Player Profile: Charlie Mann

Charlie is a goalkeeper who plays for Arsenal u-16s and has been likened by some to Manchester City ‘keeper Kasper Schmieichel. It’s easy to see why as they both have blonde hair, but the comparisons don’t end there. Not only is he quick and agile, but also he is a great one-on-one shot stopper. He occasionally trains with the u-18s at the training ground before matches and, at just fourteen years of age, is already taller than James Shea. With Shea set to be the regular u-18s keeper next season, Charlie should take over his berth of no.1 for the u-16s and may even play a few games for the u-18s as well. He has been at Arsenal since a young age and has played with the likes of Benik Afobe and Chucks Aneke for five to six years. He has a good understanding with his team-mates and decent kicking ability, so watch out for him in the future.



  1. i didnt knw dat u were dis good to make it on websites. Ieventhough in trinaings you are a quality keeper with alex as a quality coach!

  2. Charlie Mann is a frog and his brother is a gooney and his dad is postman pat

    English Club 10

    Goalie 10

  3. yo! charlie can’t wait to be sitting in the emirates singing theres only one charlie mann…….it’s not to far away now. Love you lots cuz, big up the gunner’s lovin it lol

  4. cant wait to here the name coming from the stands ringing charlie charlie….. there is only one charlie mann, lovin it come on you gunners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! big up cuz!

  5. All you people who say he is shit….wake up you eggs!mmmm jealousy i think!!!
    Proud of you cuz, we all are! they will soon want your autograph! ha

  6. Superb and Well done Charlie and perhaps one day you’ll be facing our team Charlton in the FA Cup Final . . . on no nurse is it time to get up . . . where I’m I . . .

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