Arsenal’s Webb and Smith join Leicester

Two of Arsenal’s second year scholars, Callum Webb and Steven Smith, have left the club to join Leicester City.

Defensive-minded midfielder Webb, who is a Republic of Ireland youth international, made 27 appearances for the under-18s, scoring twice, and also made two substitute appearances for the Reserves last season.

Smith, meanwhile, has opted to join Leicester following a trial with West Ham earlier in the summer. The versatile Northern Ireland youngster, who can play at centre-back and left-back as well as in midfield, turned out 11 times for Steve Bould’s under-18s last campaign.

Webb and Smith were two of several youngsters who are free to talk to other clubs having not yet been assured of a professional contract at Arsenal when their deals expire at the end of the season. Five members of the considerably large 2010 intake have already turned professional in Martin Angha, Kyle Ebecilio, Elton Monteiro, Zak Ansah and Nigel Neita, and Philip Roberts and Josh Rees are expected to join them shortly, but seven players still remain unsure of their Arsenal futures.

Of those, Jordan Wynter has made both of the Reserve squads so far this season, albeit without playing, and would appear a prime candidate for a pro deal. Goalkeeper Reice Charles-Cook, meanwhile, impressed greatly for the second-string in pre-season, but may not play every game for the under-18s this season with Sean McDermott still eligible to feature at that level as an overage player.

It remains somewhat surprising that the highly-technical playmaker Alban Bunjaku, who made his comeback from injury at the weekend, has yet to be offered a contract, but should he come anywhere near replicating his sublime form of last season then he surely cannot be overlooked. Jeffrey Monakana and Samir Bihmoutine will both be regulars for the under-18s this season and it is their respective performances at that level which will dictate whether they are offered an extended stay at the club. The other two players fighting for their futures are full-backs Ben Glasgow and James Campbell, who both spent much of last season on the sidelines and should be afforded ample game time this time around.




  1. Good news that Troure is currently having a medical at QPR. Hopefully Baines is coming. Pls can some club take JD and SQLLCI as well.

    1. I just find it amazing, that Clichy, Traore and Cruise have all left without bringing in another left back already. Even Smith is a left back, perhaps Wenger is lefthandist.

      By my reckoning, Gibbs and Brislen-Hall are the only 2 genuine left backs we have. Obviously not including the Belgian International Captain!!

  2. Find it amazing that Cruise wasn’t given more of a chance. Thought he looked good whenever i saw him play and did not look out of place in the Champions league game away in Portugal either.

  3. If wenger don’t buy a left back i think it means jernade meade is interesting him. The only bad thing act that is that he is really small and the last thing we need is another lightweight player

    1. One thing you cant label at Jernade is lightweight, he may be small in stature but he is one of the strongest boys your see. Very tough tackler, he is a mini tank!

  4. Why the hell hasn’t alban been offered a pro-deal yet when he is the best u-18s player by far. It must be a internal matter

  5. Welcome to Leicester Smith and Webb I hope you both fore fill you ambitions to become professionals with us . But never forget The Gunners gave you the start in footballing life .

  6. The funny thing is that everybody in England is blaming our full backs when in France most pundits blame the defeat on our midfield and especially our wingers. Both Arshavin and Walcott never tracked back (except to concede a penalty after a token gesture) leaving both fullbacks trully exposed.
    Rather than a change in personnel we need a change of attitude.
    Gazidis desire to cut our wage bill and the number of players on our books is starting to take effect.
    Tom Cleverley is 23, with the new U21 premiership limit he would have been cut off by Manchester United two years ago.
    It is a shame, but we will be lucky if every year 1/2 players from academy makes the grade at Arsenal.

    1. so true people are blaming only our def but our midfield was the main problem.
      coquelin was the only one who was coming back helping our under pressure defence and after he come off the whole defence colapse because player like arshavin,theo and even ramsey were to busy loosing easy ball and watching opposite manc player running riot our young WB and CB

    2. Arshavin is a joke with his work rate. He is not even good going forward anymore and dropped the ball too many times to be called a special player. I have no clue why we keep someone who is dropping the ball constantly stay on the pitch. Why not give it to a player that actually gonna improve and get experience. I hope Arshavin never start a game for us anymore. Chamberlain needs to get ahead of arshavin and he proved he could do it against united. Of course our full backs will struggle when united got a clear way when the player doesn’t track back and not even fighting for the ball.

      1. Arshavin at least provides us with a creative outlet once in a while (remember he created his own chance to get through on goal even if it was wasted) and even the fact that he was willingly throwing himself into tackles on sunday was noticable, if ill advised; On the other hand, besides scoring a goal that was more down to keeper error than skill, walcott lost the ball by far more times than anyone on sunday, and probably throughout the season so far; He just doesn’t seem to have any skill to go with his speed, so I might be controversial in saying this but i’d pick arshavin over walcott right now…..As for Smith and Webb good luck to them guys I been up against Callum quite a few times for district and when I was in the academy system myself, and the simplicity of his game leads to him being underrated in my eyes but he very rarely loses the ball so I hope he takes his chances elsewhere

  7. As a 66 year old supporter now living in Oz I hope the 2 boys do well at the Foxes. At least I know they will play the ball on the deck. As Shanks said
    “There aint no grass in the air” So why put the ball up there???
    On another note:
    Some of you so called “Gunners Supporters” should be ashamed of yourselves.
    If you can’t support your team when they are in crisis then go and support another team.
    A true supporter puts up with the crap “AND STILL SUPPORTS THE TEAM”
    As far as the manager goes, who else would you prefer??? WHO IS THERE????
    He has kept your team in europe for over a decade. He has made a profit on players that have left. He has WON TROPHIES more than anyone else for your team. And some of you want him to go!!! To those supporters i say: HOW DO YOU THINK FOXES SUPPORTERS FEEL??
    I could have supported the Gunners easy.
    I could have jumped on the bandwagon when they were winning everything easy.
    BUT I DIDN”T !!! When asked who my team was in England i said Leicester City.
    Without hesitation.
    So be gratefull for who you have as manager and if your team is not doing well cheer them anyway. I agree that Arsharvin * Walcott * Rasicky * Traore and the other full back are crap.
    But I am sure that in the back of Wengers mind he agrees and he will do something about it.
    Don’t worry that Cliche & Nasri have gone (They were french anyway) As for Fabrigas. He will be missed. But so was Vierra * Overmars * Hennry.
    I also agree that The Board and Manager need to stop behaving sometimes like a typical Bank Manager who balances the books.
    Arsen needs 5 more Quality players and has done for 2 seasons:
    I am sure even he knows that.
    But he also needs your support NOW and so does the TEAM. Now!!! More than ever.
    As far as supporters go The “Foxes” would have to be one of the best in the land.
    Maybe some of you so called “Gunners” could learn for once from us.
    Good Luck to your team this season.
    Regards Haggs

  8. Agree Jom Arshivan is a joke and hasnt played well in its that long I cant remember…. he is a a lazy bas*ard and left Clichy hanging time and again so much so the player confidence was destoryed. He thinks he is something speacil and offers nothing to the team when defending yet offers little going forward…. he can he good on the ball but only when it suits me,…. I have never seen such an unfit professional he looks wreaked all the time and clearly cannot take the pace of the PL I would love to see him sold back to Russia better to have young player willing to give everything than that piece of sh**

  9. Arshavin linked with a £15m move to Anzhi again, whilst Squillaci could move back to Spain or France for £3m and Rosicky to Germany for £5m. We could get be getting Alex, Kalou, Malouda and Bennayoun from Chelsea for the same figure. I would take that, they are not the big names we need but most of them are used to winning trophies.

    Also Lukaku in talks with Stoke!!

    1. 15M for Arshavin??? That must be bull shit. Or we should sell in ASAP!!! We will never gonna make more money from him and he is doing more damage than good for the team. Yes we need experiance in the team but we also need good players.

  10. Watched highlights vs Leeds, no surprise that team looks better going forward with Bunjaku in the team. Wynter impressive at DM and also Isaac Hayden did well for 1st start at CB.

  11. The two are not good enough for arsenal standard……as i told you many second years will be released during the season , arsenal will promote the 95′ (hayden,jebb,akpom,lipman,ormonde-ottewill,vickers) and the new kids (seamann,bellerin,gnabry,olsson,toral harper)…. that’s means eleven news players…….so expect at least 3-4 new departures during the season…….
    Jordan wynter impress me a lot in the holding midfielder position.

  12. watching akpom for England u17 he is very similar to neymar in terms of style of play. Still seems to have a creative aspect to his game. He was superb for the u16 as well. Jack Jebb seems a quite accomplished free kick taker btw.

  13. Be tough to win the U18 league or cup this year.

    West Ham are smashing everyone to pieces. 4-1, 3-2 and 4-0 this year already.

    In Sadlier, Elliot Lee, Turgott, Vose, Fanimo, Tombdies (when fit) and Hall they have probably the best Youth attack of all time.

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