Coaching staff row the final straw as Carruthers sets his sights on Cottagers

Arsenal midfielder Samir Carruthers is set to tie up his proposed move to London rivals Fulham later today but he didn’t exactly leave the Gunners on the best of terms.

Having made his debut for Steve Bould’s under-18 side in the slender victory over Watford a fortnight ago, Carruthers was expected to be in the squad for Aston Villa’s visit to London Colney.

However, 14 year-old Jordan Wynter was preferred instead and Carruthers was dropped to the under-16s.

Carruthers was understandably disappointed with his demotion and his anger was boiling up inside. However, instead of venting his frustration by putting in a decent performance, he turned on the Arsenal coaching staff who were unhappy at the way in which he was wearing his footwear.

What began as a petty argument soon developed into a fullscale confrontation with the two parties engulfed in a war of words.

The coaching staff had seen enough and Carruthers was sent inside and didn’t even speak to his teammates at the final whistle.

Just 48 hours later, he was off to Motspur Park to finalise his move across London and attempt to abolish all memories of his disastrous conclusion to life at Arsenal.



  1. @ J. Bird, what is Samir Carruthers’s date of birth or year of birth?

    As for Samir Carruthers himself, this is pretty stupid of him, why do youngster pass up wonderful opportunity to play for one of the biggest if not the biggest in the world. There is absolutely no way that any of these younster will ever get attention to detail in their development technically, physically and mentally @ any other club so they should making the most of their opportunity @ arsenal not destroying it.

  2. Jeorge,

    Can you sort your web page layout, please!!! I cannot read the whole article because the ends of your sentances are cut off by the links on the right!! Please sort it out!!

    Good article though!

  3. Supergunner

    Sorry Ar5nal are not “one of the biggest clubs in the world” maybe in the UK but worldwide you remain a selling club.
    Also JJ Shelvey, KM Brown, Giles Barnes all left Ar5na1 didnt stop them progressing so please cut the crap about this being the only opportunity for academy players you one eyed scrote. Good luck to Samir.

  4. Shame, sounds like he may become a pretty good player but there’s no point in keeping a tempermental youngster when we have so much talent.

    Like the new design.

  5. It might be good for Samuel Carruthers to get out of Arsenal because it has not helD Keanu Marsh-Brown back as a football player by joining Fulham IMO

  6. Actually mate Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world considering we’ve officially been one of the top 8 clubs in Europe for two consecutive seasons and one of only four clubs to be in the Champions League for the last ten seasons (the others being Real Madrid, Manchester United and PSV Eindhoven, although PSV are only qualifying every year due to the poor level of the Dutch Eredevisie).

  7. samir is a very good player he subed in that game becouse he put on the wroung boots arsenal only let the boys put on niki and he put on addidas the club i hear tell him to stay he has not yet gone anywere

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