Loan report- Wellington scores, Aneke and Eastmond clash, Watt returns to Arsenal

Two Arsenal loanees went head-to-head, almost literally at times, in League One yesterday as Crewe Alexandra beat Colchester United 3-2. Chuks Aneke had an eventful game for Crewe, impressing with some diligent passes and a few shots at goal, but two of his most notable contributions were fouls on his Arsenal team-mate Craig Eastmond, who lasted 77 minutes for Colchester before being withdrawn.

Sanchez Watt, meanwhile, who was with Eastmond at Colchester, has temporarily returned to Arsenal for treatment on a hamstring problem with the likelihood being that his loan spell will be brought to a premature end.

In Spain, Wellington came off the bench for Ponferradina and scored a late consolation as his temporary side lost out 5-3 to Cordoba. The Brazilian was introduced on the hour mark and scored a fine individual goal but it wasn’t enough to prevent defeat. Samuel Galindo didn’t feature for Lugo.

Philip Roberts, meanwhile, played just over an hour before being substituted as Inverness Caledonian Thistle were denied a win at the death, eventually drawing 1-1 at home to Hearts in the SPL.

Benik Afobe was an un-used substitute as Bolton Wanderers drew with Blackpool, whilst Conor Henderson was again not part of the Coventry City squad, likewise Daniel Boateng, who wasn’t involved for Oxford United. Injury again denied Ryo participation in Wigan Athletic’s matchday squad.

Denilson‘s Sao Paulo face Gremio tonight, whilst Nicklas Bendtner was a second-half substitute as Juventus thrashed Pescara 6-1. Joel Campbell was not involved for Real Betis. Ju-Young Park made the bench for Celta Vigo but was un-used throughout their loss to Rayo Vallecano.





  1. who’s really interested in loan updates on denilson and park? they’re not on loan to develop, they’re on loan so their wages are off the books until they’re out of contract. i suspect the same is true for bendtner though wenger has said he’d like to have him back. who knows. bendtner going out on loan now has never made any sense to me. keep chamakh and loan bendtner? come on.

    apart from song to charlton, wilshere to bolton, afobe to huddersfield, and miyaichi to feyenoord, i’m struggling to think of a loan that has done anything good for us or the player. given that we loan 5-10 guys out every year, the returns are not good. most loans are the death-knell for a player’s career at arsenal. as a way of developing players for our first team, loans are dubious.

    1. chesney, mannone, coq, gibbs, wilshere and frimpong have all been loan out. It does help a lot with some players. But we only pick the very best. Many gets to show themselves on loan and get a professional contract elsewhere. Its a good football education.

  2. That will never work Gunner17. As much as I’d like it to happen they’d have to start way, way down the league system.

    It would be unfair to established teams who have existed for over 100 years to replace them with B teams. There would probably be more than 10 PL teams interested in creating a B team so slotting them alongside simultaneously would not work either.

    It would lead to massive league restructuring just so the top teams can have an easier method to create an even bigger gap between themselves and struggling teams.

    It only works in Spain as their lower league system does not have strength in depth due largely to the Madrid-Barca duopoly. Support for lower league teams in Spain is almost non-existent compared to ours. You’ll seldom find a third tier game in Spain attract half the attendance of a Sheffield United game.

    It would be incredibly selfish of the big teams to completely alter the league structure just so Conor Henderson has an easier route into the first team.

    The reason it hasn’t happen is that it can’t happen.

    1. You’ve just given out the answer that Wenger gave when asked about B teams. A thoughtful answer which he probably gave out of respect to lower league clubs, but I strongly doubt that Wenger doesn’t recognise the enormous benefits that having an Arsenal B team would bring.

      It might seem ‘unfair’ to clubs that might go down a tier because of the introduction of B teams, but it would clearly be of massive benefit to some of the most promising players in the country. What happens at the moment if you’re a talented 18/19 year old (but not good enough to go straight into the 1st team squad) at one of the better PL clubs is that in order to get competitive football and gain experience you have to leave your top class coaches, teammates and facilities to join some long-ball side that won’t play the game anything like you’ve been taught for the last 10 years, doesn’t really care about your development, probably won’t use you regularly anyway unless you adapt to their ‘style’ or are built like an outhouse, and if they do it might be out of position. Until you get injured, come back to Arsenal, and lose a few months of precious development. Then you get fit and go back out on loan! It’s complete pot luck whether a player will find a club that will use and appreciate him and send him back a better player. And every bad loan spell wastes precious time and harms the confidence of those players.

      B teams would allow seamless progression from youth football into the professional league, and until the FA finally see sense and get over this romantic idea of having a ‘pure’ league system without B teams cluttering it up, many more very gifted young players are going to fall through the cracks because we depend on loan spells at hoofball teams to act as their finishing school!

  3. It seems few of these players are anywhere close to Arsenal players , Aneke maybe

    Please sell all the others or release them such as Henderson Watts

    Very concerning Ryo and Campbell Afobe are not getting games? Are they not good enough too!

    Eastmond Boateng Galindo must be very poor

    1. dont jump to conclusions, the teams that they have joined are either struggling or are trying to get promoted so they want experience, it doesnt mean they are good enough you muppet. mcecharan hardly played for swansea last season it doesnt mean he isnt good enough for chelsea

  4. I went to the Preston game yesterday and Monakana was quality. His dribbling, passing and shooting has improved as a result of regular game time and being involved in first team footie. It’s a shame we sold him, as I can see him coming back to the Premiership in 1-2 years. This is what happens when players get game time. The loans can help. Eastmond and Watt are getting regular game time at Colchester and playing well. I saw Aneke’s passing on the footie league show – looked top draw. Anyone got a link for Wellington’s goal?

  5. Seems the Aneke loan is working out. He is a player who I really hope can make it. I know some have compared him to Yaya Toure which is a bit rich, although I can understand the comparison – Whilst essentially different types of players, they both have a lot of power and a large stature. I really hope Arsene is patient with him. If players haven’t made it by the time they are 21 he seems to want to move them on. UNderstandable in some cases – I’m on the side who believes Lansbury wasn’t going to make it at Arsenal (I know this is controversial). Having said this, I don’t think Yaya was playing at a top team at the age of 20. He was probably about 23 or 24 when he moved to Barca.

  6. I think Lansbury was unlucky in the respect that he turned 21 not long after the 25 man squad ruling. This meant that the squad that he was hoping to breaking into hadn’t been put together with all the ramifications considered. Players such as Squillaci, Chamakh, Arshavin and even Rosicky & Diaby take up place in the squad without offering a great deal (I rate the latter two but cannot say they have justified their wages in the last 3 years).

    These five players represent 20% of our 25 man squad. It is very likely that by the time the likes of Eisfeld, Afobe and Aneke hit 21, those five players will all have moved on. Granted Wilshere, Chamberlain, Coquelin and Jenks will probably take up four slots. But those five players leaving as well as Eastmond could free up two slots.

    1. someone help me understand these damn squad rules…

      a) is it a limit on the number of foreign over-21s you can have, or

      b) is it a limit on the number of homegrown over-21s you can have?

      i thought it was (a)…meaning you could have a squad full of homegrown guys if you wanted.

      1. 8 of the 25 man squad reserved for homegrown (over 21) and unlimited U21. You can have as many homegrown over 21 as you like up to the 25 man limit, but the other places would have to come from the other 17 places. So this is only an issue for clubs with with a lot of foreign players.

      2. that’s a relief, we’ve got a lot of dross foreigners taking up spots. all our up and coming youth players can take their spaces then.

  7. Aneke’s loanspell ends today, if not extented again. So he could be back in contention for first team place, playing u-21 league or searching another loanspell. We shall see, i think he should be training with first team until he finds another loan club and get a run out in capital one cup against Bradford. He’s also eligible to play in Next Gen games as overaged player like Yennaris and Eisfeld. What he really needs is more first team games, in Crewe Alexandra or somewhere else, u-21 games don’t serve him anymore, he’s beyond that level but needs another loanspell. Co’mon Chuks.

  8. I’d like to see him given a chance to make the squad for the Bradford game. Then another loan in league 1. Chuks finally seemed to be finding his feet at senior level there, another spell could allow his confidence to grow further.

  9. Jeorge is there any truth in the rumours that frimpong wont get a contract offer from the club and could be leaving in january?

      1. It’s strange he hasn’t been offered a contract yet as I thought Wenger was a big believer in him, as otherwise he wouldn’t have promoted him to the first-team squad last season. His form since his return has been quite patchy, though, and his passing has left a lot to be desired, but I think Frimpong can still offer a lot with his strength and ability to win the ball back.

        I don’t usually regard as a reliable source, but we’ll have to wait and see on this one.

    1. disappointing of arsenal not to show faith in a loyal young talented player, if true.

      arsenal aren’t exactly awash with defensive midfielders at the minute, they could do worse than give the kid 3 more years to see what he can do.

      1. Well said. Frimpong’s a work in progress but offers a lot of bite and strength. He’s shown himself to be ready for the fight both physically and mentally (I don’t see his spat with Nasri as anything more than evidence of that).

        We should over-see his development for another 2-3 years.

  10. also stated an exclusive that joe cole was on his way to arsenal and that Manu had no interest in Rvp. I think the opposite of anything they publish is a guarantee!

  11. This should comtiam the silva goal as it was posted by him on twitter though I can’t view it as YouTube is banned in the cointey I’m currently in

  12. Ok, i found it on BBC, don’t know nothing yet but that’s no surprise at all, Chuks has extended his loan deal at Crewe by a further month, he will be at the Alexandra stadium until 17 december. Good luck Chuks!

  13. CharlieNicholas – he is never going to play u21s or Next gen when he wants 1st team games. Plus hes not going to wait for opportunities here when other clubs in the Prem / Championsp are now looking at him on a permanent basis.
    Sadly also most coaches dont rate our Arsenal players, as they are too soft, cant tackle and cant do the dirty work. When you have 70-80 per cent possesion in youth football, you dont need to work hard to get the ball. The history of loans over the last 5 years is very poor and reflcect badly on the club, who should have a duty of care for their development. Unless the player fits the clubs style of play, then the loan shouldnt happen. Other clubs seem to get this more right than wrong, Man utd

    1. job, you should do some reading comprehension workouts, i never said he’s gonna play or should be playing Next Gen, i just said he’s eligible like Yennaris and Eisfeld. And i said too u-21 games don’t serve him anymore, he’s beyond that level but needs another loanspell.

  14. I hope it isn’t true, that we are looking to get rid of Frimpong. I do see a player there, underneath all those rough edges. IF it is because Wenger doesn’t think he will fully recover from his injuries, or that he will always be prone to injury, then I can see why we might let him go. Even then, you can’t predict what will happen in the future, and must base your decisions around what you see currently, and have seen in the past. I see enough talent there to make him a valuable player for whomever he joins, if he is not going to continue with us. My opinion does not matter though, and it is down to Arsene to figure out what to do with his current situation.

  15. Just seen this:

    Emmanuel Frimpong on Twitter:
    Subject to rumours am not leaving afc I am positive of going on loan this week which am really excited about and I am fully commited to afc
    And am not in my last year or looking to be sold just to clear matters thank you and going on loan to get games and cum back to arsenal

    1. I was sure his contract wasn’t running out, good to have it confirmed. Just more ignorant rumours as usual, started by the deplorable by the looks of it.

    1. Wau! He’s just unstoppable, looking very good, needs more games and full games, but sure looks that he got the ability to come here. How about his defending, is he capable of working hard when the opponent got the ball?

  16. Speaking of chuks the Crewe fans now seemed to have changed their tune. All of them are paranoid the loan may only be for a mont and wish he was one of theirs.

  17. frimpong is gone in the summer along with a summer clearout including Meade Boateng Eastmond Aneke Watt. He has had 2 serious knee injuries and is well behind Coquelin who is the better player and is slowly making himself a solid back up for injuries or squad rotation. After a loan he will be sold to bring in 1-2 mill revenue towards a top class purchase.

    1. And you know this how? We’re not getting rid of Frimpong or Aneke just yet, I think we would wait and see how their development went first. So stupid!

    2. Hah hah, Frimmy just stated hes got a longtermcontract and is going nowhere, Chuks is progressing well and looking at least promising at the moment, Meade has got a longtermcontract too up to 2016 and progressing well at the moment, Boateng – i don’t know, his loanspell ain’t have been any succes but i don’t think he’s going anywhere yet. Watt and Eastmond are two who’ll probably go, but no summer clearout job, you gotta clearout inside your head.

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