Gibbs and Wilshere under consideration for Hungary friendly as England begin re-building process

The furore continues to rumble on surrounding England’s ignominious exit from the World Cup at the hands of Germany but, regardless of how long he will remain as manager, Fabio Capello is already making plans for the future.

The defeat to Germany marked the end of an era, certainly in terms of the World Cup, for England’s so called ‘Golden Generation’. This group of players that includes the likes of Rio Ferdinand, John Terry, David Beckham, Frank Lampard and Steven Gerrard (Emile Heskey, quite frankly, does not warrant a mention) were perceived to be the ones who would secure international glory for the Three Lions.

It, as is now plain for all to see, didn’t quite work out that way and, although several members of the World Cup squad will continue to play for the national team for some time (the likes of Ashley Cole and especially Wayne Rooney), it is evident that some fresh impetus and a change of approach is required if England are to rise from this deepest of holes.

It is somewhat refreshing, then, that Capello has acknowledged this and is determined to do something about it. Granted, he may not be around to see the results but it is important for the re-building process to commence as quickly as possible.

Jack Wilshere, as identified here in the direct aftermath of the Germany defeat, could have a key role to play by the time the next World Cup comes around but, judging by Capello’s comments, his time could come a lot sooner, perhaps in the friendly against Hungary at Wembley on August 11th. Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Capello said “Jack Wilshere is an interesting player, who is very good. Kieran Gibbs is another. I hope some good young players will be okay in the next six months.” The mention of Gibbs may cause some to wonder what might have been had the left-back not succumbed to a long-term injury early last season. Prior to that, he had been touted for a World Cup call up and, if he had not been so unfortunate, may have ended up in South Africa.

Another player who missed the plane, albeit in vastly different circumstances, was Theo Walcott, who was a surprise omission when Capello trimmed his 30-man squad down to 23. Capello is open to recalling Walcott for the Hungary game and may also offer reprisals to Adam Johnson and Gabriel Agbonlahor.

England’s World Cup squad may have been shorn of any Arsenal involvement but, if Capello stays true to his word, then the next side representing the Three Lions at a major tournament could have several Gunners at its core.



  1. Theo helped England to qualify, as his 3 goals against Croatia were a turning point for Capello…I was amazed he did not go…OK he did not do well in the friendlies, but he is better than Lennon or SWP, and has more international and CL experience…..he always lights up a game esp when he comes on as a sub…Both Wilshere & Gibbs will also be great players one day ….but I hope they dont get treated as Theo did.
    Englands loss is Arsenals he will be fresh for next season..I just hope this spurs him on to show everyone what he can do when fit

  2. I hope the whole nation don’t put too much expectation on the young players, not just the Arsenal ones as they’ll need time.

  3. James, Terry, Ferdinand, Upson, Carragher, Lampard and Gerrard have had their time now and should all be retired from international football with immediate effect.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. The way you’ve put it sounds very harsh, but what’s the point of delaying the inevitable? Those guys are going to be too old for the next World Cup so England should now start to blood the quality youngsters, and begin to build a squad and team that will be kept together for the next 4 to 6 years. Keeping the big egos and bad attitudes of many of the senior players is only going to spoil the development of a young England team.

  4. The likes of Rob Green, Glen Johnson, Ledley King, Dawson, Ashley Cole, Hargreaves, Parker, Carrick, Adam Johnson, Milner, Joe Cole, Ashley Young, Lennon, Wright-Phillips, Walcott, Rooney, Carlton Cole, Crouch and Agbonlahor should be considered as the seniors from now on.

    1. I’m sorry mate but many of these guys are not international class. You need to be technically very very good to perform to high levels at international class. Yes, you are upset about England, i understand, but people like Crouch, Agbonlahor, Carlton Cole and SWP are very average players.

      People panic too much though. The state of affairs is definitely improving. There are many interesting young English talents emerging such as:

      Aneke (best English talent, bar none IMHO)
      Aaron Lennon
      Ross Barkley
      Ravel Morrison
      McEachran (although, he needs to bulk up a lot)
      Joe Hart (Probably England’s number 1 for the next decade or so)
      Micah Richards
      Ryan Mason
      Andros Townsend
      Adam Johnson
      Daniel Sturridge
      Phil Jones
      Andy Carroll

      That’s thirty-one players off the top of my head who i’ve seen play on more than one occasion who have shown me personally, that they have enough about them to represent England sometime in the near future. There are obviously many, many more talents out there who i haven’t mentioned who will probably star for club and country in the future and i’ve obviously got more Gooners down than any other club as i see them more than any other club. Oh, and the very oldest player mentioned there is probably about 22-23 years old and Milner (who is vastly overrated but maybe just good enough to get into the squad in the future) and Rooney haven’t been mentioned.

      1. cole, agbonlahor and swp have had crap seasons right enough, but i think they have physical attributes and talent to do a reliable job for england.

        england are bad a keeping the ball higih up the pitch. cole can do tha, and finish pretty well at times. england always look very slow going forward. agbonlahor and swp are good direct runners.

  5. I wonder if Arsenal kids will be forming the core of the England team in a decade?

    I’m thinking if Wilshere, Lansbury, Emmanuel-Thomas, Eastmond, Bartley and Gibbs turn out to be good enough to be involved in Arsenal’s first team within the next couple of years, then surely playing for England would be well within their capability.

  6. not taking ashley young…what was that about eh?

    the one left sided attacker we have in this country who can really run at and get past people is not even considered as part of the england set up, and we play gerrard on the left instead!

    that’s a total joke.

    1. Its easy to say with Hindsight, but I was asking when the squad was picked what the hell Ashley Young had to do to get in there. Ashley on one side, Theo on the other with Gerrard in the middle alongside Parker with Cole playing number 10 Feeding Rooney upfront. I think that would have had a great deal more success.

      Even still the quality available is abysmal. Joe Hart has to start from now, to give him enough experience till Euro’s.

  7. Rodwell, Gibbs and Wilshere etc etc should be given a chance because they are our future, dont get me wrong i am not sudgesting for one minute that we throw them in at the deep end to see if they can sink or swim. But just gradually intregrate them into the squad, while phasing out the players who have failed time and time again in an England shirt on the international stage.

  8. Please get rid of Stuart Pearce as England u-21, his long ball tactics will castrate the development of the players coming through.
    Sad to say, but we are light years behind other countries.

    And start to play friendlies with REAL contenders, not ego-boosting loser teams.

    1. Oh, and to add to my other post, this too is a huge MUST for the F.A. They need to be schooled correctly before they get to the seniors and they aren’t getting it with the current setup.

  9. Theo may well run down blind alleys and lose the ball too much, but the thing is with him is that he never gets discouraged. He keeps going and going and there is always at least one moment during a game where he splits the defence like precious few others are able to do. If that one moment leads to a goal and he does nothing for the rest of the game in my view he’s done his job. That’s why it was a mistake not to take him.

  10. I do feel that if Wilshere can step up and fulfill his potential, he could be one of most important English players to come through for decades. Important because he’s so different to a typical English player. He’s got vision, technique and a fantastic reading of the game. Our usual mould of midfielder is all action, physical with a good long shot. He could be the fulcrum, that Lampard, Gerrard et al have failed to be.

  11. Let’s hope Wilshere manages to take Walcott’s place in the squad next year,personally against the poorer teams at home who put 10 men behide the ball I would have him ahead of Eboue,Rosicky and diaby as well.In a way I kind of hope that these Joe Cole rumours are just nonsense as if he comes it will be yet another player put in ahead of Wilshere,Lansbury and JET.Cole despite being a great player when fit would just be yet another pointless playmaker ACM or Wide player that the squad doesn’t need,which seems to be Wengers only type of signing these and he even brings them in all through the youth teams.

    1. Its to do with the way we play, having creative players constantly creating chances. Cole would not hinder Wilshere as the age gaps allow both to play. Also remember how many games and how many injuries we have. Seems like Eduardo’s arsenal time is up and Rosicky and RVP are injuries in waiting.

      Only Arsenal fans would condemn the chance to sign a player of Cole’s ability on a free transfer.

      1. He wont really be “free” though,he would probably cost something like a 5m signing on fee plus £100,000 a week.We cant just keep adding CAM all the time or we are going to end up losing exceptional young players like Wilshere and Lansbury just like we have lost Merida and before him Upson,Bentley,Sidwell etc.At the moment the players that can play the CAM role or the wings for us are, Fabregas,Nasri,Arshavin,Diaby,Rosicky, Wilshere,Lansbury,Ramsey,Ozycup,Aneke,
        JET,Denilson,that new dutch player just signed,Barazite,Yennaries,Henderson, then theres the players who can also do a job on the wings, Eboue,Walcott,Traore,Gibbs,Vela,Watt

        To me that seems to many players for what is 4 positions in the 4-3-3 formation we play,we’re even over crowded in the reserves at those positions.Unless we get rid of at least 2 of Cesc,Rosicky and Eduardu i really don’t see why we should be buying yet another ACM when we have no one up to the job of replacing Song at DM.

  12. Just what we need, Theo has the summer off, then three days before we play Liverpool away he has to play for England (how much will you get with paddy power on a dislocated shoulder?)

  13. The players who will be blocking the development of Wishere, Eastmond,and Gibbs are Denilson, Diaby and Traore because Arsene has to develop French players as well and don’t care about the problems of England. Its not Cole rather Diaby, Nasri, Rosicky, Denilson and Traore.

    1. yes he don’t care about england so he ask (when he arrive here) arsenal board build multi million pound state of art academy ,change the way we train young player in england and 10 years later see the fruit of his work start to revel some of the most talented young english player develop by arsenal ever but he don’t care.
      Gibbs is already number 2 behind Clichy not traore.Eastmond is a revelation last year and only broke in the first team but he is not quiet ready to play more time at arsenal. Wilshere should not be rush and one more year on loan in lower of PL should do the trick

  14. not bringing ashley young was cappello’s biggest mistake along with playing heskey. absolutely nothing was created on the left wing

  15. Ashley Young can’t play international football on the left win. That continuous cutting onto your right foot at that level doesn’t work. No left foot and too predictable.

  16. Gibbs, Wilshere, Rodwell etc need to be playing games. If they are not it doesn’t matter how talented people think they are. None of these prospects are even guaranteed starts for their clubs so it’s hard to consider them at this point. I think the three I have mentioned above are the most talented U21 players.

    Same with the other U21 players that are quite promising like Cleverley, Lansbury, Sturridge, Cork etc. Not guaranteed first team games yet so need to break through and play first team football consistently first and foremost before beig mentioned at all.

  17. I really hope Wilshere gets the games he deserves next year,he already is better than a lot of our first teamers,if Wenger doesn’t give him the games he deserves then don’t be surprised to see him leave like Bentley.For all you lot who doubt the great Wilshere I highly suggest you watch the Emirates cup from last year again.

  18. Wilshere has probably finished his “apprentiship” now and if he does well he’ll get his chances at Arsenal.

    FAO One Of Us – HoloHoax may not be a tattooed covered knuckle-dragging neo-Nazi but one of those lovely Muslims we hear about. I wonder if that would change your view of the anti-Semite?

    1. Since he seems to think that I don’t believe the Jewish holocaust theory then that wouldn’t make me an anti-Semite considering that the vast majority of the Jews are Khazars,anti-Khazar would be more appropriate one would think so.

    2. With all respect, LSOE, this isn’t the forum for that kind of discussion, and I’m not interested in his archaic obsession with race either. I just wanted him to know that I think he’s a c*nt for choosing that name, and, in doing so, bringing the topic to an Arsenal comments section of all places. That’s the last I’m going to say about this thing.

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