Jeffrey and Bellerin’s pace too much for Newcastle as Arsenal progress in Youth Cup

FA Youth Cup 3rd Round 

Arsenal 3 (Jeffrey 23, Bellerin 43, Akpom 88) Newcastle United 0

By Jeorge Bird @ Underhill

An inspired performance from Arsenal U18s ensured that they overcame a poor Newcastle United side to reach the Fourth Round of the FA Youth Cup at Underhill this evening, with the victory serving as Steve Gatting’s first in charge at that level.

The feat was all the more commendable given that Gatting’s side were shorn of their most prized asset, with Serge Gnabry having been a late withdrawal from the squad. There was still more than enough quality to dispatch of the disappointing visitors, however, with the searing pace of Anthony Jeffrey and Hector Bellerin, who both got on the scoresheet in the first half, too much for Newcastle to deal with. Chuba Akpom, who worked hard up front all evening, turned home Bellerin’s cross late on to add further emphasis to the scoreline and nobody inside this ramshackle old ground could deny that the side in red and white were deserving winners this evening.


Bellerin-Fagan-Hayden-Ormonde Ottewill




subs: Vickers, Lipman, Siemann, Iwobi, Brown.

Arsenal began the game firmly in control of proceedings, spreading the ball around the slick pitch in typical style, but it was the visitors who created the first chance of note when Lewis Aird cut inside the Arsenal defence and directed a shot wide.

The hosts soon reasserted their dominance, however, with Jeffrey particularly to the fore. The sprightly winger, who, somehow, has yet to earn a professional contract, burst down the right flank and crossed for the waiting Jon Toral, but the Spaniard’s shot was blocked.

That was to be one of several chances that Toral would spurn in the opening stages as the 17 year old, who was named as a left-winger on the teamsheet but in truth was given something of a free role in midfield, frequently managed to get in behind a porous Newcastle defence.

Toral turned over from Bellerin’s cross and was then robbed of possession when well placed following another precise delivery from Jeffrey but, in the midst of all that, there had been a worrying moment at the other end when Zach Fagan, who, like Jeffrey, is striving for a professional contract, stumbled on the ball, but Tom Heardman was unable to capitalise.

Akpom then saw two chances go wide in quick succession, before Arsenal’s dominance finally paid off when they took the lead. It was a neat, flowing move which led to the decisive blow, with a quick break upfield resulting in Akpom finding Jeffrey, who lashed home emphatically past Freddie Woodman for his first goal at any level this season.

Soon after Arsenal had taken the lead, Deyan Iliev, who had been criminally underworked in the Gunners’ goal, did well to hold a free-kick from distance, but it was down the other end where the majority of the action was taking place, with Isaac Hayden seeing a header cleared off the line before Bellerin made it 2-0 with a sweet strike after interchanging passes with his compatriot Toral.

Iliev nearly handed Newcastle an instant reprieve after his poor clearance presented the visitors with a shot on goal, but the Macedonian goalkeeper redeemed himself with a stunning save from the subsequent shot.

Newcastle turned in a marginally improved performance in the second period, but that is not saying much. Arsenal still had the majority of possession, they just didn’t use the ball as decisively as they had done in the first-half.

Alfred Mugabo, the man who benefitted from Gnabry’s exclusion by being promoted to the starting line-up, skewed an effort wide, before Jonathyn Quinn replied with a tame effort down the other end.

Akpom then did well to create space for himself with a sublime piece of skill, but his shot lacked conviction and he could only divert the ball into the side-netting. All the while, Jeffrey was a persistent menace on either flank, sending in a dangerous ball that just eluded Jack Jebb before having a shot blocked himself.

Toral, Kristoffer Olsson and Jebb all spurned further opportunities, before schoolboy substitute Jordan Brown, who scored his first goal for the U18s last weekend in the heavy defeat against West Bromwich Albion, was introduced in place of the tiring Jeffrey.

It says something about how highly Brown was regarded when he was thrown on, despite the more experienced options of Austin Lipman and Alex Iwobi being on the bench, and the England youth international didn’t disappoint, showing good skill before embarking on a run down the right flank and crossing for Akpom, who in turned teed up Jebb but to no avail.

Akpom finally got the goal that his perseverance deserved when he converted Bellerin’s cut-back following a move instigated by Olsson, whilst Brown fired over from a difficult angle late on, but the damage had already been done.

In all, it was a satisfying work out for Gatting’s side, and the hope now is that they can go on a long run in the competition. Newcastle, in truth, did not put up much of a fight, which is perhaps to be expected from a side sitting rock bottom of their U18 league group.

Arsenal, too, are floundering in that competition, but tonight’s side was the strongest available, and, with Gnabry to come into the team in the later rounds, the Gunners will be seeking to progress further in the competition.

Player ratings:

Deyan Iliev-6- Kicking, like many Arsenal goalkeepers, was suspect, but redeemed himself with one good save.

Hector Bellerin-8- A real live-wire down the right flank, he caused numerous problems for the Newcastle defence.

Zach Fagan-5- Made a couple of errors which could have proved costly, but was largely assured.

Isaac Hayden-6- A real leader at the back, he was classy in possession and read the game well.

Brandon Ormonde-Ottewill-6- Wasn’t posed many problems defensively but didn’t raid forward too readily.

Alfred Mugabo-7- Demonstrated a penchant for winning the ball well in tight situations. Distribution was good.

Kristoffer Olsson-7- Impressed in a deeper role, bringing the ball forward well and creating chances.

Anthony Jeffrey-8- Although some of his crosses eluded their targets, he was a persistent threat with his pace.

Jack Jebb-5- Some good passes but missed a couple of good opportunities to extend the scoreline.

Jon Toral-7- Should have scored in the first half, but did well to set up Bellerin for the second goal.

Chuba Akpom-7- Worked very hard up front and finally got his reward with a goal late on.


Jordan Brown (for Jeffrey, 86)- A lively Youth Cup debut as he demonstrated his pace and skill.

Not used: Josh Vickers, Leander Siemann, Alex Iwobi. 



  1. I wonder if Anthony Jeffrey will go the same way as Jeffrey Monakana…they are both wingers, and both didn’t get professional contracts (yet, in the case of Anthony) even though their play COULD have merited an offer. I hope Anthony gets an offer because we don’t produce many wingers from our own academy, not in recent years anyway. I didn’t see the match, but it sounds like he played really well again. Could he also possibly play at full-back, if he were asked to do a job there? Has he played there before? I don’t know…memory seems to tell me that he has, but I might be wrong.

  2. Jeffrey should get his contract, but i doupt that Fagan will. He’s not a full-back, never played there. Jeffrey has showed mutch more than Monakana did in red & white, though Monakana has done very well in PNE.

  3. It’s good to see Brown get on the pitch, I think we need to promote him full-time to the 18’s. Our lack of goals at that level is troubling and I think he’s the only one who can fix that. We have scored 13, not including browns and maitlands goals, and Toral accounts for 5 of them and he’s now promoted to the 21’s. So the goals have got to come from somewhere. His appearance over the likes Lipman and Iwobi sends a message to those players to raise their games.

  4. AJ should decline any pro offer and take a leaf from Monkanas experience. Does he want to play 1st team and get a career or does he want to be 3rd/4th choice playing u21s football for the next 2 years. He could have 60 league games on his cv or 2 league cup games its a no brainer.

    1. I agree with you. I dont think he is good enough for Arsenal. But he could be playing league 1 or 2 football instead. i doubt he can play 60 within 2 years time, but 30 is something he can do for sure. But he needs to go somewhere where he can impress.

  5. Thanks Jeorge, could I ask what you think is happening with Jebb? By the sounds of it he had another invisible game, and he doesn’t seem to be doing too well so far this season. Is he lacking confidence, lacking fitness, resting on his laurels, just not as good as the hype might have led us to believe, or something else?

    1. I think he played okay, but wasn’t outstanding by any means. Sometimes he tries to play a difficult pass when a simpler one is on and his shooting needs some work. He’s still only a first-year, however, and has already featured for the U21s, so he’s not doing too badly.

  6. Thank you for the excellent match report.I was at the game and found the football thoroughly entertaining.Jeffrey was very impressive displaying speed,skill and determination.His shot to open the scoring was dispatched diagonally across the penalty area into the corner of the net with wonderful speed and accuracy.It was very enjoyable to see a comprehensive display of attacking wing play and I hope he gets a contract to further his career at Arsenal.
    A few of us waited in Underhill after the game to compliment the team and they are a really pleasant,humble and charming group of young men.I told the very impressive Hector Bellerin about the song we made up for him that fits into Bon Jovi’s Bad Medicine,he laughed and I hope we will be singing that to him at first team games.They enjoyed the game and they all showed a keen ambition to progress and emulate the 2009 team and win the FA Youth Cup.

  7. With Marseille Losing 4-0 Arsenal will qualify to knockout Nextgen stage if they beat Athletic Bilbao regardless of other results.

  8. Sorry, off topic i know, but will someone please explain to me what has happened to Aaroon Ramsey???!!!

    He is a shadow of his former self. He is quite useless. I know he managed an assist yesterday, but generally, he is void of creativity, inspiration, and most shockingly, technique. He gives the ball away constantly. The great confidence he used to exude one the pitch seems a vague rumor now. His loss of form is so dramatic that I now cringe when I see him in the starting 11.

    I guess it was the injury…maybe it’s the Eduardo thing where he just won’t be the player he was pre-injury. At any event, he’s looking more and more like a bench player at best and less adn less like a big part of the club’s future.

    1. “His loss of form is so dramatic that I now cringe when I see him in the starting 11.”

      Well that explains it. Before the game starts you’re already in the frame of mind that Ramsey is going to disappoint you. He gets an assist, defends well against Baines, has a solid game overall, and then you come on here and say he’s useless.

      People’s attitudes regarding Aaron are truly shocking, if any player deserves support, patience and goodwill from the fans it would be him, who gives his absolute all every game, suffered a horrible injury that could have finished his career, and seems like a really good guy. He had some excellent games last season and he’s been solid this season despite playing mainly out wide. The abuse he gets from his own fans is sickening. We’re going to lose a brilliant young player because fans have decided they’re going to scapegoat him relentlessly every game, whatever his level of performance, until they destroy his confidence and drive him out of the club.

      1. mainly out wide? Are you crazy? Hes been in the middle most of the time this season for sure.

        If someone is going in thinking someone is bad he can only be good from there. Ramsey has been pretty poor and you can see it other way around too. KC might have thought.. wow what a player.. but game after game he gets disappointed of the performance. The fact that we are in a bad position already in the league and some bad performance when we play doesn’t seems to tell you anything.

        We used to be in top 3-4 by now. Solid performance mean top class and outstanding in the middle for Arsenal. It used to be that. Suddenly solid means average and flat out performance lately.

        We demand only the very best to be in the highest level. Which mean world class competing against other world class teams. Just remind yourself for that. Suddenly you are OK with us being 7th in the league, being far behind the top teams and Let Westbrom with less resources being ahead.

      2. You are right some fans are shocking. Why demand anything when you can only cheer for a team right? Does it matter if we end 10? If we are in 10th place THEN we are right to be angry and demand things so we end 9th. Make total sense. WORLD CLASS is the only thing that matter. Anything below that shouldn’t be acceptable if you want to stay in Arsenal.

      3. “mainly out wide? Are you crazy? Hes been in the middle most of the time this season for sure.”

        Don’t start talking bollocks again Jom, you’ve been behaving yourself lately –

        Started 5 games on the right, 1 game on the left, only 3 games centrally. For every game in the centre he’s had two games out wide. Tell me again how ‘hes been in the middle most of the time this season for sure.’

      4. @Jom
        And I don’t know what the rest of what you’ve written has to do with Ramsey so I’ve just disregarded that completely.

      5. 3 games central???? base on that site? AML doesn’t mean outwide for me. 3 games central only?? I don’t believe in jack shit in that. 3 games central in the league so far?? I will download a few games just to see the starting eleven on the pitch.

        so you are telling me that only Cazorla and Arteta has been central but ramsey in the wings for me most part????? Ramsey, cazorla and arteta has been the midfield with podolski, gervinho, walcott, chamberlain in the wings no fucking doubt about that.

        If you don’t watch the games then don’t come here with fucking stats telling another thing. Ramsey, cazorla and arteta has been our central players while podolski and walcott/chamberlain has been in the wings for the most part. What games have you been watching??? I base my fact from the actual games while watching. 3 games central sounds stupid as fuck. are those 3 games from the start of the season? Just fucking think for yourself instead of coming with fucking stupid stats! You are a fucking moron for sure.

        He surely has played more than 3 games this season in the league centrally. 3 games central!??? Have you been blind watching games?

        You don’t know what the other was about Ramsey? Its fucking obvious. We demand the best of the best out of the best! Solid is what YOU think he has been. Has he look like the very top class we ask for in this club? the answer is obvious NO! Are we clear? Got damn you make me angry.

        3 starts from the middle? And then have you been blind all game? He has been in the middle for a fucking long time this season. FOR SURE MORE THAN 3!

      6. Your stats doesn’t prove me fucking anything when you actually fucking watch the game. Podolski, gervinho, walcott and chamberlain has player more in the wings than Ramsey for sure. 3 games centrally? You have been blind for the whole season and you rely on stats like that that doesn’t tell anything. next time watch the game you idiot. You didn’t prove me wrong when the fact is Ramsey has been on the pitch the same time Podolski, walcott, chamberlain and gervinho has been on the pitch and Ramsey is in the wings??? You are a fucking joke.

        Watch the game next time. There are no stats for some players in that site does that mean they haven’t play for us? Because that site prove anything right?? Next time use your brain. I want an explanation why there are no stats for some players despite them actually playing. Again 3 times this season? You are a moron who blindly rely on the paper. And the worse part is the paper is not even accurate compare to real life when you actually watch the game. next time open your eyes moron. 3 times?????? I can easily think of 4-5 games already.

      7. Do you think if you just keep calling me a moron and saying I don’t watch the games that you’ll somehow win the argument in people’s eyes? By resorting to insults and baseless accusations you only prove you have nothing to come back at me with.

        I watch every game for 90 minutes, thank you very much. I didn’t need to look anything up to know that Ramsey has played most of his games this season out wide. When you questioned it I looked for confirmation from whoscored, whose statistics are provided by Opta, to provide conclusive proof and shut you up there and then.

        I don’t have to prove or explain anything to you. The onus is on you to prove to everyone reading this how Opta are wrong and you’re right. Good luck with that.

        PS. I can’t resist bringing this up – “Ramsey, cazorla and arteta has been our central players… What games have you been watching???”

        I’ve been watching the games Diaby and Wilshere were playing in the centre, you must have missed all of those.

      8. You never explained why some stats are missing. You clearly dont watch the games when you think he is playing for the most part outwide. You bring wilshere and diaby in this? Diaby has been missing a whole lot while wilshere only has done 3 games or so? Next time open your eyes and watch the games.

        its really useless to talk to you when you seripusly believe 3 games is all he has done in the central position. That is stupid fact as hell. And again Wilshere and Gibbs as proved themselves when they play. They make out team play flowing football. If you can’t see that then go ahead and look up the stats that prove me right. Wilshere was very good the season he played.

        Again if you need stats to prove it right go ahead. It said DM for ramsey. according to you we don’t have any DM in our team. explain that! Its ont the fucking site you are giving me. I guess you will say you can overlook that and its only mean he is CM. Then I will say AML means central attacking left. Same fucking stupid argument. 3 games make no fucking sense when you acctually watch him play moron! Seriously man.

      9. “Diaby has been missing a whole lot while wilshere only has done 3 games or so?”

        Hahahaha, are you asking me or telling me!? How about you actually look stuff up before you argue with me about it so you don’t get your pants pulled down every single time. Go on, go look it up and tell me.

  9. well said wrenny, yesterday on another arsenal blog, when everton scored a whole host of posters blamed Ramsey, and only Ramsey for the goal, yes he lost the ball to start with, but both Arteta and then Sagna lost it before the goal went in, and of course Vermaelen did not do enough to block the shot either, but hey Ramsey is the target of the boo boys so he gets over the top stick from the numpthy brigade

    1. I knew straight away Ramsey would get it in the neck for the goal despite everyone else’s mistakes, it was brutally predictable. I agree completely, Arteta and Sagna made a hash of getting rid of the ball and Vermaelen could’ve made more effort to close down Fellaini. I also think Szczesny might have done better although I’m not sure how much Vermaelen was blocking his view of the ball.

      I really don’t understand why he’s singled out all the time. They’ll say it’s because he’s rubbish but a) that’s not true, he’s having some good games, some average, and no truly bad games in my opinion, and b) plenty of other players have done worse and they don’t get the same treatment.

  10. Jom, who in our squad is world class??? Is it JUST Ramsey who isn’t??? No…NO ONE IS!!! Not even Wilshere, not yet. So why do you think, all of a sudden that we demand world-class, when clearly we can’t demand that due to financial capabilities. Get in touch with reality, as well as an English dictionary, before coming on here and insulting others. I do understand how difficult this language is, because my best friend is from Mexico. She isn’t annoying like you though, who always spouting bullshit, is suddenly surprised when he is wrong. Wenger and Aaron have even said in an interview that he has been playing out wide, and that Aaron will do whatever is asked of him for the team. What else is there to say, but a royal fuck off to you!!!!

    1. No one is world class? Cazorla, vermalen, kos, gibbs, wilshere, sagna, and a few more are proven world class players. Next time think with your brain.

      Also you clearly understand what I am saying. English is not my first language but clearly its not far from you who has it as a first language, yet you do a lot of grammar error too. Next time Be perfect on grammar yourself before saying others need to improve.

      You put more bullshit than I do here so stfu. its proven.

      Playing outwide and playing outwide for the most part is different thing. Next time watch the games.

      I don’t make you read my stuff. Next time don’t read idiot. You have proven time after time how stupid your logic is and how much wrong you are so many times, yet you come back with new shit that make you look even dummer. Like this post. You say NONE is world class… Just because we are bad at the moment doesn’t mean who don’t have any world class players. Your Logic is proven stupid again.

      You should use your brain before commenting. Wrenny is as stupid as you who think he is so smart. Its OK to say ramsey has been solid but not bad. Awesome logic right there.

      1. i m sorry of this lot,only sagna and carzola i considerate world class players (maybe the only 2 in our squad),the rest are very good or only good player player

        look like ramsey cannot do right to some,in the last two match he was one of our best player on the pitch you like it or not.
        yes he has play some pretty bad match this year but the last two you cannot deny he has done very well better than this suppose to be much better player in our squad.I always hope he get loan away to another PL club where he can developp better,

        because clearly some “supporter” have make their mind a la Song and Theo that he is “rubbish” (yes many people were saying song wasnt good enought as well of theo) until they leave (he is doing a Flamini,yes i want to stay blabla i will sign soon bollocks) then they start crying about it

      2. @lordgunner
        Completely agree, Sagna and Cazorla are the only ones I also consider true world class players at Arsenal right now. Others have had world class spells but not for a long enough period of time for me to think them worthy to be in that bracket. Koscielny and Arteta being the closest but they haven’t been as good so far this season as they were last.

  11. Well I apologize for the remark about the English dictionary, but the rest I still stand on!!! I apologize for that, because you won’t get any better at communicating in English, if all you get is flack for bad spelling or grammar!!! I apologize to you for that part of my comment.

  12. If we got someone who’s turning to be world class, we sell him. The next episode has started already, the god of Arsenal FC, mr. Arsene Wenger has made a wish in bublic that Jack should sign new contract to show his loyalty for the club. That can only mean one thing in Wengers language, his gonna sell Jack next summer, after he first has sold Theo in january. That old wanker. WENGER OUT, we wanna have our football club back, this is nothing but a one man sircus, saying this and doing that, he has made us look ridiculous, FUCK YOU WENGER, GET OUT, FUCKING CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Hahaha, you’re going to have to be more specific – which Arsenal do you want back? And while you’re at it, let me know what you’d do with a player who’s got 6 months left on his deal and won’t sign a new one.

      Or just calm down and stop embarrassing yourself.

      1. Hahhaa… okay Wrenny, thanks, i’m gonna gather myself together, hehheh… just that i love Arsenal and sometimes i’m so mad to Wenger…

  13. Jeorge, do you know the situation with Jordan Wynter, is he still injured?
    And if so, how much longer do you think he’ll be out.
    Such a shame for the lad, he looked very good in pre-season.

  14. Wrenny last time I read any stupid shit from you again. You really really talk so suit yourself but you say thats what others do. We have HUGE different opinions and watch the game from very different views. Its useless to see it from your point. I read so much shit from your side.

    Like the Arshavin argument. According to you he is world class. He should be played and you come up with stats that are ridiculous comparing to the real world when watching the games. Like when Arshavin give a simple pass 20m from goal and 2m away to chamberlain and Chamberlain score the goals… suddenly the wasteful arshavin got an assist and you tell me he was VERY influential and created the chance to chamberlain. Its statement like that you do all the fucking time to prove you are right when in fact its a fucking stupid statement and prove you are fucking ridiculous wrong.

    As I fucking said… explain why some stats are missing for some players if that site is so damn proved every damn thing? Why don’t wenger use that site? gervingo fucking score and make assist in central position. because you need to watch the games too!!! Simple as that. Stats doesn’t fucking tell you everything unless you come up with more stats from a lot more sources.

    1. Oh I see, you’re still sore about the Arshavin discussion. Well, according to you he was never any good for us and we should have bought Charles N’Zogbia instead of him.

      1. Did I say NEVER???? I told you about the last season and all that shit. waaay to go off topic yet again idiot. This is what you do. You know I am right that you have to actually watch the game and judge from there on. But you can’t admit you are totally wrong. Instead you come up with “stats”. that say very very little. and then you say “I am right” Thats what you do. next time open your eyes and watch from there. I can tell you have little experience from actually scouting players and develop them. Have you ever play football in a relatively high level? I guess not. you watch football and judge from a chair far far away. next time try watch fucking football from close range or work with it. you will soon realize you are so wrong. try come up with “stats” there on then. Like wenger used to say denilson has a pass accuracy of 90% and it was the highest in PL and all that shit. Look at his passes and what they actually contributed instead.

        You will understand and you will never admit you have lost it. Whats so damn wrong with Nzogbia? You will never know if he was the right player for us yet you say it like it is bad. There is a reason why chelsea and a few other good club wants him. He has proven himself in the league ! Next time if you want to be smart then use your brain! Nzogbia bad??? Pff stupid idiot.

      2. “Did I say NEVER????”

        Yes, and you said that he was the worst Arsenal signing ever. And that you could play better that him.

      3. That is a big fucking lie! I never fucking say I can play better than anyone and I never fucking said he is our worse signing ever. You fucking lier! And again you only answer things you think is right and ignored the other. Like Nzogbia now when you brought it up. Whats so fucking bad about Nzogbia who is wanted by other top class clubs? Fucking lier.

    2. Oh dear, don’t you like it when someone claims you said something that you didn’t? You do it to everyone else so much, like saying I think Arshavin is world class and should be starting, that I thought you’d be fine about it if I were to do the same to you.

      Maybe learn a lesson from this and stop putting false words into other people’s mouths.

  15. So just because I USED to play at a high level, before I stopped playing, means I can’t have an opinion on football because I don’t play anymore??? What kind of logic is that??? Are you paid to scout players??? Or do you just go on to and scout players from there or over the web??? Is that scouting??? True scouting??? Is watching a football match considered scouting??? What exactly is scouting??? Am I a scout because I watch matches everyday??? I don’t think so…I think what Wrenny most objects to is this: you were blaming our loss of points on Ramsey, and that no one else was at fault in your opinion…what is so objectionable to you about that???

    And no Cazorla is NOT world class. He is JUST below world class for me. He’s not as good as Falcao, Messi, Ronaldo, Van Persie, Silva, Iniesta, Xavi, Pirlo, or other midfielders and strikers of that level. In my eyes there aren’t any truly world class centre-backs, and maybe one or two wing or full backs. My standards are pretty high, when it comes to labeling players as “world class”. Maybe they are too high, I don’t know.

    1. did I say you cant have an opinion? I say you have different opinion idiot. Yes there you go… another stupid answer. Learn to use the reply button if you want to reply. And I only read the first 5 sentences of your. Obviously you are stupid as hell even if you try to think. So no more replies to you. Write anything you want. But just so you know I won read it anymore. too much bullshit. You live in canada… what high level are you talking about? Your league is probably ranked 50 in the world or something. I am talking about your highest level. You probably never played in the highest level since you say you are 23 years old and USED to play in the highest level…. make total sense to believe you are talking bullshit yet again. I told you to think before writing anything right? You don’t use your brain. You can’t argue with me if you are trying to lie. doesn’t work for me.

  16. So where do you live Pele??? I played at a high level if you count travelling around my province of Ontario and in to the northern United States for football (soccer)…who cares how high that is anyway??? What does it matter with regards to my opinion and how valid it is or not???

  17. And how did you know I’m 23??? Stop looking at articles that are months old, just to try to dig up old issues and stalk me you creep!!!

    1. you told me myself mr short memory a few weeks ago.. too bad for you my short memory is quite good. next time… think before writing anything as I said. Again you failed in everything you just said. How the hell can I look you up? you moron.

  18. Fucking hell i never new some arsenal fans where just so imature shit ramsey young recover from a injury that could of ended his carrer and is working his arse off for the team week in week out bout one of the only players who is playing better tha tv5 and your blamming ramsey for our shit form where crap and sadly unless we turn this season around sign some team players in jan and get walcott to sign mite be last season in champs league for a while which i think will be good becuase will give us a chance to rebuild our team with core of players ala wilshere, ramsey, gibbs, ox, jenkinson etc which we need to do where living in the past no big player wants to join us we need to start from the ground up back to the early 90s arsenal we go now stop bitching and get behind our beloved club !!!!

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