Burton appointed but work still to be done ahead of new campaign

Arsenal confirmed last night that Terry Burton had been appointed the new coach of Arsenal Reserves in time for the second string’s return for pre-season training on Monday.

Terry Burton returns to Arsenal as their new reserve team bossBurton, a former youth player with the club who also, as Reserve coach, helped bring through the likes of Tony Adams, David Rocastle and Paul Merson in the 1970’s, impressed during the interview process with the club and will begin his tenure with a friendly against Boreham Wood at Meadow Park a week on Saturday.

Burton’s first task will be to liaise with Arsene Wenger, and possibly Neil Banfield and Steve Bould, who have both been promoted to the first-team coaching staff, with regards to which young players he will have at his disposal for the forthcoming campaign.

Joel Campbell has already joined Real Betis on a season-long loan, while the likes of Nico Yennaris, Kyle Bartley and Conor Henderson are likely to travel to Asia with the first-team in the hope of imposing themselves in Wenger’s plans. It is likely that Burton will be given a younger group, including the likes of Hector Bellerin, Jon Toral and Kristoffer Olsson, to work with and develop throughout the season.

Despite the departures of several young players already, decisions are yet to be made on the long-term futures of Bartley and Henri Lansbury, while suitable offers are yet to be received for Craig Eastmond and Sanchez Watt, who have been made available for transfer.

Burton, who has stated that he is looking forward to meeting his fellow coaches and the players, will also take charge of Arsenal’s maiden campaign in the NextGen Series, the youth equivalent of the Champions League, where he will manage an under-19 side.

Meanwhile, Arsenal under-18s return to training on Monday still unaware who their coach will be, although it is expected that another former Gunners player, Steve Gatting, will be promoted from his role with the under-16s



  1. Conor Henderson are likely to travel to Asia with the first-team ?. Seriously

    Cant understand how henderson can get first team looks ahead of lansbury. Has anyone EVER seen him have a good game. Plus hes 20 years old and has never played proper 1st team football (forget one fa cup league game v leyton). If lansbury is allowed to leave w/out proper first team chances then something is wrong here. Lansbury has had several loans and showed his ability in league 1 and the Championship and regularly bosses england u21s games. What has Henderson done How does this guy get contracts – Baffling !!!!!

  2. lansbury will travel with the first team as he is considered to be a first team player now. however, you have to consider that lansbury is now classed as homegrown meaning he takes a space in the 25, whereas henderson, wilshire, jenkinson, yennaris, bartley, miquel, coquelin, frimpong, chamberlain, ryo are all under 21’s so do not.

    with denilson going out on loan again, that brings the number or homegrown/non-homegrown down to 29, but as i have said many times, there will be a lot more players leaving either permanent or on loan before this season starts. 13 departures so far including the two loans agreed. Henderson is being linked with charlton, mannone with hull and afobe with birmingham.

  3. heres a comment from Stuart Robson who works for the club and says things as he sees it – no bs. http://www.talksport.co.uk/radio/kickoff/120704/robson-its-myth-arsenal-are-developing-their-own-young-players-175881

    the removal of Bunjaku in favour of paid for players eg Toral
    Carruthers v Ozyaguk –
    plus the denial of opportunites for Lansbury over Denilson who NO ONE wants to buy
    tells you the myth this academy promotes and consistently plays its own players is false. Just a reality check for some Wenger knows best merchants –

    1. There was a guy on here a week or two ago that made the same argument but did a much better job then you. I still don’t find it convincing.

      1) Robson no longer works for Arsenal…oh but he does talk a lot of BS

      2) Bunjaku wasn’s “removed”. He was offered a deal but declined

      3) Carruthers was offered a deal but declined.

      4) Ozzi–the club gave him so many chances and thought so much of him that they recently sold him to Turkey. Not sure how this works in your argument.

      5) Denilson v. Lansbury. Denilson is on his second year of loan so that should give you an indication the club don’t really want him or see a future for him. Landsbury got a chance to work with the 1st team at the beginning of last year–even played against ManU if I’m not mistaken. Then was loaned out to WH (his choose). Unfortunately he was injured but otherwise had a poor season–the worst of his loan spells. I’m not sure how you expect for him to break into the 1st team when its guys like Ros, Arteta, Song, Wilshire, and Ramsey blocking his path.

      Those are the actual “realities” of the situation. If you’re gonna have a moan about the club and youth system at least do a decent job making an argument.

    2. Talkshite and Stewart Robson together at last, what a perfect fit.

      Talkshite are the filthy, xenophobic bumhole of Arsenal hating sports media and professional wind up merchants. Robson is an arrogant, self-satisfying moron who consistently talked crap about the club that employed him to get himself onto the competitive Arsenal bashing pundit circuit, and should have been sacked a long time ago for his gobshite antics.

  4. milleryogi –

    1- i accept hes left but his views on the academy are well known and hes a lot closer to the club than either of us.
    2.Bunjaki was given no chances at reserve team level when others Toral Embeciliio and Olsen did less but were promoted. He played a third of season and was top goal scorer and top assist provider. He was offered a derisory contract but after his treatment he told the coaching staff to jog on.
    3.Again Carruthers was benched for Ozzy in the u18s 3years ago. Why take a contract if your on the bench.
    4 My point is Ozzy was bought and relegated Carruthers to the bench. He failed to make progress and left after getting pissed off with promises. Carruthers has played 5 first games and is a 1st player. Again the SB and LB got this wrong.
    5.Denilson was given over 150 games and did very little when Lansbury could have been given the chance to be in the 1st team.Again Ramsey was bought when Wilshere and Lansbury were ready to step up. He will now be sold without getting a proper 1st chance. Seems unfair after 11 years service. I guess loyalty works one way.

    1. i agree with you in some respects. Mistakes have undoubtedly been made but every academy makes mistakes. However with regard to bunjaku i disagree as despite being a talent he refused to take note of any advice the coaches gave him and attitude let him down whereas others albeit with less skill were level headed enough to adhere to their instructions. Remember west ham where bunjaku trialled refused to take him. I agree with you 100% regarding denilson as lansbury has to an extent been mishandled and deserves a chance ahead of several but i doubt thats due to bias but rather due to the potential displayed by denilson who captained the brazil 17s and the subsequent promises made to lure him to arsenal. With regards to ozzy you must keep in mind that the likes of barcelona were after him before he came to arsenal implying that some form of assurances must have been given to attract him. A lot of these opinions will remain just that though..opinions, as the whole truth with respect to the academy will to an extent be shrouded in darkness. However the academy isn’t wenger’s responsibility alone but rather a collective effort on behalf of the entire coaching staff. Also you have quoted talkspot the one media outlet renown for being blatantly bias against arsenal and spreading fraudulent rumours just to unsettle the fan base.

    2. For those doubting Bunjaku here’s Chuba’s view. http://wonderofwenger.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/my-interview-with-arsenal-u18-star.html

      RL: Alban Bunjaku recently moved to Seville – what was he like to play with? By all accounts he was a terrific player.

      CA: He was technically better than everyone; had an amazing touch – the best. Very good dribbling ability, great awareness, could drop a shoulder and shoot, very skillful.

      RL: Do players from the first team ever spend time with you guys and teach you things?

      CA: Not really, when we speak it’s normally just brief conversations.

      RL: Who would you say is your most talented team mate?

      CA: Kris Olsson – love the way he plays. Operates in the no.10 position behind me, great link up player, brilliant vision and technique. Up there with Bunjaku.

  5. wrenny – are you an imbecile. this guy is much closer to the club than anyone on here. Plus his criticisms are largely valid.
    the defence is crap – check
    no trophy in 7 years- check
    wenger is a dictator- check
    best players leaving- check
    no valid no2 as they are ALL happy to keep their jobs(includes S Bould) check

    robson wants success for the club he sweated blood for and is pissed it isnt coming wheres the argument.why is valid criticism anti arsenal when even Stevie Wonder can see the club are going in the wrong direction eg Van persie gone

    1. His ‘criticisms’ are the same ignorant, presumptuous shite that you get from every other clueless pundit when prompted to give an opinion on Arsenal, with absolutely no insight into the difficulty, or even probability, of being able to ‘fix’ the ‘problems’.

      If you think Robson’s primary concern is for the success of Arsenal you are seriously deluded. Everything he says and does is to further his career as a pundit, he’s a rent-a-gob and he will hold whatever opinions he needs to get paid.

    2. I like Stewart Robson, but I take everything he says with a grain of salt. He does express himself better than other pundits and make more observations about tactics than other pundits. However he is a failed coach and has many times been overcritical of players and the coach.

      The defence is crap – wrong! – It contains the Belgium captain (who made howlers against Milan), a Rising french star, the best right back in the EPL and a young promising Left back. Only City has a better back four man for man. United don’t because Ferdinand is a starter but would get in ours.

      No Trophy in 7 years – You want a trophy so bad go to Liverpool, Birmingham, Portsmouth or Spurs. or better yet ask King Kenny how fantastic winning a trophy was.

      Wenger is a dictator – So’s Sir Alex, and Mourinho. Football isn’t a democracy.
      Best Players leaving – That’s always been the case. Liam Brady, Mclintock, Robson himself, Overmars, Petit, Mikey Thomas. What’s new about that? If that gives you heartache then follow the player not the club.

      No valid no2 as they are ALL happy to keep their jobs (includes S Bould) – Rubbish S Bould is not the No 2 for 1 game yet. Ray Parlour said Pat Rice concentrated on defensive organization and pushed the English aggressiveness into the players. Rice can’t be fired he’s tied to Arsenal and will never leave – he’s now a scout.

      We won the same thing Man U, Bayern and Milan won last year and we are in a much more competitive league. We have a far better team than Chelski, but they won the Champions league. Football isn’t fair but u need some luck. And With some luck we can win the league this year. FA cup and League cup aren’t going to keep the fans happy

  6. a86 -do you have any proof beyond internet gossip of his attitude.
    he was at the club for 10 years and his attitude becomes an issue AFTER he leaves. You dont put a player with bad attitude on the skills pages of the Young Gooner section for 2 years unless your happy with his performance both on and off the pitch. seems like a smear tactic. Plus the West ham link is a red herring he was their to train only as Seville were on to him by February. Just accept the coaches have their own personal/financial agendas and they decide who they want to advance. They didnt want him to progress whether he played well or not.

    1. works both ways mate. You are right i may be wrong but as i concluded the truth may well never be known though most sources claim it was attitude and i tend to trust jamie sanderson though as you say he may be wrong.

    2. oh and rvp is just another mercenary imo. We have stuck by him through thick and thin through 6 injury prone years. One good year and hes too good for us. This is the last digression from the youth on this matter..sorry jeorge but i just had to say it!

  7. A86
    sanderson isnt always right and he relies on info from third parties and also copies from other sites. just saying.
    Dont always agree with the info some media both official and non official want you to believe.
    This kid was genuinely a quiet kid who just wanted to play football and get on. The coaches decided that wasnt good enough so he stood up for himself in front of teammates. The reaction of the coaches was more embarassment and shock than anything, as he rarely if ever spoke to teammates or staff. maybe if he smoked, got pissed every saturday and groped girls or beat up girls with his mates in a another drunken brawl the coaches could relate to him better. Im sure you get the picture

    1. i dont know if you have any inside info but if you do i won’t argue with that as i don’t. Just out of curiosity though do you know him somehow?

    2. WTF spend time on an Arsenal youth blog if all you do is talk shit on the blog’s author, the club, and its youth system in particular?!

  8. o@hotmail.com is a troll, who changed his name from Zubizaretta to Libero@hotmail.com to now o@hotmail.com. Same guy!!! All he does is talk shit and spread rumours about just to get a reaction and piss people off!!! He claims he’s a youth coach in London, but even that I find hard to believe. I mean what is the point of constantly changing your name and banging on about the same shit, if no one wants to hear it??? Yes mistakes happen, but how do you know Toral and Olsson are THAT much worse than Bunjaku was/is??? I mean from what I have seen, BOTH have talent and both can go and make a career for themselves at Arsenal. In the end, isn’t that what we all want??? Like I said before in a previous comment regarding a recent article, go away and suck Bunjaku off, if he can be bothered with you. As for Lansbury, as far as I can tell, he doesn’t even come close to Ramsey (whom I like) in terms of ability. I use him as the example because he is behind Rosicky and Arteta and Wilshere, and in the end he will be competing with those three as well. Really??? You think he’s as good as them??? Really??? Come off it mate. Not even close, I tell you, not even CLOSE!!!

  9. Is that you Zubizaretta??? I mean Libero@hotmail.com??? I mean o@hotmail.com??? The same person has created 3 names to “avoid” detection and spread mindless gossip on this site. Are you from Le Grove perhaps??? Hopefully you aren’t getting paid for your work, as it certainly isn’t fooling anyone. Go away.

  10. milleryogi-
    you need to separate emotion from the club. YOU are not the club and as supporter my view doesnt stop me from expressing views. Right now the club is going backwards so only an idiot will sit there and say nothing. Next you will agree with wenger when he says the europa league is the best club competition in europe- grow a pair and a brain
    it wont hurt

    1. How is the club going backwards dude? Bunjaku was one kid he won’t have been anymore helpful to Arsenal than Jack was last year. He is a kid and is essentially in school the best advice is for him to listen to his coach. They have nothing to gain by turning him into a bad player and everthing to gain by getting him to improve.
      If he had a disagreement with the coaches fine, stuff happens. Stop coming on here and crying about it. These things happen time and time again in coaching setups around the world. Even Fat Ronaldo was rejected as a youth.
      Regardless of what happened Bunjaku made the decision to leave, he could have stayed an fought until a better team came and poached him but instead threw his tows out the pram and had a hissy fit.
      Arsenal and it’s supporters hope he has a successful career.

    2. I cant help putting my two pennyworth in here. as i tend to agree and disagree with you both. i dont think the club is going backwards i feel that we are at a crossroads though. whilst other clubs are investing we seem to be the only club looking at this fair play stuff. in the last 5 seasons we are 19th in net spend league. so somehow we are doing a fantastic job and that i believe is down to our manager. however, this cannot continue i think the club is at a monumental stage in its development where by the board are now struggling to cope with the situation. You only have to look at the banking sector to see that financial fairplay is required. i recall thinking how a couple of years ago one or two banks lloyds northern rock etc were in such a bad state whilst others barclays and a few that will become apparent were surving. well the libor scandal has quickly been uncovered and on the.back of ppi etc we are seeing something that no one believed banks would do. A similar situation is happening in football rangers portsmouth etc are going one way man city chelsea etc are going another and stuck in the middle are a host of clubs headed by arsenal who are simply plodding along. believe me if it wasnt for our manager we would be where aston villa were last season. for those that say our policy isnt working. just look at our position last season. how does a club that is making profits on transfers still sit third in the league. we have made 21m on transfers whilst city hace spent almost 500m. so what do we do? that is where the board is now? do they let usmanov in and follow the likes of city and chelsea or do they maintain their policy and try to hang on to their coat tails. if you dont like their policy fair enough make yourself heard. im not sure a youth blog is the way to go about it.

  11. Your fucking kidding me right?! You say you’re a supporter of the club right after you tell me “separate emotion from the club.” That’s one of the most asinine things I’ve ever heard. So your definition of a “supporter” involves divorcing yourself from all emotion and slating every aspect of the club. Well that’s a new one. Hell with supporters like you who the hell needs enemies. What do you do when we score a goal…boo!

    1. “So your definition of a “supporter” involves divorcing yourself from all emotion and slating every aspect of the club.”

      These ‘fans’ slating the club have no emotion or affection for the club in the first place, to them Arsenal is just a conduit for trophies and reflected glory. Real fans are proud of the club no matter what, unlike these plastics that are hateful and ashamed of the club when it’s not winning. They have no affinity with the club and its ways, they just want glory. They would happily have the club in the hands of a criminal like Usmanov and a team full of John Terrys if it meant trophies because they have no pride or integrity.

  12. These blog entries almost mirror Arsenal’s last season. From we are rubbish and hopeless to we are only an experienced player or two away from challenging for the league. I think we are some where in the middle, yes we are not a million miles away but to think if we signed someone with a bit of experience who the big spenders do not want, would mean we would challenge them next season is slightly unrealistic. I want Arsenal to buy less players and just go for the players that the top teams want. Neymar is the dream player for the club in my opinion, everyone would want him and if we stop paying £50,000 a week for players who cannot get on the bench we could afford him. Realistically though I guess it wont happen, so Pato or Bojan Kricic would be affordable and good enough to succeed. Fans seem to moan about Arsenal signing youth players, well is the OX that bad compared to the experienced Squilachi? I would rather Arsenal sign Luke Shaw or the young French striker than most of the players Arsenal have been linked with, as in a season or two they would be players that would be good enough for the top teams (including Arsenal) rather than players who no top club wants, but are earning a fortune at Arsenal so we cannot get rid of them. I also do not think the problem with Arsenal is Arsene Wenger, I think he should stick to his principles and not sign average experienced players, but players with fantastic potential. I personally would like to see him move upstairs though and run the club as I’m not sure what some of the board are doing. I also would like to see a coach come in, with the dream being Pep Guadiola, but would also be happy with Martinez or Bergkamp, with Arsene there to help. OK sorry for the ramblings, but as a club we are fantastic and not as bad as the media say (still do not know why they dislike Arsenal so much) but I do think any players Arsenal sign so either be great already or have fantastic potential. I am not sure good with experience is good enough.

  13. Does anyone know what happen with O.Ozyakup awesome for reserves and once again I need some closure? Please help!

    1. Ozzy has left the club and signed for besiktas.

      JB – i guess miquel will not be joining brighton on loan now? seeing as they have signed wayne bridge. unless of course they see him as back up to centre backs and bridge.

      1. Oh sorry, thing was ozzy was going to leave last summer. when his contract was up. as i understand he had offers but none as good as arsenals financially. he decided to stay and see how he progressed last season. i guess his feeling was that even with cesc and nasri leaving plus wilshire diaby and henderson all out injured for the whole season he still didnt get much of a look in. then the club also brought in eisfeld. this has led to him taking a drop in wages to join besiktas. the other factor is that he switched his international allegiance to turkey and the best place to make an impression for turkey is in turkey at least until you are an established full international.

  14. so I watched some of the next gen series and the footballs seems nice and ahead of next season more teams who play real football will come. it will be very tough for us but hopefully our team will be strong enough to at least showed we are a world class team even in the U19 level.

    1. Yeah for sure it could. He will be 23 years of age then. He will need to impress before he is 21 or we will sell him. He should be able to impress enough to have a few clubs wanting him by 21. He only got 2 years or two seasons to do something. I don’t think he has been very good at LB. He should play LW or RW.

    1. Has anyone seen much of ryan huddart? whenever i have seen the under 16s recently it was charles-cook or vickers in goal. just wonder how he compares? 15 years old and 6’3 thats a good start and getting full-time is very promising.

      1. I hope they work hard to get him the very very necessary coordination in goal and on pitch too for our youths of course. When i was a kid I never realize how important coordination was. Today I am in my mid 20s and Have better coordination than most and that aloud me to do stuff only people can dream of I mean the turning and that stuff to be able to manipulate and trick your opponents with and without the ball. That kind of things I see so many technical players do.

        Already that tall for a 15 year old is crazy. How tall is Vickers?

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