceded an avalanche of goals in a 5-4 defeat to Schalke on Friday night in the Bundesliga. Djourou completed the 90 minutes but was booked in the first-half.

In Scotland, Philip Roberts was a last-minute substitute as Inverness dispatched of Aberdeen with a 3-0 victory, whilst, in Spain, Ju-Young Park was an un-used substitute in Celta Vigo’s 1-1 draw with Malaga. Joel Campbell is likely to start on the right wing when Real Betis face Athletic Bilbao tomorrow.

Samuel Galindo came off the bench after 55 minutes as Lugo lost 3-0 to Hercules in the Spanish second division, but injury ruled Wellington out of Ponferradina’s game with Elche.

Benik Afobe was an un-used substitute as Bolton drew with Crystal Palace, whilst Ryo was again absent through injury for Wigan. Chuks Aneke missed out on action this weekend as Crewe’s game against MK Dons was postponed due to adverse weather conditions. Aneke’s loan deal with Crewe expires tomorrow.

** Arsenal’s U21 fixture with Southampton, scheduled for today, was postponed due to snow, with a new date yet to be arranged. Tuesday’s FA Youth Cup tie with Fulham at Barnet’s Underhill Stadium is also in some danger of being called off again.

Denilson- Sao Paulo (45 apps, 1 goal), Aneke- Crewe (22 apps, 6 goals), Afobe- Bolton (22 apps, 3 goals),  Roberts- Inverness (18 apps, 1 goal), Park- Celta Vigo (17 apps, 3 goals), Campbell (15 apps, 2 goals),  Wellington- Ponferradina (14 apps, 2 goals), Bendtner- Juventus (10 apps), Ryo- Wigan (6 apps), Galindo- Lugo (6 apps), Chamakh- West Ham (2 apps), Djourou- Hannover (1 app).




  1. Appreciate the effort to research but seriously what a bunch of 2nd raters

    Why not sell all of them for £10 if needed and get them off wage bill

    Galindo / Wellington / park / Campbell what the sweet lord r our scours doing !!!

    Eastmond Watts Shea really please go

    1. Have you seen Wellington? He’s immensely talented, it’s just a matter of how he develops psychologically.
      Similarly Joel Campbell is immensely talented. He’s scored a few international goals already, notably against Spain and generally does pretty well when given the chance.
      Galindo was also highly rated – don’t know what the issue with him is. Injuries?
      And Park is a quality striker who was mis-treated imo. Never got a chance at Arsenal and the fans turned against him for no reason at all.

    2. This is a staggeringly ignorant comment. You clearly know nothing about the progress Joel Campbell is making, or the phenomenal natural ability of Wellington Silva.

  2. All a waste of money. Over 14yrs over 1000 players and what has the Academy produced, Cole and Wilshere. Why Southamptons Academy has received milliuons from Aesenal for 3 players. And Oxide,Ramsey and Walcott are hardly top quality!s

    1. Your valuation is wrong. We have bought cheap players who are younger than 18 years old and develop them in our academy. U16-18-21. We then sell them 100 times for what we bought them for. Ramsey is not from Southampton. He is from Cardiff. Wilshere, szecesny, gibbs, coq and frimpong are all from our U18 and below. Thats quite a job! That is in fact world class academy. But we are far away from being world class in the first team. A few signings will do it.

      Every once in a while Southampton will produce those amazing good players but its a lot harder for us to produce those top class players because they will not get as many chances for our first team even though we give a lot of chances to young players.

    2. What a profound jackass you are!

      Walcott has 17 goals and 10 assists in all comps this season, in 26 appearances. Ox is developing very well. He will be a great player.

      It’s a shame idiotic comments like yours are allowed on this site.

  3. Southampton has a very good academy, it has produced some very good players, some we bought but as of now none of them are yet world class.
    There is a reason for that so called world class players are the exception not the norm. You need than just good training. You need good organisation, luck, parameters outside your own control (legal restriction, geographical location, …). For example Marc Guillou had the more successful academy ever in Ivory Coast (touré brothers, Eboué, Gervinho, Yapi, Guy Demel, …), political change at the FA ruined his project. At his height only 2 players in the starting eleven had not been formed at his academy.
    Back to Southampton, as it has already been pointed before Ramsey is from Cardiff.
    The rest are good, but not world class.
    Walcott is a sprinter who learned (and is still learning) to play football at Arsenal.
    Bale is principally a wonderful athlete who just happen to play football. He was coached as a left back. On that objective Southampton failed miserably. He is fast, quick and powerful which is unusual for a winger. Usually they have two out of three: fast and quick feet. However IMHO he still lacks the vision to reach the top a la Ronaldo.
    From the beninning, the Ox was coached by his father. Blessed by a quick and stocky physic he is a very good player, however he is not yet in the same league than Hazard, Silva. Southampton were just lucky to have him and his father on thir staff. I am pretty sure that he would have been as successful anywhere (except maybe Stoke and Bolton under Fat Sam, as he is stocky but not on the tall side).

  4. Just Looking at their respective wiki pages. Afobe has scored 7 goals in 51 games on loan and Campbell has scored 5 in 39. I was quite suprised given their supposed potential.

    1. True, but examining their goals per minutes played would be more representative of their ability since both have been used frequently as late game subs. Consequently, both players have played in a lot of games and yet have not had the luxury of having many minutes on the pitch.
      Campbell’s stats are also considerably more impressive when one also takes into account his record for Costa Rica. His ratio of goals per game is very good for his country.
      I’m not saying either are great or will certainly make it at Arsenal but its not unreasonable to think that each has potential.
      Remember too that for a player to make it at Arsenal we are talking about being good enough to play in a top 4 side in one of the best leagues in the world. There are only a handful of players capable of reaching this level and just because a player doesn’t make it at Arsenal doesn’t mean that they are average. I just think sometimes folks forget just how difficult it is for Arsenal or any other academy. As others have noted, having only one or two academy players reach the first time is actually not that bad.


  5. How do some people think that pointing out we’ve produced ‘only’ Cole and Wilshere (we’ve produced many other PL quality players) is a sleight on the academy? To bring through two world class players in 10 years is a great achievement, how many other British clubs have produced two or more individuals of comparable quality in the last decade?

    Ashley Cole is a prize prick but he’s also one of the best left-backs of all time, and Wilshere has all the qualities to go down as the greatest English midfielder, if not the greatest English player. Players like that don’t come along very often. If we produce one like that every decade we are doing very well.

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