Betis loan move likely for Joel Campbell

Arsenal striker Joel Campbell is being strongly linked with a season-long loan move to Spanish side Real Betis.

Campbell joined Arsenal from Saprissa last summer but, having been unable to obtain a work permit enabling him to play in England, spent the 2011/12 campaign in France with link club Lorient, where he found the net four times in 27 appearances.

The 20 year old, who has six goals in 14 caps for Costa Rica, did not qualify for a permit again this time around and is now poised to spend the upcoming campaign with Betis in La Liga.

One of six central strikers currently in Arsenal’s first-team squad, Campbell showed some promising signs whilst with Lorient, but Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said last season that he needed to develop more consistency in his game, something which this move, if it materialises, is likely to aid him with.




  1. how did he not get a permit? he qualifies on the criteria set out by the home office. he has played 88% of Costa Rica’s last 2 years of competitive fixtures, and they are in the top 70 of the FIFA rankings.

    pleasae enlighten us on reason for failure.

      1. I guess we didn’t apply for work permit, because we were always going to loan him out again

  2. ignore me, he’s only done 60% of his matches. but as no-one else is being put forward for a special talent visa, could we not try again with this route?

    1. We could try, but if the club know that he’s unlikely to satisfy the criteria it might be better to just loan him out nice and early so he can have a preseason at his new club. It’s a shame though, I was hoping he might go on Arsenals foreign tour and play a bit. Good thing is he’s a regular for Costa Rica now, reaching the 75% is just a matter of time, he should be with us next summer.

  3. Good move if it happens. Loan deals can provide youngsters with much experience and a new responsibility. The likes of Wilshere and Szczesney have done so and become important first team players for Arsenal. I’d say Frimpong should also go on loan to a Premier League club next season.

  4. Hopefully he can has a good pre-season, playing in a few friendlies for Arsenal 1st so we can see him play and access where he is at development wise. If he plays well and shows enough in those games it may be worth applying to get the special talent licence for him so he can be loaned within England, if we fail to get the licence then we still have the option to send him on loan to Betis.

  5. I’m sorry guys but Campbell is not good enough,

    he lacks pace and from the matches I have seen,he seems to go missing most of the time.

    he rarely troubles the defender, has rare moments of brilliance: ie vs Puyol, Clements

    but he has good shot and link up play but he overall seems very average

    Same can be said of Afobe

    1. Yanbi is that really you? your english has improved and for once your comment is actually rational. either u have given up the yaba or have had a brain transplant.
      Either way i agree with u to some respect. campbell is not good enough yet but at 19 years old he shows enough promise for me. afobe too he also needs to prove himself at a higher level. la liga is certainly stronger than ligue 1 and afobe in the championship with birmingham is looking very likely.

  6. its fair to say as a young boy he still has alot to learn but claiming he’s not good enough is a bit extreme.
    anyway, we should keep away from spanish club in my view. if he wins work permit he should go to english club, if not france or holland.

  7. Joel Campbell IS THE REAL DEAL, and he will only get better, as an Arsenal fan from Costa Rica my dream is that Bryan Ruiz finds his form on the Premiership, and together with Campbell destroys Mexico and the States, then Arsenal buys Ruiz and reunites both next year. I know it is a dream, but at least Campbell is legit! He scores nice goals wherever he plays, keep them coming for Costa Rica until then!

  8. It’s really a waste of time with young south american players, just wait until they play for there respective countries, then decide to buy them or not.

    1. Right, wait until they have lots of exposure and cost a fortune and then buy them. Smart. Instead of potentially wasting our time let’s waste millions upon millions of pounds instead.

    1. Delison was captain for brazil national youth team. I believe Arsenal and wenger destroyed him … he was deployed as a defensive midfielder because Flamini left and we had none. Song was still new in the team. They both had to deal with it. It was very very tough for a young new player especially when you are primarily a playmaker. I hope he comes back to his best and is getting his natural position back. Which is as a playmaker. I think he has lost much confidence he can be huge as one, which he had once in his life when he was a youth.

      1. im one of the few that actually liked denilson. like you i believe he played in the wrong position, the only other thing, is that the hustle and bustle of the premier league is not for him, in my opinion. in italy he would excel, in spain he would probably do well too.

        i was purely pointing out that being a full international does not make one iota, when recruiting from the americas. look at man u with fabio and raphael. they were deemed special talent like denilson. yet campbell and galindo who had FULL international apps under their belt, are not.

      2. What? Denilson always played exactly where he should have. He wasn’t used as a DM and neither was Flamini for that matter, they were both CMs. Arsenal only played one season with a DM back in 09/10, which was Song. A true DM just sits and protects the area in front of his CBs, his movement and duties are very limited, neither Flamini or Denilson ever had anything close to that sort of role.

        I don’t understand why you view Denilson as a playmaker either, his passing has never been creative enough for that kind of role. His passing game is short and simple, which was his strength but then also became his curse. Unlike Song, which was continually improved his technique and incisiveness of his passing, Denilson’s use of the ball became more and more ‘safe’. There’s nothing wrong with being a simple passer, a distributor who moves the ball quickly and simply like Arteta or Carrick (the sort of player Denilson could have become), they’re invaluable at keeping the ball, maintaining pressure on the opposition, changing the point of attack, etc. but Denilson rarely managed to have that sort of influence on games because his passing had such little variety to it. It was mostly 10-20 yard passes, on the ground, to the wings. Wenger gave Denilson 150+ games in his ideal position to grow and develop but he didn’t, if anything his game went backwards. Don’t start with this ‘Wenger ruined him’ rubbish that we already get about Arshavin.

      3. Then why was Denilson and song behind the attacking CM all the time? It was their job to protect the back four its very obvious denilson was more of a player that did lots of movements all over the pitch. he could become a great box to box midfielder. and wenger had no chose than to play denilson that role with song. When song was away denilson was the man to protect that area. was fabregas or wilshere or ramsey or nasri or rocisky such defensive? No they wasn’t. denilson had to sit back and play it simple.. give the ball to others instead of excel in the attacks.

        And every team has to adopt a bit. DM is not what it used to be in Arsenal. Today song is a DM but he can attack and play the long balls too. DM does not mean you have to give the ball to others all the time. But its obvious Song and denilson had the task to defend more. Wenger does so many things right but i think it was wrong in this situation. Also wnger never destroyed arshavin it was arshavin being shit.

      4. I don’t really understand what you’re getting at. All midfielders have to help to defend and get behind the ball. Denilson helped defend as much as he helped attack. Hence he was a CM.

        Song is not a DM for us today. He spent one season in that role, since we’ve moved into a 4-2-3-1 he is one of two CMs. Song and Wilshere in 10/11, Song and Arteta in 11/12. He is normally the more defensive of the pair, but that does not make his position one of a DM. A CM who is defensively accomplished does not become a DM, just like a good attacking fullback doesn’t become a wingback. You’re confusing a player’s position with his style/abilities.

      5. you are so stubborn and I can’t take that. lets say this then. he was a cm but he certainly needed to hold his position alot more than what you make it seems like. its was not like he could running all over the pitch and getting involved in the attacks. we see different things and for me its obvoius a new kid in the highest level have a hard time to excel. now he make it more simple than before and its because of us. there is no lie in that. if wenger told him to play more advanced and more final balls he would have done so and we would have gotten a complete different player. he has gone backwards for sure and a lot of the reason is how he played here. I wish he could come back and play freely spreading the ball all over the pitch like he used to do in the beginning. I like him a lot and he got everything except confidence he can do so.

        we will never agree about this so just drop it.

      6. I’m not being stubborn, we’re having a discussion. If you don’t want to engage in it any further that’s your choice.

        “its was not like he could running all over the pitch and getting involved in the attacks”

        That’s debatable. Denilson covered a tremendous amount of ground, he always had excellent stamina. His movement was mostly lateral rather than vertical though, he was a passer, not a box to box type. But in his first full season as a 19 year old he weighed in with 3 goals and 7 assists, so clearly he wasn’t just sitting back and keeping away from the final third. Yes he was selective about pushing forward, as well he should be! He was entrusted to direct play and you have to be behind the ball to do that. And his lack of pace meant he would struggle to get back and help defend if we lost the ball and he was ahead of it. Just like Arteta, or Wilshere or Song cannot burst forward as they please neither could Denilson.

        You don’t seem to ‘get’ it, midfielders don’t just come in DM, AM and box-to-box.

      7. I totally get it. He was OUR DM. I am not saying he was that kind of DM you are talking about. thats what you dont get. for you he was just like any other. for you Song and wilshere are the same type of player. a CM who can defend and attack. For me Song is the DM and wilshere the low playmaker who can go forward when we attack but song has to stand back and defend.

        You just dont get it. Every team has DM, AM and Box to box midfielders. Its all about balance and as I said he was good in his first season then something happen and he was feeling comfortable playing the easy balls and letting others to the final balls and attack. He was the man to defend in the back. It was his task to stop as much as he could for the team.

        Again we have different opinion and I will not change my mind because I believe I am totally right. Every team has to adopt with the players they have and saying Flamini wasn’t OUR DM is bullshit. He was the man to defend when the others attack but of course he would attack too sometimes. And you making stats again…. 3 goals and 7 assist doesn’t make him being involved in the attack awful lot. He was effective and still did his job really good which was to protect.

        yeah song is a DM and has only been that for ONE season… thats so naive to think so. He is OUR DM. But he has developed and is today more than that but he still class and play to protect when others attack. Who said DM today can’t play final balls and being involved in the attack sometimes and a goal or assist might happen. Still doesn’t make them a playmaker. Song is making assist by playing accurate long balls he still is in his position to defend. and you will argue that he was heavily involved in the attack and not sitting back…. man this is why i cant debate. It is so obvious yet you can’t see it. For you he could run in the attacks like hell and he isn’t that slow either. Fabregas was slow but obviously he didnt have to worry to defend when Song and Denilson was behind the ball to make sure he could get it again as fast as possible.

        Position means so much in this level and if you leave it you are making a big gap. Fabregas couldnt stand back and let denilson go up. as often because that wasn’t his task. song and denilson task was to protect so obvious and you saying he was a CM. what the hell are a CM for you? fabregas, song, wilshere and denilson are all CM but they have different task some are clearly AM, boxtobox and DM for this team. AM doesnt mean you are high up making tons of assist. AM means a playmaker that could be involved a lot in the attacks and play the final balls often. Like wilshere.

      8. Sorry, I completely spaced out after the 2nd paragraph.

        Song and Arteta were both employed as central midfielders last season. Each one has slightly separate duties and priorities but they are both CMs. Same story with Flamini and Fabregas, two CMs alongside one another. You don’t appear to understand that a player’s position is separate from his duties in the team. I thought the fullback/wingback explanation might have made sense. You can have fullbacks who are very offensive, and you can have wingbacks who are very defensive. Position is one thing, attack/defend duties are something else.

        “You just dont get it. Every team has DM, AM and Box to box midfielders”
        Erm no they don’t. Do you think whoever is the most defensive player in midfield is automatically ‘the DM’? Do you not realise there are teams that play without ‘DMs’?

      9. Whats the damn point to reply t you when you have selected views on my post? Last time I ever replied to you again because its obvious bull shit from your side. I don’t care if teams dont play with DMs. We are not one of them. you just dont get it. . End of story. Again I will never read or Post a reply again.

      10. Selected views? I responded to the bits that are pertinent to the discussion, which was about what exactly a defensive midfielder is. You don’t understand that a defensive minded CM is still a CM. Not a DM.

  9. To: atid
    Doesn’t the Silva twins have a Portuguese father? Read that a number of times when their names are mentioned in these “special talent visa” debates.

  10. There are cultured players in the Premier League who don’t rely on pace…like Arteta, Scholes, Carrick, even Charlie Adam, when he was effective…it’s all about the variation and intelligence that you inject in to your play, and you have to be very special to survive for a long time in the Premier League, in central midfield, if you are not a willing runner, or don’t have any speed. Denilson just didn’t have the right amount of variation in his play to succeed. He was easy to play against and defend because he did the same things repeatedly, and we can now see that he was ineffective because of how good Arteta has been for us. In time, he MIGHT develop in to a similar player, but he will probably never have the same stage that he had before, being at a top level club in a top league in the World.

  11. With RvP now leaving…..Will Wenger give Afobe his chance provided Chamakh & Park are shipped out or will we be dipping into the market for another striker.

    I’d love us to get M.Suarez….lovely player.

    Or will Walcott be given a last chance to be an impact striker?

  12. I saw on a site that Connor Henderson might go to Charlton on loan??? Other people must have seen this too??? Is this true??? I really like what I have seen of him in the youth team, reserves and the first team. I hope he does well!!!

  13. Jorge, Do you know if Arsenal have asked for a special talent visa. I have heard that in fact this summer they have not asked the Home Office with the view that if Campbell is selected for the next four international they would be able to recall him mid-season and then ask for one if they still needed one. You can only ask once per season for the same player.

    Connor Henderson going to Charlton make sense as he will get some play time.

    With Brighton getting Wayne Bridge on a season loan Ignasi Miquel’s move is off. I know that playing in different position helps the development of a player, but I think that Miquel should concentrate on honing his positional skill rather than his overall play. He has always been a very cultured player and I am not sure that he would have learned useful thing for a centre half. He does not have the explosivity required to be a very good left back.

    According to report in French newspaper, looks like Arsene is afraid of recruiting another French or French speaking player by fear of creating a French clique inside the club. Etienne Capoue would have been a good buy, but is he much better than Frimpong. He maybe just one year ahead of him with less potential. On his plus side he has more experience, and he won’t be leaving in January for the ACN.

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