Arsenal release Randall and Cruise, with Hoyte and Murphy the most prominent candidates to join them

Arsenal have begun the process of reducing their large number of young professionals by releasing Mark Randall and Thomas Cruise.

The departures of Randall and Cruise aren’t exactly shocks to the system, with both players failing to establish themselves over a sustained period of time and enduring difficult loan spells last campaign.

Randall was thrust into the first-team limelight during his first-season as a scholar, in 2006/07, and went on to make 13 appearances for the club, including the Premier League game away to Sunderland in 2007/08 and away to Portsmouth a year later. He also featured in Champions League fixtures against FC Twente and Porto but, following the signing of Aaron Ramsey, was increasingly edged out of the first-team picture, as mirrored by the downward trajectory of his loan spells.

Having spent the second half of the 2007/08 season on loan at Burnley in the Championship, he spent a spell with hometown club MK Dons in League One last season before a rather fruitless stint at Rotherham United in League Two this season, where he was often omitted from the matchday squad. He will now seek to re-build his career and, given that he has played, albeit fleetingly in Europe and in the Premier League, he should receive several offers for his services.

Cruise’s departure comes at the end of a season which has been an altogether frustrating one punctuated by an injury which required surgery and a loan spell at Carlisle United which did not significantly enhance his development. A member of the 2008/09 FA Youth Cup and Premier Academy League-winning side,  he leaves with a solitary first-team outing to his name, the Champions League group stage defeat to Olympiacos last season.

Randall and Cruise’s departures add to those of Roarie Deacon, who was on trial at Sunderland recently, and George Brislen-Hall, who was not offered a professional deal following the expiry of his scholarship.

It is somewhat surprising that there have not been further departures as yet, with Gavin Hoyte and Rhys Murphy also prominent candidates to be released. Hoyte, though, is currently recovering from a long-term injury sustained whilst on loan at Lincoln, whilst Murphy is expected to go on loan again next season.



  1. James Shea, Sean McDermott, Nichloas Yennaris, Jernade Meade, Eastomond, Sunu, Watt, Traore also need to follow out.

    1. You must be joking if you think Yennaris needs to leave, you ever watched him play?? he’s one of our best U18 talents, only 17 already played for Eng U19s and was on the bench for Emirates Cup last year. He’s also the captain and has just returned from a serious injury.

    2. Wouldn’t have put Shea, Watt or Eatsmond on that list. Plus Traore is still a good player and is young enough to still improve. He’s on loan at Juve for cryin out loud its not like he’s Doncaster and struggling! SUNU has been getting great reviews from Lorient whilst on loan, as has Watt whilst at Leeds.
      And ive heard nothing but great reviews for Yennaris. Haven’t heard of the others though…

    1. LOL! I laughed but it’s not really funny, these guys are human beings with feelings y’know. But I laughed and now I feel guilty. You’re nasty.

  2. Nico Yennaris should be given a season loan before any decision.
    Sunu is likely to spend another year in league 1 at Lorient where he will have more chance to establish himself especially if both current strikers (Almafitano and Gameiro).
    Watt should spend a season at one of promoted premiership club or Bolton or Wigan.
    Traore future will depends on Clichy, whether Gibbs come back injured from the Euro U21 and Pedro Bothelo show sign of adapting to the level required of left back at premiership level.
    The rest are likely to be released or sold.

  3. Nick, I agree that Shea seems to have developped to a decent keeper. However do you think he will ever be a great goalkeeper?
    I don’t.
    Being good or decent shoud not be enough to play for Arsenal. Martinez is already showing sign of being ready for a loan at a league 1 or championship level.
    It is sad to see a young gooner being release but IMHO it is worse to string them along when clearly they have absolutely no chance of making the grade at Arsenal.

    1. Shea has unbelievable reflexes but his problem is that he is only 5ft11 which is very short for a keeper.If he was like 6ft3. I bet Wenger would not buy Martinez and eventually Shea could have become 2nd choice but it is not to be.

  4. Hoyte, Eastmond, Watt And Emmanuel-Thomas need to go………….Their all Shite with egos their talents can’t match!!!

      1. I bet you was certainly one of the ones kissing JET’s arse after he scored that goal against everton

    1. What is it with all you bloggers that assume that all of our young black player have either an ‘ego’ or ‘bad attitude’, You dont even know anything them and you barely see them play to have any type of assumption of their personality. Next your gonna say Aneke has a bad attitude and he will never make it soon enough coz you change your opnion about someone if they aint scoring a hat-trick every week, i cant believe what two plebs have actually questioned whether JET will make it when you was basically worshipping his black arse earlier in the season. I really doubt there is anyone over the age of 16 that comments on these blogs.

      1. The colour of their skin has NOTHING at all to do with it.
        Afobe, Aneke, Boateng, Walcott, Gibbs all have a great attitude and work rate.
        And last time I checked, they were black.
        It is very easy to use the race card!!!!!

    2. na keep JET – looks lazy but there is a super physical talent there worth holding onto for now…
      Surprised we got rid of Deacon – thought he was promising…
      Randall was number 1 out for me…
      We should also get rid of Eastmond, Hoyte, Traore (unless we sell clichy)…
      Send on loan – Murphy,Freeman, watt, Shea and JET as i feel one or two of these may explode in championship…

  5. George Brislen-Hall has signed a new deal check his twitter he just tweeted that he will be at Arsenal next season.

    Murphy said before the liverpool reserve game he is going out on loan next season. Hoyte got a long term injury will be given another year. Sunu will go on loan to Lorient or another French team. Watt will go on loan to a championship team. James Shea has just signed a new deal but needs a loan move. Meade signed a new one year deal. Yennaris will a starter for the reserves next season. McDermott has a year left with Arsenal. Eastmond injured he is not going no where another loan move, same with JET. Traore might leave depends on what happens to Clichy.

    In Wenger We Trust!

  6. George Brislen-Hall has just tweeted to say he’ll be spending another year at Arsenal.. the tweet was also retweeted by Luke Freeman so i’m pretty sure it’s official..

  7. sunu did not do that well, Eastmond did. JET did not do too well either, he did play in the play off final though and will probably get more time. Kyle Bartley did well despite injuries and looks like he is one to keep.

  8. Because of his name and his namesake Tom Cruise got a following that far exceeded his ability on the pitch. Despite all the wishfull thinking of deluded English gooners he has limited ability and lacks the pace to compensate for his mistakes. He is likely to carve a decent career at league 1 level and later in his career at championship level.
    That does not bode well for England when one of their better U19 is released by his club.

    In previous years he may have been given another chance but Gazidis trying to rationalise Arsenal wage bill and the 25 man rule he had no chance.
    Exactly like I thought that new 25 men premiership rule mean that more 21 years old will be cast off by premiership team.
    Because teams cannot carry anymore 21 years old around the team, most of them will be let go.
    If you have not already established yourself in the first at 21, club will release you.
    It will be a great opportunity for forward thinking coaches of lower league to pick up young players on the cheap. For lower league footballers the competition just got fiercer. That will mean that a larger quantity leave football altogether.

    1. Tom Cruise is quite slow, true, but his intelligence exceeds that of Clichy and Armand Traore’s put together! I can’t stand either of them – both huge liabilities! In the one game Cruise played for the first team, against Olympiakos, he was up against their very best and trickiest player (i forgot who) and although he was beaten on a couple of occasions where he was left isolated with the winger, he still displayed a better positional sense than either of the aforementioned left backs. Not only this, but his distribution and decision-making was also very good in that game. He impressed and never played again which is very strange. Still, the coaches must know best, so there must have been a very good reason to release him.

  9. The club has on its books far too many average fringe first team squad and reserve team squad players who
    are simply not good enough to play regularly in first team.

    If we have learned anything from last season it was that Wenger needs to start investing in real proven quality rather increasing our wage bill with a large number of mediocre or speculative players.

    One of the key differences between England and Spain is that the top teams like Barcelona can play their
    younger players in the B Team in the equivalent of the Championship where they finished third.By contrast our club are compelled to farm players out to other clubs where in some cases their opportunities to play football and be properly assessed is limited.

  10. Shekio – chill. You must understand that there are plenty of fans who envy these young players with contracts, on 5K per week etc…Let alone black upstarts that dared to leave the fratricidal postcodes that they hail from and actually play in shirts that we dream about wearing. This conflict means that they are the first to be gunned and slated (constructively or rabidly) ‘tout le temps’. The lazy, feckless, chip on his shoulder, large ego etc… is a convenient line that has snared world cup winners like Desailly (Atkinson) down to Everton playing in the local park. Racism in the UK cannot show it’s face but it hides behind language, in corners and wearing different clothes.

  11. It is always sad to see young players go and especially young gooners but this is what we needs to do to keep developing even younger players and promising so. Only the best make it at Arsenal and only one of the best make it at championship or higher. Next season it will decide if Watt and the rest of our FAYC winner squad will make it here. Lansbury and Bartley has a great chance to make it if they keep their heads down and work super hard when they got the chance. Watt and JET is for me class too and can show how special they are. For sure Frimpong and Coq will make it and the best part is that they both can play the same time and be great for the team.

  12. I am certain sunu is going to lorient permanently in p/ex for Gaimero and believe coquelin will stay for another year too. Perhaps we can convince them to take squillaci and traore and call it quits!

  13. Arsene like his foreign players, especially the French and french-speaking ones. . Unless Almunia, Squilaci, Traore(all hopeless) decide to leave their heavy pay cheques behind and go on their own it will not happen. The dross including Rosicky and Eboue will still be here.

    1. Can you blame after seeing the way Barca boys keep the ball can you blame him.Like Cloughie said there only one ball,keep it and the other team can’t score. Black,White a bit in the middle who cares, if they make it and from poor backgrounds all the better they show hard work pays off…

  14. Randall’ s departure was in the air……it’s a shame than a so talented young guy (one of the best “passer” i have seen in the academy) is wasting his talent , spiralling down………wish him all the best
    Tom cruise is a surprising cause he still very young , he is an england under19 international, and even if he is not supertalented but no one can say than he is crap…….but it was an evidence than his way to arsenal first team was a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE.

    1. Mate just shut up and stop predicting who’s gonna be released this is their career were talking about why do you get pleasure out of these kind of things you don’t even know what the coaches are thinking.

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