Arsenal target Per Ciljian Skjelbred

 skjelbred_590434.jpgSkjelbred: Target

Rosenborg midfielder Per Ciljian Skjelbred is reportedly a target for Arsenal, although many other clubs have expressed interest in him, including, suprise, suprise Tottenham. He is still young and would cost a lot of money (around £5 million) but with Flamini reportedly stalling on contract talks, he could be worth it.



  1. Skjelbred is an attack minded midfielder, playing either as a lone attacking MF or either side of the midfield in a 4-3-3 formation (which is the formation that Rosenborg usually play in). He would NOT and could NEVER be a replacement for Flamini. He’d be another Diaby/Denilson type of player. Talented though he is, I don’t think we need that.

  2. as a norwegian i see him alot. and if it hadn’t been for his horror injury two years ago he would be in a top club now. But doubt he will make it in a club like arsenal now. Maybe in a club like west ham etc.

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